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  1. Really? Oh. Hmmmm....just my opinion but I feel like 24k miles is a bit early to replace the coolant. Does the Brake fluid look dark?
  2. What exactly does the 24,000 mile service entail? I find most dealerships, both cars and bikes, like to charge for them to "inspect" things, which some techs just do a cursory glance.
  3. I'm just curious, what is it exactly about re-plumbing the brake hydraulics to de-link the brakes that you aren't a fan of?
  4. Unless I was riding for a day or more I rarely rode with the bags on it. But after a pickup truck knocked over my bike in a parking lot, and the bags took the brunt of the fall, I always ride with them on. So they serve as both a great way to carry stuff, and giant frame sliders.
  5. I'll have to attach my go pro to the back of my bike and get some audio
  6. Hello fellow Popping/gurgling exhaust noises friend 😎 I'll come clean here too. When I was looking for a VFR I test rode a few 4th and 5th gens. I purchased the one I have now because the exhaust pops and cracks and I just luuvvvvvv it 😍 Sometimes when shifting gears a decent sized crack comes out the exhaust. When I'm slowing down in gear it burbles and pops. I don't know why 🤔 But it sounds heavenly. 💖 It has a 2 brothers high mount, The rest of the exhaust is stock. Still has the cat. It had a K&N filter in it. I swapped in a Pipercross and installed fresh non-iridium plugs and it cracked a tad more. When I had my 4th gen I did the PAIR delete and my exhaust didn't pop any less but, like you, I don't wanna do it to my bike and lose my pops!
  7. It's my understanding that the PAIR system introduces fresh air into the exhaust ports to burn off any unburned fuel vapor/exhaust gases. The fresh air ignites the leftover fuel vapor in the exhaust. 💥 Whether the Fuel vapor gets in there by Fuel Injection or by Carburetors seem to me is inconsequential. 🤔 Back to my 4th gen, when I did the pair removal I bought a kit on Ebay with the block off plates and rubber vaccum caps. I only did it because I was dyno-ing the bike and wanted an accurate A/F reading.
  8. I did the snorkel (iirc) and I definitely did the Pair removal on my old 4th gen and noticed no difference. Even the pops and cracks on Decel didn't lessen. 🤔 I did the flapper and snorkel on both my 5th and 6th gen and didn't notice anything. My current 5th gen has the flapper mod done but the Snorkel is still attached. Your mileage may vary
  9. slowbird

    Coffee Break

    From the album: Slowbird

  10. Very nice write up! Thanks for sharing.
  11. slowbird

    Tankbag magnets

    I have been using the same Endurance tank bag for over 10 years. The stitching that held the magnets in tore after so many years and I lost a couple magnets. I loved it so much I managed to find a almost new one on Ebay and scooped it up. Here's to another 10+ years.
  12. From the album: Slowbird

    Crystal Creek Overlook in Lovell, WY
  13. Welcome fellow Ontarionite. Post some pics of the VFR for us all to see
  14. Great ride report! Makes me want to re-visit Ohio. I went about 8 years ago for a 2 day trip after hearing about the 555/Triple Nickle. I took my ol' trusty 4th gen with a top box and a tank bag. Started bright and early in Toronto, hit the border in Buffalo into the US and slabbed it to Zanesville. Then I took the 555 south till it ended at the Ohio river, and spent the night in Marietta. In the morning I took the 26 east. I don't recall what others roads I took but I do remember I took the 536 up to 78 (because I have a picture) I do recall the Ohio roads being a mix of "Wheee!" and "Whoa!". Gravel and dirty at times as you mentioned TimC. Also the 536 when I road it 8 years ago was real bumpy and broken up in places. I can totally feel you when you say these roads can be a 6/10ths riding pace. I very specifically remember one corner somewhere had signs showing that a hard right turn was coming, with arrows and caution signs pointing right....but the road went left. I though I had imagined it but when I went back through my GoPro footage I confirmed it. lol 😄 Very strange place Ohio. Thanks again for the report TimC 👍
  15. Hi slowbird, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  16. Looks great! Almost makes me wish I didn't have the luggage rack on mine
  17. slowbird

    Tankbag magnets

    I have never replaced magnets in my tankbag but the ones in my tankbag are crazy strong and I haven't felt the need. 🤔 I'm surprised yours are weak enough to concern you
  18. Thanks for all of the help everyone. The wellnut went in extremely easily. I'm a dope for not realizing it went into the frame and not the fairing. I had ordered a fairing kit off ebay awhile ago and it came with a ton of Wellnuts so I have plenty.
  19. Before I purchased my current 5th gen I had test ridden 2 others and all of them had spongy Rear brakes, as does my current 5th gen. I always figured it was a 5th gen thing,
  20. Nice! I've always wanted a decent throttle lock for long trips
  21. slowbird

    4th gen in the mist

    I totally agree. I miss my red Naca
  22. From the album: Slowbird

    My old 4th gen on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the early morning fog
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