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  1. Careca, man... you NAILED IT! Bravo! Well Said! I think there will be a 9G from Honda someday....
  2. Taken from VFRWORLD.. "Dear Mr. C, Thank you for contacting Honda UK. We would like to let you know that we have had a look and can confirm that when it comes to the 2014 VFR800 what we were able to locate on our system is that the valve inspection service has to be done at 24,000 miles. For any additional information we can recommend discussing things further with your Honda authorized dealership, you can locate your closest Honda dealership here: https://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/dealer-search.html Thank you for contacting Honda. If we can be of any further assistance
  3. Yeah, my friend may just have to match up some to some pictures, from my understanding, it's a standard connection, so it shouldn't be too difficult?
  4. I did, but he bought your cable on Ebay and the link is broken now... so he doesn't have the exact part #?
  5. Does anyone know the exact part # that is needed for an extension cable that will allow the stock O2 sensor cable to reach the O2 sensor mount on the VFRD Headers? I'm told it's a Honda Civic cable that is about 10-12" long? Asking for a friend. Thanks! Picture for Attention 😉
  6. Sounds like you just need the VFRD 8G Custom Header..... How much was the Daughtery mods?
  7. Highly unlikely there is a typo in the manual... Mr Honda IS the manual...
  8. My 2015 VFR800FD manual says 16K. Clearly, Honda has updated the recommendation. 16K MILES seems way too low... Case Closed! 😉
  9. The 2018 CrossRunner manual has 24k MILES, my 2015 VFR800FD manual says 16k MILES. It is NOT fake news.
  10. Honda's recommended/updated valve check is 24k miles....the manual says 16k, but that has been officially changed to 24k. FYI I would HIGHLY recommend getting the VFRD Group header buy....it may not be too late? It really does make the 8G come alive!
  11. I need to put in an order for an 8G header....I sent you a PM Lance...
  12. Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster!! I say do it! Don't listen to the old fuddy duds here.... I agree with you, a 3G in rough shape with a salvage title isn't worth much. Sounds like a perfect project bike to me! I can't wait to see what you do to it? 🙂 I'm always shocked by the hard headed purest in the VFR community. Always remember opinions are for paint colors! I bought new in 1993 a 1991 3G. I kept it bone stock for 27 years. I then bought a new 8G and inquired in the VFR community as to modding the bike with some performance mods? I was met with a slew of negative nannies. Many said
  13. When I did mine, it was daunting because I didn't know what to take off? But now that I've done it once, I can tell you... dissemble the entire rear section... take lots of pics and videos. You'll find out that Honda did a lot of smart things.. I think the biggest pain was making sure YOU NEVER drop a bolt!!! AND VERY IMPORTANT.. .inside the rear swing arm you'll see a square hole about 2" x 2" YOU HAVE TO TAPE that hole up so anything you do drop doesn't go inside. Ask me how I know?LOL!! Fortunately, I had a flexible magnet with a light and the bolt was magneti
  14. Bottom line, the SS lines will be an improvement.
  15. Okay... I remember a reason... I remember now that my stock 8G rear brakes SUCKED, but now with the SS rear brake line, the rear brakes are night and day difference. I did the SS brake lines because I installed the VFRD header, but so happy I have SS brake lines now..
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