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  1. I need help removing a screw

    I had the same issue and solution as Skids. Took the Dremel to the v stack so I had full access to the screw, then cut a slotted groove into the screw head with Dremel, then a large screwdriver and I finally got enough purchase to get the screw out. One new screw, one new v stack, problem solved. Pain in the... But not expensive.
  2. Clear Clutch Window

    Glad you asked... i cleaned and spraypainted mine with high temp bbq paint, i guess i should have looked for chemical resistant or something I havent ridden since the paint peeled a bit into my oil, going to pull the plate and have it powdercoated - but now I'm curious if you think white pc can work? Think i should flush the oil for that bit of paint in it? Sigh...
  3. 6th Gen Clutch Plate replacement

    Measure your springs while you are in there... I also have an 02 with about 40k miles and 2 of the springs were below service limit. Replaced with Barnetts for ~$20
  4. Clear Clutch Window

    Bam! Thanks to Seb for making these, and David (Switchblade) for sharing when he moved on from the VFR!
  5. Braided front brake lines

    Curious _ did you order directly from Galfer?
  6. Main Step Heat Guard

    My '02 is flaking and rusting in a couple of spots.... i touched it with rust killer mid season but will be pulling and painting before this season starts
  7. Clutch Window/Clear Cover VFRD Promo Special 2016

    Apologies on my end, but I sourced a used cover and so am out of the group buy... great product and no doubt the slots will fill up as the season ends.
  8. Not happy with my Delkevic high-mount slip-on

    Does it look like it sticks out that much when the tail fairing is back on?
  9. Riding quotes

    It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow!
  10. The Ace Of Spades Baltics Tour 2016

    Heal up quick Leon; all the best. Pics of Redslut when possible!
  11. Clutch Window/Clear Cover VFRD Promo Special 2016

    I'm in! I want to get the most out of the brief Canadian riding season as well, so I will be looking for someone in the US with a spare that can ship direct to Seb (probably close to break-even versus shipping from Canada). Been talking about it for 2 seasons, and now that I did the DMr suspension last year, I have no excuses to hold off :)
  12. What Chain Lube To Use?

    Maxima chain wax as well. Good stuff, minimal fling if you apply it to a warm chain and let it set as instructed.
  13. Help Please

    I'm in - thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this site, the knowledge and contacts here are priceless.
  14. New donation from 2k1GoneWild

    Hi rhoderage, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  15. New And Improved Alternative Ram Mount

    Quite sure he is, he posted recently about it.. maybe PM him?

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