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  1. That might just be the route to go. I wish I was better at identifying what type of metals these are.
  2. Yes. I've been describing it as a center hub and then a band with pulse trigger nubs or bumps but it's more of a casing I suppose. They are different metal. So they'll expand different with heat treatment. I'm assuming that the center was pressed in while the outer casing was heated. Swapping the outer casings is indeed one solution. Though I'm slightly concerned about fatiguing the metal if I heat it too much. You can see in the one picture that the outer metal casing has been bent slightly due to the inner hub cracking. So I could possibly just pry it out and then carefully hammer it back into form.
  3. So.. in the event that I can't find one. A couple solutions that come to mind for me are... 1. Buy a new (28120-ML7-690) starter clutch.. then figure out a way to separate the outer housing from the center hub. Perhaps the steel would expand faster thus allowing me to remove it? 2. Buy a 28120-ML7-690 starter clutch and grind down all the pulse trigger tabs. Then create a weld bead in the same position, height and length as the 28120-ML7-000 3. Weld the cracks in my broken 28120-ML7-000 starter clutch. Anyone know what kind of metal the cracked center hub is? Has anyone had and solved this problem already?
  4. Well it appears that the part is discontinued. I've created a WTB thread about this part. Here is the link:
  5. I had intermittent starter issues which lead me to investigate my starter clutch, which was cracked in 2 places. I'm looking for a starter clutch part no. 28120-ML7-000 which has 2 pulse triggers 180deg from each other. If anyone has one that isn't damaged I'd very much like to get my bike back on the road. Thanks
  6. That's so weird that it wouldn't have issues until 2500 rpm.
  7. Looks like a lovely starter clutch that isn't compatible with a 1986 VFR750F. 😂 The original starter clutch for the 1986 VFR 750 is 28120-ML7-000 and the 87 onward to the 96 used the 28120-ML7-690. The video you provided being a representation of the latter. The website I bought my 28120-ML7-690 showed a picture for the 28120-ML7-000 and referenced that it'd be compatible. I assumed it was an updated part. We were all wrong. haha
  8. Thanks for the help and being a sounding board boys. Stay safe out there. Cheers
  9. I think perhaps a skilled welder could fabricate it to work. Sadly I am not such a man. I do have a 96 vfr 750 that will likely need this part at some point so it's not a complete loss.
  10. No, it seem to be a sealed metal band around the clutch itself. I checked back on my order and while partzilla said it would fit it is a different part number. The original starter clutch is part no: 28120-ML7-000 While the replacement I got was part no: 28120-ML7-690 At the time I thought it was an updated part. I see now that I was wrong.
  11. Hmm. I'll have to open it up again. The only difference in the new part from the old part is that the original clutch had long pulser bumps and the replacement had smaller bumps and more of them. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... that's the problem isn't it. lol
  12. The starter clutch is brand new and the pulser bumper were not damaged.
  13. I had the infamous crunchy starter issue. I took it all apart and found that that starter clutch was in multiple pieces. I took pictures of everything, noting the orientation and re-assembled it all exactly as I took it apart. Now the bike turns over cleanly without any awful sounds but she just backfires and won't run. I'm assuming the timing on these bikes is fixed. I've ordered new plugs and put the bike on a battery tender to top up the battery as she's been sitting for 3 weeks to potentially eliminate those as issues. Bike ran perfectly fine before I parked it 3 weeks ago to drop the oil and investigate the starter clutch. Any one have any ideas or any threads I can start pulling to sort this?
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