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  1. So looking at the Dynocharts posted on Hammerdill's 6G test bike, they showed a peak HP of 110hp and the Dynocharts I've seen from your 8G test bike was peak HP 103? Is that correct? Was there that much difference? Edit: After looking closer at the 6G specs, I see some additional performance tunes like the ceramic coating on the 6G, but not the 8G test bike .)
  2. My 3G, original owner, will soon be up for sale... No looking back...;)
  3. Give in to the Dark Side! It is your Honda VFR Destiny 😉
  4. Took my first 100 mile ride today on the Honda 8thGen Interceptor after the VFRD performance upgrades. Flawless. Zero issues. Magnificent. I'm just blown away about how much better this bike is now. I would say I have a 13-15% power increase and a power curve/VTEC transition that is magical. 😉 Top end power is super impressive and much improved. It is slightly louder, but not too bad. The only modification I have left to do, and I was saving it for last, was the seat. The new custom seat will be the cherry on top 😉 This is my Dream bike. 😉 This 8G is NOT stock! Look MOM! No Utters! 😉 Thank you LANCE!!
  5. Finally got the VFRD Header installed. Just finished full pair valve removal with plates, evap canister removal, DNA High Flow Air filter, Hel Performance SS brake lines with carbon fiber finish, VFRDiscussion Custom Header-ceramic coated, Dynojet with Autotuner and Attack Performance mapping, and center stand eliminator. 😉
  6. Check out these crush gaskets for the 2015 VF800FD. They may be better than the Delkevic crush gaskets? Description "Very high quality copper covered fiber exhaust gasket. Sold individually. Flexible fiber core Soft copper exterior Can be stacked for problematic head pipes Sold individually" https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-Interceptor-800-VFR800FD-Deluxe-2014-2015-Head-Pipe-Exhaust-Gasket/162508919192?hash=item25d6495198%3Ag%3AATgAAOSwd0tdt8dS&fits=Year%3A2015|Model%3AInterceptor+800|Make%3AHonda
  7. I just got this email from Delkevic....I guess it's official., see below....Do what ever the frick you want? LOL!! Oy Vey! I think I will put the seam going inward as recommended by SFDownHill I don't see how the gasket will crush and protrude into the exhaust flow? "------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The gasket is designed to crush when the header is installed. The seam placement is inconsequential. . Kind Regards, Matt Delkevic US ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
  8. Yeah, I'm not looking for what has been discussed? I'm looking for anyone who knows 100% what the manufacturer's intentions are for proper installation? I don't find anything on Delkevic's website?
  9. Finally getting ready to install my new header on the 8G. I've been told that the crush gasket seam goes toward the engine header? But I've seen a difference of opinions on the which way the seam goes? Check out this video? This mechanic claims the seam should go outward, away from the engine head? I've also found others saying the seam goes outward..."Flat side in, on the engine head. Exhaust manifold seals onto the chamfer (round with seam) side. Torque headers accordingly" I figure there has to be a 100% manufacturer recommendation? Seam facing inward or seam facing outward?
  10. Did you use any gasket goop in those J pipe connections?
  11. The 8G is NOT a repackaged 6G.. come on man....you must own a 6G.. ...LOL!!
  12. Hi flya750, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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