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  1. Thanks Grum, The plan is to enjoy the ride outs with a mate I can trust 'not to go all Rossi on me' over the summer, and then use the winter months to tinker and make good. I'll be looking to remove that connector altogether if I can! Cheers Andy
  2. Hi AndyE, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. Quick update. Just picked her up from my mates garage with a clean bill of health, woop! The tech guy has bypassed that blue connector for the fuel pump, but I think over time I'll do the others too as was suggested. The V4 certainly sounds the part, and although I'd read many people find the vtec intrusive, I cant say I find it a problem...I dont tend to sit around 7k rpm, I'm either changing up before then, or I'm on the throttle and wanting more power anyway..🤔 Happier times...cheers all. Andy Oh, and the ground to the frame fix has already been done so hopefully any problems with that have already been prevented...fingers crossed.
  4. Dropped off to the workshop with no issues. Couldn't get the wire I intended to use to fit in the connector so ended up using a bit of garden wire....not ideal but it got me there😱✌ I actually bought this bike for a mate who isn't in a position to buy one. He hired a VFR a couple years ago and we rode to the Isle of Man and back via Wales over 3 days so I knew he'd be happy to ride one before I bought it.....but I wasnt counting on it breaking down on the way home! I'll let you know what the techs say, but here's hoping this old girl has a few more miles left in her yet.
  5. Yep, I've been pulling a battery lead off when messing with those, I'm not a fan of things that spark and go pop. I'll chuck in a jump wire and fix it down good before I ride anywhere, should be OK to get my where I need to go. Then assuming the guys give it a clean bill of health it'll get a damn good clean and new foam for the seat....my butt was agony after 90 mins! Cheers Andy
  6. Hi Grum, It was very satisfying indeed to hear that pump spring into life. I went back a bit later and it wouldn't start again. Pushed the red and white wire into the connector and away it went. I just need to be able to ride the bike about 7 miles to a friend who manages a workshop. I was thinking I can jump the 2 pins just to get me there. No issue with doing that I assume? Good shout on eliminating the connector, I may well do that, looks to be a sensible move considering how often it seems to crop up in threads. Will check the battery charge tomorrow, fairly hopeful it'll be OK. Cheers Andy
  7. This is what comes next. I won't feel confident until I'm sure that entire block is sound. Thanks again. Andy
  8. And she lives! After cleaning the contacts it was still the same, but when probing the red and white wore to check voltage, I suddenly hear the pump fire up! She started after half a dozen cranks or so, and boom, running again! So, question now is, dirty/loose contacts, or an underlying issue that caused it to brown up in the first place. Bearing in mind this bike is 16 yes old and has 46k miles on the clock. You guys rock, thanks to everyone who contributed, grum especially, he put a lot of time into helping me out, for which I am very grateful. Now its running, its going for a check over tomorrow evening with a proper mechanic and tech so they can sort that connector properly and give it the once over.
  9. cheers Thumbs, I happen to have a can of iso from my days of cleaning thermal paste off CPU's. Why that never entered my mind I dont know!
  10. Ok, I think, thanks to all of your help we have found where the problem is. Battery is fully charged and with the ignition on, I only get 1v on the pink and black wire at the esr. Tracing back to the blue connector I see continuity. If I then test the red and white wire going into the blue connector (the wire that goes to the left fuse box) I get 11.7v. To me, this says the blue connector has a bad connection or short....right Question, can I use a jump wire on the outside of the blue connector to test the theory without risking any damage. I.e. r/w to bl/p. I'm assuming I can as that's all the blue connector is doing anyway right? So, how to fix it?! Clean? Replace? Its the top left pin in the pic and looks brown and nasty. Thanks all, feels like I'm almost there unless someone tells me its not that simple and what I'm seeing is a result of a faulty reg/rec? Andy
  11. Morning gents, I belive the recall was done over here, and assume was completed on this bike given the extra ground on the blue connector that I've read about in other posts. The motor turns over just fine, plenty of cranking power and all other electrical components work fine when connected such as lights etc. I will however chuck the battery on a full charge, just to rule it out, and as ducnut said, at least its then a known qty. Working from home today so might get chance to do a couple more tests over lunch. Cheers Andy
  12. Hi Baileyrock, Thanks for chipping in on this, apologies for not responding directly before. I think the work has been done judging by the additional earth wire. Pic of the plate attached, I think thats a punch mark on the top right?
  13. I'll certainly try Legend! Unfortunately, Mrs E wanted new carpet so had to put the multimeter down and pick up the stanley knife instead this afternoon so no further forward yet. Hopefully I can get it running soon, otherwise it'll be going back to Devon in a van!
  14. Thanks Grum, appreciate the help. I'll trace those wires to the blue connector and follow it through as best I can. Sincere thanks for all the input and advice. Cheers Andy
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