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  1. A rib coming out of place?! 😧 Wow I don't think mine is the same issue, but the pain is in the same spot huh? I already don't have great posture so I don't sit straight, I'm canted forward. I think I do let the ergonomics of the bike take over. I can't say if the conditioning has helped since it's still too cold to ride this season lol. I'll see next month maybe 😄
  2. Having both a touring windscreen and Heli-bars, I still get my back pain. Though I don't know if it's the same as the OP's. I never ride with my weight on my wrists. I'm almost always using my legs or core. I think it's more about having my arms extended in an outstretched, but not fully extended position for hours...not exactly at rest but not fully engaged. I could alleviate the pain briefly by fully gripping the bar with my left hand and then leaning back and twisting my upper body to the left to stretch out that back muscle (Rhomboid muscle iirc) I've been spending the winter trying to condition myself and my old and aching muscles to better handle the long slogs on the bike 🤷‍♂️
  3. Do you get the pain on the left side between your spine and shoulder blade? I get a pretty nasty pain in that spot after riding a couple hours. 😕
  4. Wow. It's crazy how difficult it is to get a straight answer on this K&N filter issue. They claim the larger one is the current production but anyone that orders a K&N Filter gets the smaller version. I remember posting a picture of my large mouth K&N filter almost 2 years ago now on the old 5th/6th gen header thread. K&N doesn't seem to have their shit together
  5. slowbird

    Close Encounters

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. Sorry I'm late to the party. sfdownhill: That's a TwoBrothers highmount and you nailed the type of helmet right on the head.
  6. I went by process of elimination. Tried the easy "diy" steps first before getting the discs checked at a friends shop. You're lucky the bobbin clean cured your issue.
  7. When I had my Vtec it had a bad vibration under braking. I tried cleaning the bobbins but it didn't help. (I thought it might have made it worse) Took it to a shop and the discs were warped badly. I had to put new rotors on to fix it.
  8. My Givi side racks aren't clearing my highmount pipe. Not a huge surprise as I have read the threads on here and elsewhere and thought it might be a problem, but my TwoBros can is small in diameter so I was hoping it wouldn't be that big a deal. So I added some washers and a longer bolt to one of the supports and I have tweaked the exhaust mount a bit to try and move it inwards. So far I have managed to get the rack ever so slightly away from the can, but with long rides I'm sure it will touch and rub a bit. I'm not worried about heat as much as I am worried about vibration and rubbing. What else can anyone suggest I do to get extra clearance? ...or maybe add something to the Givi rack to help with the inevitable rubbing? Thick tape maybe? You can see washers in this pic easier. That bar ain't bent. Well it is but it comes that way to clear the plate.
  9. There might be an H infront of the A I'll have to double check next time I take the tank off.
  10. That's the same part number on this filter. You can see it at the top right of the image. Above the K&N logo and beside the "MADE IN THE USA" writing.
  11. I have one of those larger surface area K&N's. I read on the forums all about how the K&N was a lousy filter with a small surface area. Knowing the PO installed a K&N I went and ordered a Pipercross. When I lifted the tank to take a gander I saw this: Not the tiny surface area K&N I was expecting. The pipercross sits on the shelf. I was gonna install it but now after seeing your dyno.....hmmmmm
  12. Nice work! Keep it up.
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