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  1. Search craigslist / ebay / kijiji until you find good used at the right price. Got my Leo Vince in carbon fibre, in as-new condition, for $375 after maybe a year of regularly watching online...
  2. Obvious bias here, but White/Black (Oreo?) for the win!
  3. Glad you asked... i cleaned and spraypainted mine with high temp bbq paint, i guess i should have looked for chemical resistant or something I havent ridden since the paint peeled a bit into my oil, going to pull the plate and have it powdercoated - but now I'm curious if you think white pc can work? Think i should flush the oil for that bit of paint in it? Sigh...
  4. Measure your springs while you are in there... I also have an 02 with about 40k miles and 2 of the springs were below service limit. Replaced with Barnetts for ~$20
  5. Bam! Thanks to Seb for making these, and David (Switchblade) for sharing when he moved on from the VFR!
  6. I'm in - thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this site, the knowledge and contacts here are priceless.
  7. Hi rhoderage, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. This kind of stuff is a big part of why I'm so into my VFR - its a 15 y/o bike, and long after Honda moved on the enthusiasts are not only transplanting parts from other bikes on to ours, but actually engineering and creating new parts! Thanks for all the hard work, very awesome, and fun to follow the thread.
  9. I have one as well, and agree... 'set it and forget it'. Great option as it was somewhere around $50 cheaper than the Healtech unit.
  10. I see Thurn is doing these as well. (ebay 301793639300 as example). He notes that he can do the 2014+ VFR`s... someone please send one to Seb, I`d love to see that on the 8-gen!!
  11. I am much more confident in this thread producing a new product that we will actually get our hands on as compared to the new header thread :) Great job, and its damn near Canadian winter now anyway so we have a good 8-9 months to wait
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