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  1. Im just about the swap the tires on my 2017 Africa Twin DCT to a more conventional road tire. Ive worn the factory Dunlop Trail Max tires down and since I only ride pavement, it makes sense to go with a sport touring type tire. Im not sold on the new replacement to the VFR tbh. My Africa Twin has basically the same engine and similar look, and its my favourite bike, however, im not sure it the NT1100 would be markedly different to putting sport touring tires on my AT. I have 3 bikes I ride regularly. 2014 VFR800, 2017 Africa Twin, and the 2017 Suzuki M109R. The attraction for me is, they are all so different, the variety is great. The new NT1100 may be a great bike, but I wonder how "different " it really is ? is this a case of Honda just trying to get as much use out of one engine as possible ? (the Rebel is using the parallel twin as well). Im sure its all driven by the economics and public demand for a certain "look". Id be interested in knowing the price point on the NT1100 here in Canada, the Africa Twin's are now off the charts for price $18-22,000, its madness.
  2. Thought I'd chime in here with my experiences /practices. All my regular riding bikes (incl the 2014 VFR800) are laid up for winter storage from mid/late October to some time in April (lots of snow here and VERY cold), so those are all running 91 octane (with 5% Ethanol) and I fill the tanks and use fuel stabilizer. Bikes are in heated storage. For the collector Bikes, that don't see the road as often, and only get run a couple of times a year, I make sure to use a Zero Ethanol high octane fuel, and I still use Stabilizer. I also try and drain the fuel out of each bikes tank annually and refresh it. Though I will admit I occasionally have gone 18-24 months on that fuel change. I run the carbs dry or drain them depending on the bike and how much of a PITA it is to drain them. I keep a log on which bikes had a fuel change and when they were run last. I do also fire up the bikes every 3 months, avoid fuel sitting static for too long in the fuel system, in my mind it makes sense to get fresh fuel through the injectors and what not every 3 months. All bikes are on a battery tender.
  3. looks like the OP's bike is for sale now...$8400 CAD https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sport-touring/mississauga-peel-region/2014-honda-vfr-800/1587032432
  4. Very Cool Bikes ! I had a nice RZ350, an RZ500, RG250 Walter Wolf and RGV250 and foolishly sold them all. Keeping my NS tho. Did I see you on the RZ forum not long after I got the VF's ? I recall you said he used to call the VF1kR "the Furnace". ?
  5. There in lines the other part of the problem, I have a 17' enclosed trailer, I can haul 5 bikes with the Truck and trailer. LOL
  6. LOL Wow, are you talking about the Red VF1000R from down in Etobicoke ? if so he actually sold me both of those VR1000R's I also bought 2 from a fellow in Barrie, the frame from one of the Barrie bikes was the basis for the resto of the red one above .
  7. Thanks Guys, Yea, Im an addict. Space is the only thing that stops me from being a Hoarder to be honest, I have thought of putting a second level in my other Barn/Garage and filling it with bikes, I figure I could get over 70 more in there easy. But, given that im a bit OCD with my stuff It would likely drive me mad not being able to keep 'em all maintained, running and shiny etc. But hey, there are worse things to be addicted to and its largely a self funding hobby if you buy right. So all in all, Im good with it. Few pics of the other bikes... 86 Honda NS400R - 2 stroke V3 1984 Honda CBX750 (restoration this winter all being well). Very Rare in North America VF1000R (Now sold) I restored a few years ago in the Euro colours. Had to rebuild the transmission on this one as well My other VF1000R (now sold) - Light resto on this one but had to do a full frame swap as the frame it arrived with had a rebuilt title. Here's one of the VF500 Interceptor's I built and customized in to a "VF500R" (now Sold). Mainly cosmetics, I cut the fairing to allow use of lower clip-ons. I trimmed the fairings, cut the front fender way down, cut the windshield 4", added a Lockhart lower fairing, rothmans Honda graphics, faux solo seat in white vinyl, Chinese mufflers, bar end mirrors
  8. Thanks, yea a CB1, just 1 Gixer tho, the 93 im currently working on and frustrated with ( I cant figure out my problem), the difference in the 2 GIXXER pictures is the Exhaust system I put on it. Current Fleet: 2014 VFR800 2017 M109R 2017 Africa Twin 1986 NS400R 2007 Aprilia RSV Factory 2010 Rossi R1 2003 Z1000 2000 ZRX1100 1997 CBR600 F3 2006 Buell XB9r Firebolt 2008 Buell 1125R Anniversary 1989 CB1 1988 Hawk GT 1993 GSXR750 1984 CBX750 2020 Beta 300 EVO Trials 2012 CBR125R Repsol
  9. LOL, ive kept the truck in the garage for a while so nothing can follow me home. I have enough headaches with this Suzuki GSXR dont need any more for a while
  10. Hi Guys, I had a profile on here a while back but couldn't remember the details (StrayCat user name, so im back with a new account. I may know some of you from the other forum. Anyway, here's a bit about me. Im a bike junky, currently 17 bikes in the shop, but just one VFR ( a 2014 VFR 800 deluxe). Ive had several other VF's in the past 3 years ( 4 VF1000R's, 2 VF500F Interceptors) I usually restore/build 2 bikes a year, im retired and spend my summers farming and riding my bikes, winters im in the shop doing bike stuff or riding my snowmobile, occasionally I pick up a guitar and make all kinds of horrible noises. Im currently swinging a wrench on a 93 GSXR750 (getting close to lighting it on fire actually, but thats another story for another time) Hers a few intro pics of the hoard
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