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  1. could always go by your local honda dealer and see what they say... i would assume they can look it up, perhaps if you're lucky they have experience replacing ignition and actually know what you're talking about
  2. Agreeing with the thought that they are probably not necessary... can you just match the thread and buy standard bolts instead of the security ones?
  3. Haven't done my 5g yet, but on my 6g I had Heli's... bike got hit and knocked over and one bent. I found a member selling used Gen-Mar risers, which are equivalent to Moto-CNC. I think they are great and not far off the Heli's... and MUCH less expensive. Glad I never ditched the OEM bars when I originally put the Heli's on...
  4. Please do post some pics of the front sprocket area once uncovered so we can see if the chain did any damage... really good that you are OK, that could have been scary with a chain on the fly...
  5. That'll work! I like the black remote canister, looks sleek At some point I removed the front zip tie showing in my old pic above.... the other two are relatively 'straight' and are not noticeable No issues in the 4 years or so that I've had the shock
  6. Agreed with danll... i just dealt with this problem on my 02; PO had torqued the bolts and when i went to remove the CCT, as soon as i put the ratchet on the first bolt the head sheared clean off. D'oh!
  7. 11 years later, the truth lives. Quick backstory - bought my 02 VFR used in 2012. When I installed a K&N, I noticed the airbox velocity stack bolts were all stripped... odd, what did the PO do under the airbox? A year later I installed a PC 5, had to go under the airbox - first extract the stripped screws [one was so bad I actually dremel'ed off the velocity stack for better access] no sign of damage or any other ham-fisted repairs/'upgrades', so who knows... forget about it. To present - front CCT has been clacking off and on for a couple of years, seems to be getting more frequent. "Just get on with it" - ordered a replacement. I was all worried and worked up about dropping the damn 'cap' off the old CCT into the engine. I got all set up, wires and hoses out of the way (TB still left on the bike)... put the ratchet on the top bolt of the CCT, removed, and the sealing washer falls off and under the TB/hoses where I simply can't get it. Damnit. You know its aluminum so a magnet won't work, but no worries, I check with local Honda and they actually have one in stock! $2 and I'm back in business, ready to attempt the next day. Put the ratchet on one of the two bolts which hold the CCT to the engine case, start turning, no resistance (thats weird, it seems loose already) and this is what I get: "3 - You could tighten the two CCT bolts by hand, BUT Don't be a lazy bestid and use the torque wrench." Methinks the PO had replaced the CCT previously. [metal CAP was pinched on TIGHT, had to pry it off... very confident this had been replaced] Methinks the PO did not use a torque wrench, look at the stretch on the intact bolt! The head/cap literally just twisted off the first bolt, the second fortunately came out properly. Methinks this is when the bonehead probably did the damage to the airbox bolts... ah well at least now I know. I was deathly afraid of scratching/grooving/damaging the mounting surface. I was deathly afraid of drilling in crooked and catching the threads... I know thats not an 'end of the world' situation, but its one I have never dealt with, and its the top of the engine case! Its also summer so I don't want the bike to be down for days/weeks/months... and I did NOT want to pull the TB and cooling hoses and start having to replace gaskets and seals and washers etc [that is a winter project next year when I have a garage instead of a driveway for a workshop]. Fortunately my Dremel fit between the frame and TB and let me get a drill bit on the stub. I drilled off and on for part of 2 days, SLOWLY, CAREFULLY, with 2 different sized bits and the mounting surface taped off to minimize chance of damaging it. In the end I was fortunate and got the bolt out without doing any significant damage [pic shows some of the metal flakes from removal still around the hole, I have since cleaned that up with a Q-tip soaked in brake cleaner]. It was beer-o'clock so I had to stop there and do a victory lap. Today I finish the CCT change. I enlarged the gasket pinhole to 2.5mm so hopefully that helps this one last longer. DON'T OVER-TORQUE YOUR BOLTS!!! 😃 Update: all back together
  8. Yep that was my solution and still holding strong years later. THe only reason i had to chop into the battery tray was that with a passenger on the bike, i found the reservoir [mounted in same location but prior to cutting the battery tray] was pushing on the brake lines. This solved it. Yeah i should really invest in some nicer clamps instead of zip ties but when you are standing looking at the bike you barely notice it. pic from a couple weeks ago
  9. I sent Jamie my forks for him to install his kit and also got one of his rebuilt CBR shocks... worth every penny, and he was great to deal with and for any support after the fact. Also no issues shipping from Canada to him and back. I'd do it again and I'd have full confidence in buying his new product.
  10. Good solution, but any reason not to just dremel out the sides of both openings ("speed holes") a little wider to allow the clearance and have a visual match? Seems to me it may look better than bent plastic. Trying to save up the $ myself for a set for my 6g...
  11. Glad you asked... i cleaned and spraypainted mine with high temp bbq paint, i guess i should have looked for chemical resistant or something I havent ridden since the paint peeled a bit into my oil, going to pull the plate and have it powdercoated - but now I'm curious if you think white pc can work? Think i should flush the oil for that bit of paint in it? Sigh...
  12. Measure your springs while you are in there... I also have an 02 with about 40k miles and 2 of the springs were below service limit. Replaced with Barnetts for ~$20
  13. Bam! Thanks to Seb for making these, and David (Switchblade) for sharing when he moved on from the VFR!
  14. I'm in - thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this site, the knowledge and contacts here are priceless.
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