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  1. Wiremybike.com for the VFRness wiring upgrade is perfect, I can build one for the ama track and this one is what I would build and be damn proud of. Upgraded to a caltric stator with a a back up ready if needed and added the Anitgravity restart ATZ-10. Started the bike with the high beams on minutes at a time started the bike 40 times randomly in a 12 hour period after the first ride. Never charged the battery immediate incredible powerful rip start every time! Dash lights and high beams are unimaginable bright compared to before. I install Glow Tek HID lights for the primary. That kit is awes
  2. Just finished my build. About to market it. No dynos in my area but I'd like some input on similar set up bikes. I had a 2002 with the same insert Two Brothers Black Series. Is it me or is two brothers that much better with the vtec? All thoughts and opinions welcome and valued. Just created my account, RONNIE Sales and Finance Mgr - Hart's Motorsports in my home town of Somerset, KY.
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