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  1. I like it and would go a step further by eliminating the passenger pegs/luggage mounts. I would have to add something of a grab point for jockeying the bike around, with it's weight and hi cog with a full tank. Looks good.
  2. Keep in mind that though mine came with the bags on, it can not be confirmed that the prev owner kept them on all the time. I am the second owner, the original purchasing the bike new about 3 years ago, putting 18k miles on it and also putting a deluxe expandable Cortech tail bag with it. Pretty sure he was a long hauler. It sat on the sales floor for over a year of that time
  3. Mine came with both, so yes?
  4. Yes, now I have the gear necessary for track days other than needing a new front tire. After watching 2 crash within 20 minutes at the end of the main straight at Grattan in the expert class, my thoughts at partaking dim at the prospect of bashing my VFR at 66 years old
  5. Thanx for the reminders of the maintenance issues. A reasonable tradeoff for the stand scraping first
  6. U-Haul trailer is my best of options. Surely there won't be snow in the Smokies by then
  7. My '14 coming with front and rear Dynamoto stands, I see not much use to the center stand once I master their usage safely. Is it true that the exhaust has to be removed to ditch the ctr stand?
  8. There are sound level meters on apps for smartphone to measure in dB's the relative loudness.
  9. Thinking of changing out my SC Project slipon for the Coffman to expose more of the rear wheel and for all around looks. My one thought is that it is going to be insane loud. Like to hear your opinions
  10. Love to make it, weather is sketchy at best up here. Going 700 miles in a day on a VFR from Grand Rapids is something I question doing again after last years Dragon run.
  11. Anyone have experience with an 8 gen and a Coffman shorty slip on? Wanting to shorten the pipe and expose more of the wheel without a high decibel increase
  12. While they do help over those 4 way stops, look out for cager that wants to change lanes within the roundabout rather than correcting their navigation error by just exiting and coming back in the right way.
  13. Howlin' Wolf said she could make it shake like jelly on a plate.
  14. At least it'll kick the 8 gen off of Yammie Noobs list of Dorkmobiles
  15. I tend to trade after about 2 years, coming from an MT07. If not for the mushy front fork I might have kept it, which I was working on. Most of the bikes I've had since my 20+ year layoff I have wished I still had, but space and moolah is limited. I bought the VFR probably from a yearning 20+ years ago. It came with the hard bags, which will remain in the house, as I can't see myself taking it on multiple days touring, having a cruiser for that. With a minimalist mindset, a tankbag suits me fine. If only it weighed less, much less.
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