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  1. Somebody spent their lunch money on some sweet wheels! Looking good, gig.
  2. That's encouraging, fellas. Thanks for that. My 8 spoke is going to paint shop soon.
  3. It will be slow going as he has lots of projects but will do!
  4. And can you tell what gens they are? Here is the story...The black one used to be mine. I sold it to a buddy years ago. It was stolen by what must have been some serious meth abusers as it was beaten, broken and painted EVERYWHERE! So he sold it to another buddy of mine who hopes to make some sort of ugly runner out of it. The red one I found locally from a coworker. It's hard to see, but it's got a nice rear wheel on it. (There is a give away for you if you're still trying to figure out what gens they are). The wheel is the only thing I cared about and planned on pushing the rest of it over a bank and leaving it for dead. But we started to notice that some of the broken bits will transfer from one to the other. So my buddy bought that one from me and loaded it up. They both safely arrived at his house near Albany, NY last night. We're pretty sure nobody will steal either of them now and you should have seen the looks we were getting trailering them around yesterday. Priceless.
  5. This looks like fairly solid proof to me. Your buying options are wide open, now.
  6. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Racetrack? Deals Gap? Just a great shot one of your buddies captured for you that you really like? Let's see your glamour shot of your vfr doing vfr stuff. This has always been one of my favorites. Everybody knows you don't have to go fast at Deal's Gap for the amazing photographers to make you look good. This is no exception. Fairly clean run on a rainy weekday with my buddy on a far superior machine (he thinks so, anyway 😉 ) giving chase. I know a lot of guys are way faster than me. I'm not pretending to be anything special. But damn, talk about lipstick on a pig... Magoo
  8. Magoo


    And he came off of a bitchin Ducati Multistrada, too. I ask him all the time if he misses it. He does not...and he loved that bike.
  9. Magoo


    Wrights View south of Laporte, PA.
  10. Magoo


    May the sun always shine on a Honda rider.
  11. Magoo


    My buddy Westy on left. Villis on the right. We randomly met Villis and his buddy Michael in Lackawaxen, PA. Villis invited himself along and ended up being a fantastic tour guide...and human being.
  12. Magoo


    My buddy Ryans 5th gen. Used to be mine. Then I bought an SV1000 and sold it at the end of the summer to buy my current 5th gen.
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