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  1. Indeed sounds like the the front Cam Chain Tensioner being worn ( my front one started making noises only at ~80.000 km [on both owned Vfr's 6 gens : 2002/2009, the rear went after more than 100.000 km] - The low milage of the bike doesn't support a Cct problem thesis. - On my 6'gen noise appears when idling not when throttling . Good luck p.s - The part is ~70 usd on ebay. - Getting to the 2 bolts to free the front CCT one requires a bit of work to be done.... (on 6' Gen) - There are some samples recordings on youtube... which can be compared to this exact noise sound.
  2. its in the right size of my 2009 vfr 800 6th gen between the right ferring and enine , balck small turn know cant seem to be able to upload the photo
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