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  1. After a long wait for the hoses to come in from Japan we are back together and rolling again. I forgot to take a picture of the glossy new hoses before I put the bodies back on. I capped all of the EVAP hoses at the throttle bodies like I said I would so I could get rid of one of the four way junctions. Apologies for the crap picture, I didn't even look at it after I took it. But over the course of the afternoon I got it rolled back out and put back together. A couple of key cycles to prime the pump and then a overly long warmup to bleed the coolant system since it was only 30 degrees outside. The stinkin thermostat would open and the water temp would drop ten degrees in a couple seconds. Other than that it went well and I do not have any new leaks after a ride to fill the tank back up. 20220126_153718.mp4 Once it warms up this weekend I'll get the plastics back on and take her for a longer ride to check for any new issues. Yes I did top off the overflow tank after I got the coolant system burped. Cheers, and thanks for everyone's help.
  2. Sounds about right. I do have a manual. I just cannot find a reference to it in the lubrication or cooling circuits so it sparked my interest. There are only two metal thingamajigs down in the V and one is the thermostat which I've already mentioned. Process of elimination should make it easy for someone who knows to clarify what the other is. So that's where that is. Makes sense now that I think about it, you'd want it to be somewhere where it's equidistant from either head to keep one side of the engine from opening up significantly sooner than the other. That narrows down the places where they could put it pretty significantly. Snarky answers aside, thank you for your help gentlemen. I'm no stranger to being arm deep in an engine, but the VFR is more densely packed than the bikes I'm usually working on.
  3. One brand new loooooong screwdriver and a piece of wood later they're exposed. The suspicious slurry I believe is from fuel spill, hopefully should evaporate. No obvious suspect for who was leaking. There is still some liquid way down in the V, but I have to start pulling hoses to get all the way down there. Honda has done me the wonderful solid of facing all of the hose clamps downwards so getting them all out will be interesting. I'll probably unscrew the ports into the block and hopefully it should get me access to some of the thermostat hoses. I think the thermostat is floating supported by hoses. Kind of a strange setup, but whatever. What is the metal thingamajig wayyy down in the V of engine (left side if you were sitting on the bike)?
  4. Alrighty gents, I'll get a new one in the name of not coming back in here to do it again. Haven't made it any farther yet on getting the bodies off. It's been a busy day.
  5. Thanks! I'll probably go replacing all of the vacuum hoses while I'm in here if I can't eliminate them, they're pretty crusty from age. I was planning on reusing the coolant. I just put in fresh Honda blue this spring since I didn't know it's age and I'm not excited to go pay the $20-30 a bottle again. I've got half a bottle left on the shelf for top off if needed. The stuff that came out went into a clean bucket with a lid so it'll be ready for reuse. You're absolutely correct on getting a new thermostat. What's your reasoning for getting a new CCT over winding two or three more spins on the old one?
  6. Howdy, longtime lurker stopping by for an advice request. I've got a '03 with a little over 32k miles. I've taken good care of her, steady diet of full synth and a filter every 3k, new air filter every 10k, just install some new IR plugs, and some spendy Road5's to replace the squared off PP's. Delkevic slip on, PAIR delete, I pulled the EVAP system after a wrestling match with an oil filter required more space. Average 35MPG all day. I got her at 25k miles from a gentleman that had taken meticulous care of her and it's definitely been a highest highs lowest lows kind of thing with her. A good segment of trouble free miles then suddenly a problem that relegates her to the garage for a couple of weeks while I source parts. The first time was a stator cooking itself and the R/R going at the same time (probably a chicken or the egg type deal). Then it was the front brakes locking up and needing to be pulled and cleaned in the middle of traffic (destroyed the stock rotor getting the caliper off). Now she's developed incontinence. It's coming from the V of the block so I figure its the thermostat housing or a hose in that area. I've got it down to the throttle bodies and I'm taking a break while I type this. I don't have any parts ordered yet, gotta find the source before I pull out the wallet. I'm going to also rewind the front CCT while I'm in there and have the room to cut down on the noise some. Now for the advice segment. What should I do while I have all this access? Is the vacuum system needed for anything or can I cap it at the bodies to clean up some of the hoses running everywhere?
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