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  1. The best colour scheme! Great choice 😀
  2. LOL Grum beat me to it... can't wait to see the engine swap to get that in a VFR! Only q is what gen it fits best in... based on the dimensions, I'm thinking air cooled
  3. Very interesting... cold changes it is!
  4. One of my coworkers bought the first 2010 released in Canada, pre ordered and paid for. Waited a year for it. Was so excited - at less than 10k km, engine grenaded. I don't remember exactly but bearings were involved. Honda refused to cover it, he literally parted the bike and lost the better part of $20k Canadian. Its the main reason I haven't tried to buy one - way way more examples that have no issues than do have the engine issue, but your experience is super unfortunate and one I'd rather avoid. I believe the problem was more common across the pond... may have been a Honda recall? Swarf left in the engine at manufacturing
  5. Di electric grease yes
  6. Didn't take any further pictures. Did my best at the lineman splice. Im not experienced at soldering but it all was secure. Heat shrink and tape. Taped all 3 wire runs securely together and double checked all wiring routing for battery area. I also verified how the Corbin seat was fitting to check for pressure on the relay, ie if th.at mashed those two wires together Checked the relay operation first as grum suggested, perfect. everything checked out fine. Starting perfectly on first try each time. All switches ie start kills are working properly again. Everything is back together and all systems go. Thanks so much to Grum and Shipfixer and everyone else who assisted!
  7. New part arrived. Funny enough it was cheaper to buy it WITH the starter relay, versus without. You read that correctly! The relay will just go in the spares bin as long as my Honda part checks out ok. The connector is using brass terminals. I am going to split the red wire into two as suggested and use the spare terminal on the starter relay. Question - should i remove the wires and attach to my non brass terminals? Think its worth it, or even necessary if I split the current across 2? I dont want to take the lazy way but if its not useful then its one less thing.
  8. Yes i had also switched the rr to a mosfet about 8 years ago. I really went through everything except the stator itself. Mosfet rr. Redid the stator yellow wire connection. Vfrness. New honda oem starter relay. new red connector as it was melted. I had the wiring harness recall.done around then too . Its been flawless since and runs at 14.3v steady...this was a real surprise
  9. PC5/Autotune Fiamm horn Voltmeter USB charger speedoDRD battery tender lead I don't think any of that stuff would be a problem, some is hooked up through a fuse block I don't understand either why the red wire would only be a problem at that spot... the rest of the wire looks just fine. perhaps that part of the wire was damaged somehow, or at least the insulation? maybe it got a bit of water in it or something; the bike was outside in freezing weather for a day back in january when we moved no idea!
  10. Rest of the wiring down to the taped junction is fine
  11. Start opening up the tape on the wiring behind the red connector... looky here... it melted through the wire insulation Better view ... can see the red melted into the electrical tape Now we are concerned about the red and red/yellow shorting... it wasnt happening in the red connector or spade terminals or crimps... but the red and red/yellow wire kinda look melted together... Better pry them apart to see... And look at this... they had melted and fused together inside the electrical tape wrap under the rubber boot. Will be an easy fix. Replacement connector arrives wednesday. I will still run all the checks as well to be sure, this is just my start today... Thanks so much for the help fellas. I literally told the wife i would post on here and within an hour probably have a detailed answer of the problem and solution... and as usual, you didnt disappoint!
  12. Thanks for this... will definitely try the splitting of red wire into 2 spades into the starter relay. All for it if it shares the load and reduces the chance of recurrence, since its now the 2nd time since I've owned the bike that I'm replacing the red connector! Would like to put this one to bed permanently if possible.
  13. Totally hear what you are saying Question though - could this be a red herring? Since the starter was engaged for a longer period of time than normal (ie not normal cranking, but stuck engaged), could the longer flow of high current compared to normal have melted the connector and wiring end? Ie this is the result, not the cause? Just spitballing since I can't actually do anything else with it at the moment 😃 I sure hope it is as simple as those two wires having made contact; that's a very easy fix.
  14. Not the prettiest ever (see below) but I dont see the red and red/yellow wires touching. Not the greatest pic angle. Im wondering if the connector melted between the spade connectors for those two wires, ie inside the red connector, and we just cant see the point where they shorted. Ill take it apart, cut the red connector open, and do the electrical tests on the wknd. Just ordered replacement red connector, itll be a week or two in shipping so bike is down and I have some time to sort it out. Shipfixer thanks for your post as well, gives more to look at if the initial suggestions dont solve the issue. I had the harness recall (bike is '02) done years ago at Honda. Ive replaced the starter relay (oem from local honda) and this connector (ebay) around 8yrs ago. Bike has a vfrness as well.
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