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  1. Hey Paul, how's life and the viffer track pig?
  2. I also used a set of F4i forks in VFR triples for my track Viffer. You can also use the F4i wheel which is a few pounds lighter and stock F4i rotors work as well.
  3. Vtec - headlight set, decent condition with repairs on one side. $100 plus shipping - Turn/ Tail light set for vtec, not pristine but great usable condition. $50 plus shipping - New right side Honda Hard bag w/Key set. two small blemishes shown in pics. $200 pl;us shipping Emptying garage All or best offer as well Text 6154142800
  4. Here is the Ohlns I ran on my Vtec set-up for a 190-200lb rider and a full set of Race Tech Gold Valves. Ohlins= $450 Gold Valves= $125 Both $500 plus shipping Text 6154142800
  5. Another Special HS edition Corbin seat w/heat from the masters bike. Some wear & tears on it, check out pics $100 plus shipping Text 6154142800
  6. Special HS edition of white peg assemblies, $50 plus shipping Text 6154142800
  7. Very nice set of Black VFR800 wheels with Rotors and new Michelins mounted on them. $600 plus shipping Text 6154142800
  8. You know it Larry, thanks for oil your input throughout the years. I actually just fired up my 6th gen last week after 4 years and it still sounds good! Kevin (baileyrock)
  9. Bought my 02 wrecked with 200 miles on it, rebuilt it and rode the crap out of it until 2016.
  10. Looking for a 6th gen clutch assembly complete. Let me know if you have one or parts sitting around that you would want to sell. Thanks Baileyrock
  11. Loved the PR2 Rear with a PP front! Probably ran 10-15 sets of these! IMO the Best combo back in the day, most recent combo was a PP3 and a PR2 rear. i tried the PR4 and still preferred the PR2 rear over any of them for grip, wear and confidence! I actually have a spare set of wheels with a brand new set of this combo on them right now.
  12. I do hope to be able to hook up with Miguel in the area by Aug.
  13. Hopefully things will be starting to improve by May! Thinking most of this year will be a challenge for most folks. Stay safe and rubber down! I think the pis is the 2013 Texas Mac, same year i turned 100k miles on the VFR.
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