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  1. Hi Grum, My shop fitted the high flow when they did an oil change. I'm not sure of the model number but, it did have the hex nut and that was where it leaked. I can only speculate that the nut was used to (incorrectly) tighten the filter as opposed to loosening it for replacement. Since that singular incident with the hi-flo I have gone back to using the OEM Honda filter exclusively. I am quite satisfied with the result. As much as I enjoy this VFR I always complain about the oil filter removal process. Yes, I have left the old filters gasket
  2. How about one of the new Ceramic waxes ? https://drivedetailed.com/meguiars-hybrid-ceramic-wax-review/
  3. It shows what a fantastic design the VFR is ( all generations ). Fun and efficient if you need it to be.
  4. I have a Delkevic on mine. I like the sound . It's not loud but, definitely different then stock.
  5. A Fuel Efficient Beast Gen 8 is. Thanks to Grum for a previous post touting the efficiency of the 8th Gen. It’s true. Yesterday I went for a ride. I rode until the low fuel warning light came on . I kept riding. When I filled up these were the numbers. 308 Miles. 5.43 Gallons of No Alcohol Unleaded to fill the tank to the very top. That works out to slightly over 56 miles per gallon. I was not trying to maximize fuel economy but, I Never was in VTEC mode either. Most of the riding was done in rolling hills and at one point I was Stuck in stop and go traffic (
  6. 944 Porsches are my weakness.....argh. Lucky for me I love riding my VFR so much that it keeps me from other distractions.
  7. Kudos and a big ditto to the OP. I've posted the same....less extensively and eloquently. The VFR is the only motorcycle I need. ADVs well, another man's poison.
  8. May 28, 2018 Revised Feb 2021 Quiet Contemplation... It was a beautiful place, a thick canopy of trees, the still languid quiet afforded by rain that had already fallen . Hard to imagine this natural cathedral was on a public road, not any road, The Blue Ridge Parkway to be more precise. The side of the road where I had stopped, welcoming as it was, did not qualify as a designated parking area. Like so much of life, this moment of quiet and stillness passed quickly. It would be the final act of a 4 act play . Act 1; Thunder Ridge via Haro Extreme
  9. 600 miles. Replaced them with Bridgestone T30s at the initial 600 mile service.
  10. A lot....but worth it ! http://daughertymotorsports.com/
  11. week 10 of 2020 for the front tire week 43 of 2019 for the rear
  12. PR2s arrived this morning. They were made in Spain. See attached photos of manuf. codes.
  13. Tomorrow it's supposed to reach 50 so I'll be taking a short ride hopefully in the sunshine. 50F is the lower threshold for riding imho. 40-50; Ride only for an emergency ( car has a burned out clutch ) or I need to ride into the shop for new tires. 50-60; Not really comfortable but acceptable especially in the winter. You take what you can get... 61-65; Getting better... 66-89; The sweet spot. Temperature is not the limiting factor. 90+; Humidity dependent but, for the most part the fun is gone and you're trying to find
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