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  1. Lots of top end noise at 60k. CCTs were done as a precautionary....already in there doing the valves.... O
  2. The Beginning May 15,2017 It was a relatively uneventful drive, aside from rain and wind gusts. The rental van worked fine, a bit“loosey goosey” from a steering standpoint and an irritating speed governor that limited maximum velocity to a barely acceptable ( indicated ) 75 mph. That’s where the speedo hovered the majority of the time on scenic Interstate 77. I was not feeling particularly “fresh” either, a result of only getting 5 hours in the rack prior. As I drove, there was time to contemplate... mixed feelings and conflicting thoughts. Had I done the right thing ? Would he like it ? Behind me in the truck’s cargo hold were two new motorcycles. Both red, both Hondas. For me, the VFR would be my third Honda V4 and the second one purchased in Ohio. For my son this would be his first motorcycle. Let’s go backwards a bit. I really like motorcycles. It’s one of the greatest passions of my life. I was fortunate enough to start down the path at 14 and now 46 years later ( damn near 60 ), I still breathe,eat,sleep and think motorcycles all the time. The last new motorcycle I purchased was in June of 1985 . That Honda 500 Interceptor was a birthday present to myself. It came out of a dealership in Hilliard,OH a suburb of Columbus.The same motorcycle still resides in my garage, it hasn’t run in years but, that’s not the point, momentos don’t have to function in the conventional sense to be valuable. So, back to the present. The irony of being in Ohio and having a motorcycle- shopping- list so close to my birthday was not lost on me as I walked into the Honda dealership in Heath,OH Wednesday morning. The exact motorcycle I wanted, a Red Honda VFR800D was sitting on the showroom floor waiting for me. The decision to double up the purchase and buy my son a bike was not so easy. Motorcycles are not by themselves dangerous but,the public roads where they are ridden can be as hostile as a war zone. There are dozens of ways drivers can hurt you or you can easily do yourself in. I entered this paved world at 14 and have survived thus far thanks to a combination of learned experience, luck, and the grace of the Almighty. Why ? It’s fun. It satisfies a desire to do something that requires skill . There are few feelings better than carving through a series of challenging turns confidently or topping a crest on a country road to survey some majestic vista worthy of a Monet or Cezanne. OK, sometimes Monet is on break and what you see is a chicken farm but, natural beauty mostly abounds. The level of awareness/concentration required to ride well is both exhilarating and exhausting. However, I find it’s best when exhaustion arrives after the ride is over. It is lifestyle, discipline, and recreation rolled into one whole. I desire to share those postive things about motorcycling with my son. ..and when the time comes, fulfill my wish to see the USA astride a Red Honda VFR. I’ve been waiting for this next chapter most of my adult life ! Keeping the rubber side down and the shiny side up y’all..... Major Maintenance Valve Adjust at 60063 Mi Valve Adjust at 95890 Mi Repairs Water Pump replaced at 95890 Mi
  3. Rolled my VFR out into fresh snow for an obligatory photo op !
  4. Final Odometer Reading for 2021... Keep the good times and the VFR miles rolling !
  5. Hi RC79NC001, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. The most significant unscheduled maintenance has been the valve adjust at 60000 mi. Otherwise Synthetic oil every 4000 mi and a new oil filter every 8000 mi. Suspension front and rear upgraded at 18000 mi and refreshed at 60000. This is a wonderful motorcycle....
  7. Forum members please ignore my last posted references to MotoGP anything... That sounds ridiculous... I just don't use my back brake....much. and prefer CL pads when the fronts wear out. TGIF !!!
  8. Here's my front pad only history. Original Pads replaced at 33801 Mi with Ferodos ,did not care for the way the Ferodos felt. They were replaced after 18290 Mi with CL set 1. Ferodos replaced at 52091 Mi with CL Pads. CL1 set 1 was replaced after 20200 Mi with CL set 2. The pads you see in the picture are CL1 at the end of life and CL2 at the beginning. The CLs suit my aggressive MotoGP wannabe style. I suspect the rear pads will remain OEM well into the 100k mi zone.. I watch a lot of MotoGp and try to copy the style.....discreetly on the street. Suspension upgrade in 2018 probably a factor in increased riding aggression...and resulting tire wear/ brake pad life.
  9. After 72000 mi on my VFR the rear pads are still original and mostly unused....
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