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  1. While they do help over those 4 way stops, look out for cager that wants to change lanes within the roundabout rather than correcting their navigation error by just exiting and coming back in the right way.
  2. Howlin' Wolf said she could make it shake like jelly on a plate.
  3. At least it'll kick the 8 gen off of Yammie Noobs list of Dorkmobiles
  4. I tend to trade after about 2 years, coming from an MT07. If not for the mushy front fork I might have kept it, which I was working on. Most of the bikes I've had since my 20+ year layoff I have wished I still had, but space and moolah is limited. I bought the VFR probably from a yearning 20+ years ago. It came with the hard bags, which will remain in the house, as I can't see myself taking it on multiple days touring, having a cruiser for that. With a minimalist mindset, a tankbag suits me fine. If only it weighed less, much less.
  5. So there is such a thing as too moist
  6. Coming back from the Dragon last Sept thru the corridor by Wayland on 131 it was brutal. On day trips I'm going to have to pay attention to wind forecasts here out
  7. I saw an error 500 message, googled it, ran a scan on the suggestion and restarted. ok. Coinkydink?
  8. The only plaque I have is membership in the United States Beer Drinking Team. Still in 2021 is not considered and Olympic sport.
  9. First trip likely to Elkhart Lake for the races 6/11-13 and up nort' for new stuff from the pro shop and back around and down
  10. Cheers to someone who gets to ride year round.
  11. Hey, someone didn't type loose!
  12. Put the bikes on comp insurance as of 10/24. Yes, I cheated for a couple days when it hit low 60's. Not worth it in Michigan with close calls with deer during the rut. Stuck looking at YouTube bike videos and plotting trips til May.☹️
  13. Look at us gettin all butt hurt as cycle cruza would say
  14. So it's been said that the VFR is a grampas bike. So be it. One of the advantages of age is not caring about popular culture or the need to stay "cool". The VFR was also featured in their video of 9 top sport tourers, calling it a "fat dad's" or "dad bod" bike. Oh well
  15. Have the same bike. I have to take the chance of thievery seriously. Will be more diligent in keeping it in sight when parked, though it's stuck in the garage til at least April
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