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  1. With all due respect, your neighbor sounds like an idiot... Isn't it wildly known that motorcycle thefts is an epidemic?
  2. You don't like the OEM carbon fiber tank pad? I've seen guys on the FB groups advertising that they can custom make anything. That may be a route?
  3. When I got my 8G, I rode my 3G and 8G back to back, the 3G was clearly more comfortable, the ergo cycle website link above confirms that with the numbers in lean angle and crouch. If you look at the ergo cycle website, you can see that any after market seat on the 8G that is too thick compared to the OEM would throw the numbers off whack. I'd like to get an after market seat, but I'd be concerned about it messing too much with the ergos..
  4. If the VTEC gives me better fuel economy with this much fun, I'd say success!!
  5. I'm new to the 8G too. Coming from a 3G. Why I love my 3G, I'm really liking the Vtec. It's too soon for me to come to any conclusive decisions, but I think the Vtec might just be brilliant? The cost for valve jobs kind of sucks....might have to learn how to do the work myself? I wanted a 7G, but the cost was too much and I wanted a new 2012 Blue VFR1200F, not sure I was going to find one? You have me curious on how different the 7G brakes are from the 8G?
  6. Hi flya750, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. When the times comes, I wonder if the 8th Gen headers can be made so removing and reinstalling the center stand isn't an issue where the header bolts won't need to be loosened?
  8. If you switch to LED signal lights, you'll need 1156 and 1157 LED's... You can also get a simple replacement relay to fix the fast flashing issue. Google the relay, superbrightleds.com sells them. It's a simple relay with only two wires and it works Great! https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/flashers-load-resistors/electronic-led-flasher-relays-for-motorcycle/787/842/ I just upgraded to LED lights all around on my 3rd Gen. I also bought yellow LED lights and Red LED lights for the tail lights. It looks Great!
  9. MAGNIFICENT!!!! A work of Art! Is the Red color custom paint?
  10. flya750


    Was this a stock color option for '96? That is such a great looking model year in all black...
  11. flya750

    Morro Bay Ca.

    Nice 90....although I must say it was an odd paint scheme that year...? Of course I may be a little bias being that I own a 91 with gold wheels... It's amazing how modern this gens styling is for the early 90's. People today mistake my bike for a new model...
  12. flya750


    Sweet Dude!! I have a '91 too.. Mine has 34k miles and is in excellent shape.... I waw this pic tonight and it about blew me out of my chair.... a rare bike...nice.... I would love to move the exhaust to the other side on my '91 too....any helpful suggestions to the best way to do it? ...and what is that canister looking device?
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