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  1. Interesting. That may mean (like Kawasaki), they are legally obligated to supply bikes for the grid, but not field a sponsored team or indeed further develop the GSXRR past 2022. Unless, possibly Aprilia is willing to buy out that contract to field a satellite team in 2023. Time will tell, but I bet Rins and Mir will be signing new contracts with another constructor ASAP. If there are Suzuki bikes on the grid next year it will be the likes of Alex Marques, Taka Nakagami, Vinales, Pol Espargaro etc that will be riding them.
  2. yea I saw that too but they will be gone in some form. There is a chance that an independent team may take over the Suzuki bike and crew for a year, but one way or another Suzuki factory is telling Dorna they want out. Its not the first time Suzuki have taken a leave of absence from MotoGP due to $ issues
  3. Sad to see that Suzuki is throwing in the towel at the end of 2022. That makes Mir and Rins available for the market, should throw a king sized wrench into silly season. I think the following Riders should be worried about their seats in 2023: Pol Espargaro, Alex Marques, T Nakagami, Miguel Olivera, Darryn Binder, Andrea Dovi (probably retire anyway) , Fanky Morbidelli (has a contract to end of 23, but may get relegated to satellite team), Maverick Vinales. Seems Fabio may end up staying at Yamaha after all my bet is Mir at Repsol Honda to replace Pol Rins to Aprilia to replace Maverick ?
  4. 60 km is OK, any km is better than no KM. The run to Bellfountain and Forks of the Credit is a great destination, nice ride, I did that run a lot when I lived further south. I do 50-70 km almost every day if I can, then go for a longer ride twice a week.
  5. OK fella's, I follow the steps from the manual for the front wheel install, but at the step where you loosen off the left pinch bolt again (to align the forks) the left fork opens up about +1mm, leaving a +1mm space between the wheel spacer and the inside of the fork leg....should I be concerned ? I understand the purpose of loosening the left pinch bolt again is to allow for fork alignment and prevent sticking forks, Ive just never seen such obvious fork movement outwards leaving a +1mm gap between the spacer and fork. Steps are basically 1) align the end of the axle with the outside of the left fork leg 2) Tighten the left pinch bolt 3) Tighten the axle bolt 4) Loosen the left pinch bolt ***** this is where the left fork leg pops outwards by ~1+ mm 5) Tighten the right pinch bolt 6) pump the front end 7) tighten the left pinch bolt
  6. Usually the result of someone using the "arm-strong" torque wrench, I bet
  7. Honda wants new bolts on the Africa Twin callipers as well. I dont change the calliper bolts, I just re apply thread locker and re use them. they not that tightly torqued.
  8. cheers guys, i've got a head lift stand
  9. Cheers ! My Africa Twin is similar but in fact you dont need to remove half of what the manual says. Ill just follow the manual for the VFR
  10. Preparing for new tires to go on the VFR. Looked in the owners manual and I have 2 questions for those who have done it. 1) Is it really necessary to remove the front wheel speed sensor 2) do you have to remove "both" brake callipers ?
  11. Marques will either win it all or bin it all. He says he's a changed man, but IDK if he can switch off that high risk riding approach. Marc and the new Honda seem to both be in good shape just now. if he stays healthy, he will win the championship, otherwise he'll end up retiring through injury again. Im cheering for Pecco or Mir (long shot) - since Vale is gone, im using this season to pick a new favourite rider....it WONT be Marc.
  12. yea, ive been on the list for a year already. was supposed to get it by December 2021, but the silicon chip shortage has put us back a year apparently. Then recently all the Starlink satellites have been falling-out of orbit, so that wont help the wait.
  13. Unfortunately I live in the far north and our internet is Cellular based. Not sure if you know about cellular rates in Canada but 135 Gig / month costs $400. Its absolute madness and robbery
  14. I think the Feb 19 test is Moto 2 and Moto 3 only. I wish we got the Moto2 & 3 race broadcasts here in Canada but for the last 2 years we only got MotoGP, which at the end of the day, im glad we get it at all, its always touch and go if we're getting TV coverage.
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