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  1. I'm enjoying your story. Keep it up please ! I would like a second set of wheels for my 8th Gen so that I can have them powder coated in white....love that look.
  2. Congrats. 1000 Mi is a milestone ? I agree...all that Iron Butt documentation for what ?
  3. Great story. Your niece is going to be a motorcycle person !
  4. September 16 I rode my VFR from home to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and back in one (long) 15 hour day. I rode 15 hours to spend 10 minutes in the parking lot of the lighthouse to take a few pictures. Crazy eh ? It is about the ride. My ride started approximately 5:30 am and ended at 8:30 pm. My freshly serviced VFR was fantastic. Having resided in North Carolina for over 26 years, I have always been fascinated by the Outer Banks but never had the occasion to go. The Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras is an iconic symbol. Why not check this box on my bucket list and ride the VFR ?
  5. Sweet. I want to see those 6 digits on my odometer as well.
  6. 3 VTEC Shims out bf spec. 3 Non VTEC shims out of spec.
  7. I just recovered my VFR after extensive maintenance was performed. Wow does it feel smooth and fast after the service ! 1) Valve Clearances 2) Replace Fork Oil 3) Replace Rear Shock After reading all the commentary on this forum and others about leaving the valves alone, I did just that. That strategy ( if it ain’t broke/don’t ask don’t tell) worked great for the first 60,000 mi of this VFR’s life. Then the top end started making ticking noises,not bad but enough to make me a bit paranoid. 6 Valves were out of spec and required replacement shims. Because
  8. Good luck ! As a fellow VFR cross country rider ( NC-Cali-NC 7000 mi ) in 2018 I hope the rest of your trip is uneventful ( mechanically ) after repairs. Good karma !
  9. Story 2 When Your Ride is a Flying Saucer Everyone Notices...Including POPO Part 1 I’ve drawn cars, airplanes,and motorcycles since childhood. Many of you can relate to imagining or drawing something that doesn’t exist but, hoping someday, someway it would. Also there’s nothing like the shock to the senses in seeing something new/radical/beautiful for the first time.It might be metal (Lamborghini Miura) or mortal ( 1983 Miss America Vanessa Williams). Does that seem like a strange comparison ? Bottom line. Beauty is inspirational. Beautiful design can also inspire.
  10. Yes. Before the trip I had Sargent redo the seat and I added a Kaoko throttle lock. After the trip I upgraded the front and rear suspension to Jamie Daugherty ( DMR), added a Delkevic Slip On and Galfer brake lines. I would love to go back on this route with my VFR modded and really tear up those roads in southern Utah.
  11. Bridgestone T30s last a long time are cheap and ride hard. My taste in tires has moved on to Pirelli and Metzeler. This trip was 3 weeks from June 16-2018 to July 7-2018.
  12. VFR To California from North Carolina June- July 2018. Part 1 ( Route and Pics ) Day 1; Charlotte,NC to Madison,AL. Total Mileage 460 Route Hwy 321 to Hickory,NC I40 from Hickory to Asheville. I40 to NC 74 from Asheville To Murphy and into Tennessee to Cleveland I75 to Chattanooga I24 to South Pittsburgh Hwy 72 From South Pittsburgh to Madison,AL Notes: Bad Interstate Traffic in Chattanooga. Took alternate route over Signal mountain . Blazing hot from Chattanooga to the hotel in Madison,AL. Had dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse in Madison a short walk f
  13. Hi TimC. Great story. Well written. Perhaps I will have the courage to venture out and spend the night on the road too. You are right on the money when you say it's about the ride and not ( so much ) the scenery ! Finding good shade during a stop is critical. The VFR concept rules !
  14. Here's a low res photo that gives a better prespective of the slope behind the VFR. Less than a foot behind the bike it drops off pretty dramatically. It's good to be lucky sometimes.
  15. Part 3 Margaritaville Why do you ride ? Personal satisfaction ? The adulation of others ? Respect from peers ? Neo: “You’re saying that I’ll be able to dodge bullets”. Morpheus: “No Neo, I’m saying that when you’re ready you won’t have to”. Spock: “After a time you will discover that having something is not the same as wanting something. It is not logical but it is true”. “We spend our lives in the pursuit of happiness when we should spend our lives in the happiness of pursuit”. After adulation ( The Dragon ) and dis consol
  16. I,m not going to chastise anyone for talking up the pushbike thing. Up to 5 years ago I split my time between bicycles and motorcycles. I got lazy. A fast descent on a tricky single track or on pavement can be as fun as riding challenging twisties like moonshiner. I wave at pretty much anything on 2 wheels and many pushbike riders wave back....except for my antagonists in the story of course. Pedal On !
  17. Thanks. It really bothered me for a bit that my bike was no longer perfect but, bodywork can be replaced. I was pretty lucky and it's hard to tell from the photos but the back of the bike was inches from a steep drop off. It could have been much worse.
  18. Less Than Zero I crashed my beautiful red VFR Friday July 3. It happened on the Blue Ridge Parkway and was witnessed by my friend Angel. I’m glad Angel was there because it was no small task to extract the bike from the brushy incline and wet grass. In fact a big thanks goes out to Angel, a Jeep Owner, and another kindly stranger who helped stop traffic whilst we muscled the VFR upright again. So, what happened ? Obviously a skilled experienced pilot such as myself ( ahem) must have faced some type of overwhelming technical challenge or a laser death ray straight out of 1950s comi
  19. Empty Dragon +Good Weather= The Dream Shot !
  20. Hi, Thanks for checking my story. I'm lucky to have pretty good stuff less than 2 hours away. Southern Ohio has some incredible roads. I'll be there when all this Virus stuff plays out.
  21. Hero I rode my VFR to The Dragon and back on Friday. Round trip, door to door 525 miles and 11.5 hours. For motor enthusiasts worldwide the Dragon is a place of legend. 318 turns in an 11 mile stretch of asphalt that has no houses or side roads to distract from the task at hand. I feel fortunate to have a little history with this place. I first heard about The Dragon in the middle ‘80s. Someone was wearing a T Shirt with the inscription “I survived Deal’s Gap 318 Turns in 11 Miles”. WTF ? Where is this place ? I want to try it out ! One Sunday after encountering that
  22. Not gaining much weight but not a lot of smarts either !
  23. Power to Weight Labor Day weekend 1983 I rode my new 750 Interceptor to my Mother’s house in Alabama. On the return trip home, I had a fun encounter with a Ferrari 308. We were traveling East on I20 between Augusta,GA and Aiken,SC. Try as he might, the Ferrari was no match for the Interceptor’s roll on torque . I could hear the 308 downshift behind me and try to make a run for it. I’d just leave the bike in top gear ( no down shift ) and roll on the throttle from 75 mph up to 100. I maintained a 50 foot gap in front of the prancing horse and there was nothing he could do about it.This
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