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  1. It is very close to a Red Fox hugger, but it isn't exactly like the pics I've seen. I can't remember if Rivcyko used a particular hugger to make his mold. It's probably been over 10 years ago.
  2. There was a guy that used to make them on here for a while. Maybe it is his since it has an odd mount. I don't recall exactly what his looked like. Rivcyko I think was his name. He did the bug buster screens for KanadianKen.
  3. I'm sure straight headers with no cat make a big difference.
  4. I can't disagree, but a lot of guys like their sound. However, you have to admit our V-4 makes them sound a lot better than if they were hanging on an I-4 or a twin.
  5. I don't think it's possible to make our V-4s sound bad. Case in point, gutted OEM 6th gen cans. They are a bit obnoxious, but in a good way. I just like the looks and sound of my Remus and Delkevic cans better. However, I'm thinking those cans with a sticker on them won't last too long even if they do sound good.
  6. ShipFixer, do you wear earplugs? I leave my Delkevics open, but good plugs quieten the exhaust and "all the other things" enough that I don't feel exhausted (pun intended) from noise at the end of a ride. The Delks are a little louder than my Remus exhausts, but both sound great in their own way.
  7. Sell your Staintunes, buy some Delkevic's, and put the extra cash into your pocket.
  8. Was it a 2020-2021 1000SX? I found some new 2019's still in showrooms in far away places, but the bike was redesigned for 2020 . I think the Kawi spec's at 140 hp and 82 lbf torque where the Zook is showing 150 and 78 with 5 traction control modes (plus off) and 3 throttle modes. It might be a tad bit more interesting to ride.
  9. I think the big black hunk of fairing around the radiator is hideous. I think it may be meant to look like a bastardized MotoGP downforce wing. Otherwise, it's a decent looking bike, though I'm not into the angular Transformers look. I'd still love to try it and the Ninja 1000SX out. I looked for a 1000SX for several months, but none were within several hundred miles of me. I pretty much gave up and decided I'd have my 6th gens forever.
  10. So it's Coca-Cola without the sugar. 😉 Yes, Coke will work too!
  11. That's a Powerlet socket. I use mine with a battery tender also. When I'm riding, it gets the little voltmeter. The RWB bike is my "putt around town" bike, so I don't need power for GPS, phone, heated gear, etc.
  12. Powerlet sockets, plugs and items are still available, at least on eBay. I've got one on my RWB bike that the previous owner installed in the stem. I use it for a little voltmeter that plugs straight into it.
  13. The guy in the yellow "bike" looks like he is trying to get a knee down. 😁
  14. Honda self-balancing motorcycle. Hmm, balancing is the easy part. Emergency braking can be a hard part, but ABS is getting more advanced all the time. What we need, especially for Harleys and squids, is anti-target-fixation technology. In other words, a bike that will turn on its own when they are panicked and frozen! 😝
  15. I get the bike gudenhot (technical term). I park it and loosen the left side fairing or take it off (whichever mood I'm in), which takes a few minutes. I pull the plug and then go do other stuff. Once the headers have cooled enough not to turn my hands into molten lava, I throw some aluminum foil over them to keep oil off and pull off the filter. I then go do more stuff for at least a couple hours total if not more. When I finally run out of stuff to do (not the honey-do list cause it never ends) I finally button everything up and fill it. I get the benefit of hot drain (max particulate and moisture removed like the engineers want) and cold drain (max oil removed), plus I've got other really important stuff done like watching a ball game or a MotoGP race, cleaning the kitchen (by eating stuff), etc. The crank sits above the oil and the oil that lubes it starts draining into the pan as soon as you cut the engine off with or without an oil change. The same heat soak process will occur whether the pan is drained or not. If the crank was actually in the oil, there would be foaming (a bad thing), which is why you should never overfill an engine with oil. Slightly funny side note: Our quint (ladder truck with a pump, hose, etc) was overfilled when I came on shift one morning. I took it out of service until it could be remedied. We found out that they used "trustees" (prisoners) to change the oil instead of doing it themselves. They never removed the old oil before adding the new. It was overfilled by gallons!
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