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  1. Have the same bike. I have to take the chance of thievery seriously. Will be more diligent in keeping it in sight when parked, though it's stuck in the garage til at least April
  2. Anybody else see value in a new category for threads. In particular a sightings category for shoutouts to other VFR riders seen on the street? An 8th generation red one passed me last weekend and have spotted others, but there is no way to get in touch.
  3. Try getting used to it when you're switching back and forth to another bike though
  4. Disconnected the flapper. Just makes more noise leading up to the VTEC point. Reverting back soon
  5. I've watched a few YouTube videos now on doing these older circa 2002-3 VFRs showing generous ease of access with the tank coming up over 45 degrees. My '14 moves maybe 3 inches up without restrictions, just enough to see the flapper. Is there enough improvement to justify attempting these and what is involved to free up the tank? The prev owner had the VIP maintenance contract and documentation shows that the air filter was changed out at roughly 4 and 8k, though the 2 bolts at the rear of the tank let out that distinctive snap breaking them loose as if perhaps they ha
  6. White 2012 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado S with 35k on it. Traded an '18 Mt 07 for the red VFR. Have to keep a comfortable cruiser for longer jaunts. To think of the VFR as a tourer is out of the question after my hop to the Smokies this past August
  7. How is it that merely turning a knob will adjust shock preload on a spring when the only resistance felt in turning the knob is that of what little friction there is in the rotation? There is no mechanical adjustment of the collars on the spring.
  8. I'll check that out. I did a sag check last week alone. Maybe it was a little much. I notice the "chicken strip" area is a third that of the front. I raised the seat yesterday, lessening the near hip displacement from the knee angle and can still flat foot at least one foot at 5'7". Might be a problem when I add the air seat
  9. Grum: I've replaced chain and sprockets to same issue. Notice when on ctr stand and with running I see the chain hop vertically. I can't remember that I ever noticed or checked for this in my dirtbiking days. Just rolling with it. Back to the stand issue. I am just going to always place jeans within my SIDI's or Rockets and ratchet the calf adjustment in, likewise with my AGV Willow perfed pants. Anyone else find it odd that Honda placed the signal indicator switch BELOW the horn? It's not like you can rotate the assembly up or down for fitment to you.
  10. Has anyone else seen the need for a shorter side stand? The angle of a 800F is nearly perp to the ground with the stock side stand, not to mention the very close proximity of it's end to that of the center stand kicker. The possibility of the bike blowing over with it's sail of a fairing or possibly kicking it over by glazing the seat with your boot if you have a tail bag on for example is fairly good. Without always tucking your pant leg within your boot, these can snag very easily on the stands mechanisms( I inadvertently kicked the stand down the other day, killing the bike, fortunatel
  11. went all day 9/2 around the area, 4x on the Dragon, covered 28 down to 74 across and back to cut time, covered the foothills parkway and the least favorite being the little river gorge as well as the tourist traps Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge. Not near smooth enough, have to work on this. Wind high in second coming into sharp turns and scoot out rather than come in hot in 3rd relying on brakes/engine braking
  12. Hello, just traded my '18 MT07 for a '14 VFR, going from what is about the most basic in designs to a faired, hi tech engine motorcycle. Chasing the elusive dream of having one bike to both tour comfortably and take the twisties in style. Sorting out an issue then should be good to head to the Dragon soon on it rather than a 750 lb cruiser
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