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  1. Gear: Dainese Hawker D Dry Jacket and Mesh Pants. Boots Dainese Torque Tour. Gloves Dainese Migs. Apparently I like Dainese although Alpine Stars makes some pretty good looking stuff too. I can testify the Dainese gear I wear is all day comfortable and the boots have a gore tech lining that helps when it rains.
  2. Well done gentlemen....let's show them 8th gen VFRs are fun and durable !
  3. 555 is more than a number... Wednesday October 7 I spent the day riding Southern Ohio back roads. The combination of superb fall weather, a freshly tuned VFR, and twisty roads made it one of the best single days of riding I have ever experienced. I’d like to acknowledge fellow VFR Forum member Tim C for listing some of his favorite southern Ohio roads earlier this year. I looked at his list and used it to augment what I already planned to do. Tuesday I77 from Charlotte,NC to Marietta,OH. 475 Miles Great weather albeit quite cool during the morning portion of the ride e
  4. Red bike white wheels is a great look. Not a fan of red wheels on anything. From Maine has a better alternative than white powder coat...
  5. I'm enjoying your story. Keep it up please ! I would like a second set of wheels for my 8th Gen so that I can have them powder coated in white....love that look.
  6. Congrats. 1000 Mi is a milestone ? I agree...all that Iron Butt documentation for what ?
  7. Great story. Your niece is going to be a motorcycle person !
  8. September 16 I rode my VFR from home to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and back in one (long) 15 hour day. I rode 15 hours to spend 10 minutes in the parking lot of the lighthouse to take a few pictures. Crazy eh ? It is about the ride. My ride started approximately 5:30 am and ended at 8:30 pm. My freshly serviced VFR was fantastic. Having resided in North Carolina for over 26 years, I have always been fascinated by the Outer Banks but never had the occasion to go. The Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras is an iconic symbol. Why not check this box on my bucket list and ride the VFR ?
  9. Sweet. I want to see those 6 digits on my odometer as well.
  10. 3 VTEC Shims out bf spec. 3 Non VTEC shims out of spec.
  11. I just recovered my VFR after extensive maintenance was performed. Wow does it feel smooth and fast after the service ! 1) Valve Clearances 2) Replace Fork Oil 3) Replace Rear Shock After reading all the commentary on this forum and others about leaving the valves alone, I did just that. That strategy ( if it ain’t broke/don’t ask don’t tell) worked great for the first 60,000 mi of this VFR’s life. Then the top end started making ticking noises,not bad but enough to make me a bit paranoid. 6 Valves were out of spec and required replacement shims. Because
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