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  1. If I could find a 3G wheel that would be the way to go. 5G is more available on eBay. But it’s a pain notching out the center of the wheel to match the 4G hub.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I can definitely tell the difference between the 180 and the 170. I ran a Shinko 170 once and it was way wider than a normal 170. I figure a 180 must have a similar profile to that Shinko. just wasn’t sure if the integrity of the wider tire mounted on the stock rim would be affected. cant be much more variable than a worn tire or under-inflated tire. paul in SoCal
  3. I have a 5G wheel mounted on my 97 so I could run a more common 180 tire. My 94 still has the original wheel with a 170 tire. Does anyone run a 180 tire on the original width 4G wheel? paul in SoCal
  4. Comes with high mount c-f micron exhaust, bar risers, Sargent seat, and ZG screen. less than 25k miles. Needs a brake bleed or rear caliper rebuild. Otherwise it runs great. I’ve recently been using it for commuting after pulling it out of storage for about 6-7 years. $2500
  5. Thanks Grum. I’ll pass this along to the guy that’s helping me with this. -Paul
  6. The wires from the keyed ignition switch that go behind the instrument cluster.
  7. Does anyone know if the ignition in a 4G (97) is a 6-pin or 3-pin. There are 2 different models available and I’d like to order it before I disassemble my ignition.
  8. I need to bleed the brakes on a Y2K. It’s not my bike and I don’t have a manual for it. Is this video good for a step-by-step guide? i generally apply a vacuum to the bleeder when I crack open the valve after squeezing the lever/pedal. Besides that difference, I just want to see if the order of things presented here works. Including that step of lifting the front left caliper while bleeding the p-valve and the front right middle bleeder, etc. Thanks in advance. Paul in SoCal
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  11. You did the right thing using the gixxer R/R, that's what I use and dont have any problems. Just check the wires all the way to the starter relay by the battery, and also the wires from the stator, especially the connecion under the right mid-fairing
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