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  1. Indeed sounds like the the front Cam Chain Tensioner being worn ( my front one started making noises only at ~80.000 km [on both owned Vfr's 6 gens : 2002/2009, the rear went after more than 100.000 km] - The low milage of the bike doesn't support a Cct problem thesis. - On my 6'gen noise appears when idling not when throttling . Good luck p.s - The part is ~70 usd on ebay. - Getting to the 2 bolts to free the front CCT one requires a bit of work to be done.... (on 6' Gen) - There are some samples recordings on youtube... which can be compared to this exact noise sound.
  2. pzpz

    Rear axle stuck

    the way I did it, 2 stage : 1. wiggle the sprocket off by hand (use 2 hands on both sides of the sprocket- not much force is needed, wiggle & pull) ( U can use some wd40 on the conical washer, i did not, even though it had some rust ) 2. Take the other half off by gently tapping it with a hammer ( photos 1-4 ), tapp and rotate axle 180 degrees, repeat... ( rubber might fall off - see photo for the correct large/small rubber reassembly orientation ) ( no need for the big hammer attached in the photo) Good luck. p.s : A. To take off the sprocket mount, release one front balt of the chain gard and stretch the chain tensioner as far as it goes while chain is off - see photo #6. B. When reassembling remember : the washer has an orientation to it AND the Nut should be staked (since its "wet torqued" with lube it might get free and opened if not secured ) VID_20180707_122501.mp4
  3. pzpz

    Rear Wheel Axle stuck !

    Tnx ( I need to replace the break Disc , its under the 5mm spec ) No need to to take out the clamp bolt just for the axle (i decided its better to tighten it before smacking it out of the bearing holder which is held by this bolt) ( https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/2009/vfr800-a-interceptor/rear-wheel Circlip 28/29 are not in the way of the Axle )
  4. pzpz

    Rear Wheel Axle stuck !

    Tnx, NO Circlips stated in the service manual just for the axle. ( There is a snap ring if u need to take out the bearing holder out of the swingarm, which i don't)
  5. Hi I Removed the caliper on the right side, stripped everything on the Left side. Tried Biting it with a 600g hammer.... but it does not move ! ( I guess it is seized by a bit of rust , or I"m missing something else that i have to remove ) HELP !!! Any Idea's ?
  6. its in the right size of my 2009 vfr 800 6th gen between the right ferring and enine , balck small turn know cant seem to be able to upload the photo

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