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  1. Hi Baileyrock, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Great start to a new project! Best of luck and keep posting updates. BR
  3. After firing up my 02 for the first time in 3-4 years it sounds like I need to change out my front CCT for the third time at 106k miles. Because I'm old and lazy I will again us my method of removing nothing but the air box. Too lazy to mess with coolant and tiny hoses. lol The rear CCT gets drenched in oil and rarely wears IMO so I won't touch it at all. Ride-on brotha viffers
  4. Good eye and great info! Thank you sir! I agree on the color, fantastic!!!
  5. Yeppers, Blue connector is the staring place any time the pump doesn't prime on a 6th gen! I would clean the connector anyway, but would add a simple new ground wire to the frame from the front side of the harness as I suggest as a test. Just make it a soldered connection on harness and bolt it to the frame, if i remember correctly here are two 8mm head bolts that hold the coil or something right there under the fairing abouve the blue connector! BR
  6. Sorry, I just now realized that you are in the UK and I'm not even sure if Honda even performed a Recall there!
  7. Have you checked the blue connector to the front harness? I'll ask again, has the front harness Recall work been done? The dealer punches a dot on either the top left or top right corner of the Vin ID sticker on the frame rail.( I don't remember what the other punch mark is for) Just for shit's and giggles run a jumper ground from the front half of the ground wire in the blue connector to the frame, turn key on and see if pump energizes! Won't tale 15 minutes if your already digging thru everything.
  8. May also check the front sub harness blue ground wire that’s common failure on these bikes. Search blue wire ground issue six GEN or something like that. Honda had a recall for this item by the way. If it’s been done there should be a stamp mark on the ID tag on the side of the frame rail.qHonda had a recall for this item by the way. If it’s been done there should be a stamp mark on the ID tag on the side of the frame rail. Don’t remember if it’s top right or top left corner.
  9. Just install Seb's cover and if you see any glazing of the friction plates just use Larry's advice to de-glaze them if needed. I've put 106000 hard & ruff miles on my original 02 VFR clutch with no issues! Second gear wheelies, wheelies, wheelies, wheelies etc. and my 5W-30 Moble 1 has saved it. I do have engine vibration that started around 70-80,000 miles though, thinking the clutch hub might have enough hammered damaged or even broke off a tab and is now causing this vibration. Not sure yet of the cause. BR
  10. GIVI WingRack 2 for a 98-01 Honda VFR that includes a GIVI top box mount. In decent shape, works great. has been repaired. $80 plus shipping 6154142800
  11. Surviving a crash is number 1, bikes can be fixed. Glad your OK and weren't doing a much higher speed which the BRP is good for!
  12. Race tech Gold Valve set for many Honda's including both compression & Rebound valves. Great cond. $120 shipped or best offer text6154142800
  13. Check out the classifieds now, I have and Ohlins rear shock and a full set of Race Tech gold valves for your 02 for only $500 plus shipping. Funny I started this thread way back in 06 and it's still a good one.
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