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  1. I have no-names on both of my bikes. They look and work great. You can adjust the clutch lever far enough that it won't engage the switch that lets you start in gear. Don't let that startle you if you go with any adjustable type.
  2. I will probably try to sell one of my two VFR's later this spring when I get time to clean them up, pull out the hard bags and get some detailed photos. Problem is, I've tried to do this several times the last few years. I make the mistake of looking at them side beside in all their glory and go for "one last ride". I haven't had the heart to go through with it. Heck, I don't even know which one I'd be more willing to part with. 😪
  3. Without getting to ride either one first, the 1000SX, even if money was not a factor. I've never sat on a BMW, and haven't been on a Kawi in nearly 30 years. Who knows what I'd choose if I got to test ride them.
  4. Glad you could save her. That's the worst part of my job, knowing someone has just lost everything.
  5. Exactly. I don't like seeing idiot lights on the dash. I think 30 cents is well worth the investment. 😉
  6. Us old guys just unplug the O2 sensor and stick a 30 cent resistor in the connector (leaving the actual sensor in place). No more closed loop. No more surging. A bit better off idle throttle. I still get 45 mpg on roads that aren't twisty enough to stay above vtec threshold. The only downside is spending all that money on the mod. 😝
  7. I know several people with 20+ year old cages that have never replaced a hose or the OEM coolant. They've not had to "top it off" more than a few times, so the bulk of the coolant is still 20+ year old OEM. I live in an area that can get over 100F in the summer and below 0F in the winter. The engines don't overheat or freeze and bust. I'm sure the 8 year old sealed jug is good.
  8. Several people like the OEM cans. If you like 'em, that's cool. To me they seem bulky, and they are definitely heavy. Worst of all, they make the bike sound like a nice quiet Singer household sewing machine, not even an industrial variety. lol
  9. I forgot mine had the removable spuds. They were chunked in one of my tool cabinets about 15 years ago and I've not thought about them since.
  10. I have round Delkevic carbon fiber cans on my 2007 and Remus oval carbon fiber cans on my 2008. The Remus cans are a lot like the Leo Vince cans that were popular on 6th gen for a while. They were quite expensive. I love the look of both, with a nod to the Remus because it fills the void left by the OEM cans a little better. The sound is great on both as well, but the Delkevic cans have a deeper more wicked/evil sound. I don't use the baffles. Not only does it look and sound good, it is a fraction of the cost of other systems. I've had three 6th gens, all responding a little differently at vtec transition, off idle, open/closed loop transition etc. Aftermarket exhaust affected the 2008 bike more than the 2004 and 2007 bikes. I did an 02 eliminator mod to the 2008 and I'm happy with it. However, a dyno tune wouldn't hurt even with the OEM cans.
  11. If the pitting isn't too bad, Larry posted an extremely detailed post on how to removing minor pitting and polish fork tubes a few years ago.
  12. Used or not, it's a beautiful hunk of aluminum. I used to love to look at my VF-500F's exposed engine when I was but a pup.
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