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  1. Thanks for clearing that up Terry. After visiting Shock Treatment I understand that upgrading the R6 rear shock to work on the VFR is too costly. Thus, the original shocks are now back on both the '98 and '06. I'm happy with the handling on the 98 even if it is a little on the stiff side. The R6 forks seem quite OK, but I'm yet to push it's limits. The entire exercise has given me a much greater confidence in knowing my way around the '98. And, given that I also have a 990 SuperDuke I figured I can get my adrenaline hits on it.
  2. G'day folks, I've been playing around with front and rear suspension and have put what I think is an Yamaha R6 rear shock. I've used the original linkage plates stamped with FR-MBG. In my bag of bits I have another set of linkage plates stamped FR-MCW. The latter set seems to be 3 or 4mm shorter in the direction of the arrow. Does anyone know if they (FR-MCW) are from later or earlier models or perhaps a lowering kit? My Haynes manuals shows FR MBG on 97-99 and in the 02-09 manual, in fact its the exact same photo. (The R6 shock spring is way too light so I'm off to
  3. Howdy all, I have a Gen 6, unfinished project I picked up for the sole purpose of swapping out some of the parts onto my 98 Gen 5. In particular, the full stainless Delkevic system, which looks very nice and for the couple of minutes that I had the Gen 6 started, sounded most beastly. My question to you VFR brethren is are there any difference is heads or ports or header clamps that I should know about before getting my hands dirty? The other kit to swap is an unresolved R1 front end, with R1 wheel and rotors. But that's another thread. Cheers
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