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  1. Sparkie's making a fair point but I've not seen any '14/15's in Canada approaching 5500.... people still want that kind of coin for their 6gen VFR's. I'd say based on prices i see around the country, if you can get into the low 7k range you are doing well. Sub-$7k i'd buy for sure.
  2. If it looks good and runs well, and the fairings are all attached securely and line up nicely, I would still consider buying. The feedback above is valid and I would suspect fairings are aftermarket (or at least repainted which seems less likely), and the bike may have sustained tip-over or gentle crash damage (is that a scuff on the leading edge of clutch case on the middle 'fin'/'ridge'?) Just use those points to work down the price a bit and ride away happy! Nothing I can see in the pics that says run for the hills... if the engine pulls strong, brakes are smooth, bike tracks
  3. That'll work! I like the black remote canister, looks sleek At some point I removed the front zip tie showing in my old pic above.... the other two are relatively 'straight' and are not noticeable No issues in the 4 years or so that I've had the shock
  4. I paid $500 canadian for a used set for my 2002 in similar condition about 5 years ago, if that helps.
  5. Agreed with danll... i just dealt with this problem on my 02; PO had torqued the bolts and when i went to remove the CCT, as soon as i put the ratchet on the first bolt the head sheared clean off. D'oh!
  6. 11 years later, the truth lives. Quick backstory - bought my 02 VFR used in 2012. When I installed a K&N, I noticed the airbox velocity stack bolts were all stripped... odd, what did the PO do under the airbox? A year later I installed a PC 5, had to go under the airbox - first extract the stripped screws [one was so bad I actually dremel'ed off the velocity stack for better access] no sign of damage or any other ham-fisted repairs/'upgrades', so who knows... forget about it. To present - front CCT has been clacking off and on for a couple of years, seems to be ge
  7. Yep that was my solution and still holding strong years later. THe only reason i had to chop into the battery tray was that with a passenger on the bike, i found the reservoir [mounted in same location but prior to cutting the battery tray] was pushing on the brake lines. This solved it. Yeah i should really invest in some nicer clamps instead of zip ties but when you are standing looking at the bike you barely notice it. pic from a couple weeks ago
  8. Odd that he would have needed a new clutch pack at that mileage. May see if he would have the new tires installed or use that to haggle the price a bit as it will be an immediate expense for you Everything else is just the stats on a VFR, so hard to say what shape the bike is in... do pics look good? Has it ever gone down? Clear title / no liens? etc Hard bags are a huge plus and as noted above the VFR is a great all-around bike! I've had my 02 for 8 years now and I don't see myself ever parting with it.
  9. I bought my hard bags used, these included... work great
  10. the wife has almost the identical jacket but its mostly black with white accents. Looks great on the back of my white/black VFR
  11. lol isn't that always the way good identification and fix of problem!
  12. well you didn't answer... can it cut grass? Personally I think its awesome... IF it can cut grass!
  13. Grum - I wanted to buy an 09 because I loved the white/black scheme... but I found an 02 locally that the PO had repainted in that colour scheme, and I got it for thousands less than I could find an 09 at the time. So yep its an 02 with 09 colours.
  14. I have an 02 as well and I dont know if the PO ever touched the stator... all is good with charging system at the moment... but one of these days(years?) I'll pop the cover off for a look. How would i know if its been replaced with the 2003+ model? Does anyone have measurements of the bigger flywheel or another visual way to confirm? I figured when the time came I would sent my stator off for a re-wind for ease's sake... but if the current stator lets go in the middle of the summer, I may not be patient enough 🙂
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