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  1. Can I add my newly acquired JDM Super Cub to this thread? 1995 Honda C50 Super Cub Was imported from Japan to here in Toronto, Canada. Still has all of the Japanese labels and markings, Even the fuel gauge is in Japanese. Has a 3-speed rotating transmission and a centrifugal clutch. Pressing down to change gears Needs some TLC but it's a fun little bike. But very very sloooooowwwwww. lol
  2. Nice! They look well made. I have Helibars but recently I'm finding even that position is painful after some time. I'm always looking into raising the riding position more
  3. Thanks! I still have the jacket.
  4. YAY! Oh I miss my old 4th gen (NACA DUCTS 4 LYFE!)
  5. Yeah it was an overall upsetting situation but grateful no one was hurt. Even more upsetting was I was about to start a weekend trip on the bike. I had just gone inside my place to feed my cat and get my helmet. Came out less than 10 mins later to find the bike on it's side. When the Police refused to lay charges they said because it happened in a parking lot. I countered with "So when I leave the Police station, if my car hits all of your personal vehicles on the way out I won't be charged?" The Officer countered by telling me not to be a smart ass. Lazy bastards.
  6. Insurance covered the cost to fix the damage, however they couldn't source the fairings so they just cut me a cheque. I was able to find the driver and I convinced him to report his side of the accident report, however Toronto Police refused to press any charges and didn't even care to see the video. They were less than helpful. 😥
  7. Me on my old 4th gen back when I rode it to the Dragon from up here in Canada
  8. Yeah he was a big idiot 😡 I find a lot of the drivers here with larger vehicles don't know how to properly handler their size.
  9. I had side hard bags on my bike when it got hit and knocked over in my parking lot. Thankfully the Givi hard bags took the brunt of the damage. I'd say the only downside was that it puts most of the weight on the front signal area.
  10. I have that VFRness on my 5th gen, and I had installed one on my previous VFR's as well (6th and 4th gen) If installed correctly it's a great addition to the bike. (if not a slightly older and outdated fix to the VFR's electrical issues)
  11. I'll have to attach my go pro to the back of my bike and get some audio
  12. Hello fellow Popping/gurgling exhaust noises friend 😎 I'll come clean here too. When I was looking for a VFR I test rode a few 4th and 5th gens. I purchased the one I have now because the exhaust pops and cracks and I just luuvvvvvv it 😍 Sometimes when shifting gears a decent sized crack comes out the exhaust. When I'm slowing down in gear it burbles and pops. I don't know why 🤔 But it sounds heavenly. 💖 It has a 2 brothers high mount, The rest of the exhaust is stock. Still has the cat. It had a K&N filter in it. I swapped in a Pipercross and installed fresh non-iridium plugs and it cracked a tad more. When I had my 4th gen I did the PAIR delete and my exhaust didn't pop any less but, like you, I don't wanna do it to my bike and lose my pops!
  13. Hi slowbird, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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