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  1. Cool to see this decade old thread still going! Thanks all.
  2. Thanks Dutchy! I'll have to plan better next European vacation so that I can better harass VFRD members world wide! In Paris now after 4 days in Barcelona, back to the UK Sunday and on to home Monday. Next trip will include Bikes for sure.
  3. I’ve been in Portugal for a few days now (Lisbon at the moment) and found some wonderful motorcycle roads coming up the west coast. Wish I was on a VFR!!! Obviously found some twisty heaven as there were lots of bikes. Saw three or four gens of VFR’s as well. Did have some fun In an Alfa Giulietta. Baileyrock
  4. That looks very familiar! Good work! BaileyRock
  5. That's right, you finally got a Real bike to play on!
  6. Underoath87 Did you ever get this swap completed?
  7. Just messing with you anyway, so details are not that important. Where you been man???
  8. David, I think your bike did it from all the Dragon rash on it!
  9. That won't buff out? Glad it wasn't you on the VFR against a dump truck!
  10. There was this one time when I went to look at a 99 VFR. Kind of crapy pictures in the ad and it was way out in the boonies. Once I found the property in question I was instructed to pull up behind and old bard out in the middle of a field several hundred yards from the dirt road :-0 I was a little nervous, but all fear departed when i spotted the VFR behind that said barn. All good and that bike has been my brothers 5th gen for about a decade. BR
  11. That extra length won't hurt and will actually quicken the steering some. Search rear shock change out and slap that XX in there. Might take an hour and you can always go back if you don't like it for some reason. BR
  12. Kris, The XX shock would be an improvement over stock as it's got a 16.9 kg spring if I remember correctly, BUT at your weight if you were to set up the bike properly something in the range of 22-24 KG and at least 1.1kg fork springs would be in the ball park. I think the XX shock is slightly longer then the 6th gen shock as well, so for starters I would slap it in the bike and set sag as best as you can and it would be an improvement over stock, but not the same as setting it up for your weight. Sounds like your not a ripper, so the XX shock would be an improvement over stock. BR
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