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  1. No speedo healer found. Speed sensor....I hadn't actually touched that part of the bike until I noticed the problem. I have since had it off and replaced. It is clear that it was engaged previously by the wear marks.
  2. Bit of background: I purchased a non running 98 that had been neglected for some years and wires/hoses chewed by rodents that had built a nest in the V. After much work it is now on the road but the speedo shows 80kph when doing 100kph. Checking with a GPS phone app it seems to be reasonably accurate up to around 30. Have checked the speed sender and the little plastic socket that fits over the countershaft sprocket nut seems tight. Any ideas? BTW gearing is 17-45 which should put it out more the other way
  3. Same, seems to be the worst of both worlds. Sure is different though and nicely done
  4. Had the same problem with my 84 VF1000F. I had a good 85 starter clutch but the thing would rev to 2500 then bang and pop. The lugs were longer so I ended up using the old outer and new inner with new springs etc.
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