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  1. Well, I loosened my chain a bit and the whine is still there. No 5G gear driven cam kit install, but I did add a radiator to each side of my 8G to help with my cornering.. (LMAO! Sorry, I couldn't resist.) My audio recorder is a high a quality recorder, I'm sure it picks up more than the average action camera picks up? The whine is real....sounds like sprocket/chain action to me?
  2. Hi flya750, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. I put a RG radiator guard on my 8G when it was new, 1 mile, and I thought it was a no brainer... That 7G radiator looks more prone to rocks than the 8G's radiator...?
  4. I looked at the chain and I had it about spec? Maybe a tad tight? I loosened it a bit and will see what audio I pick up?
  5. Thanks! Not sure if you watched the very end of the video, but I pass a few cars and I could have never passed with so much confidence before the VFR Headers and Attack Performance Tune. Gas mileage continues to suck though... LOL! No worries for me...
  6. Are you sure you're not talking about the chain whine? Sometimes, when in two valve mode, the engine is so quiet, you hear more chain and sprocket noise/whine. (@ the 8:10 mark, I'm in two valve mode doing about 80 mph... so, to me, it just sounds like the chain/sprocket noise) There is also a vibration noise at certain RPM's which is the rear trunk latch still vibrating despite my little electrical tape mod to quiet it. My tape mod made a big difference, but there is still some vibration from the trunk latch I need to sort out. The mic is positioned inside the tail section, just in front
  7. In the operators manual... it basically says stock settings are set closer to hard....
  8. Yes, US gallons. Before the header mod, I was pretty impressed with how far I could go on one tank with the 8G vs my 3G...well over 200 miles...now.. not so much 😉 It drinks the fuel, but then again, I'm usually ringing its freaking neck 😉 So much fun to ride now! I ride a lot of country roads out far from civilization or hi speed expressway, rarely low rpm stuff. I do have a micro switch with my dynojet autotuner that will allow me to switch between the stock tune and the pro tune from Attack Performance. I haven't used it yet, I've just come to accept the simple fact that my BadA
  9. The dash avg fuel economy is reading about 42.5 mpg. It is slowly creeping down the more I ride. I will have to do an old fashion check to verify. I can tell you this, it definitely drinks more fuel now, especially if you're cruising freeway speeds of 85mph+. But the performance gains are so worth the poor fuel economy.
  10. I do wear custom fit ear plugs, but its not that loud really? I'm happy about that, I don't like bikes that are too loud.
  11. No yet, I will be doing that this fall. I'm guessing around 108hp? I got my headers ceramic coated so that has to be a little help? I'm hoping for 110hp, that would make my day! 😉
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