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  1. You guys are so good... looking forward to OP confirming which option it is, but i bet you've nailed it I had the washer/hose-holder "ring" snap off last year... glad I went to Honda and replaced. My first thought was just to remove it, I wasn't worried about the brake lines moving... but I would not have even considered bolt length & threading and the potential of not having enough clamping pressure without it
  2. I feel like someone just ordered the frankebolts for their 5g in a recent thread... have you searched? I'm sure someone posted about them still being available sometime in the past month or so (i bought a 5g in August so i've been tuned in a little more to those threads than just 6g)
  3. Not trying to hijack the thread, but I'm about to start digging into the non-running 99 i bought... Danno would that exact noid light work on a 5th gen and a 6th gen ?
  4. Can you see a piece of it sheared off in the hole? Shine a light and look for a matching sheared end to the bolt?
  5. Please do post some pics of the front sprocket area once uncovered so we can see if the chain did any damage... really good that you are OK, that could have been scary with a chain on the fly...
  6. Abnormal. Check your chain & sprockets. Check your tires for uneven wear, and pressure. The sound you mention, it could be the CCT failing (look up vids for sound to compare). But if it slows when you pull the clutch, it is more likely just a noisy clutch which isn't unusual on these bikes particularly as yours is now 15+ years old. Busylittleshop posted the fix for that, I think it was to replace the circular bearing that sits in the clutch plate and a surrounding piece... search should help you find it I'm sure others will chime in... my 6g rides very smooth up to and over 100km/h, but I can't speak to 140km/h+. My clutch makes noise at idle, but when I pull in the lever, the noise is silent - I live with it for now. Replaced the front CCT a year ago which quieted the clacking on idle, no issues since.
  7. My 6g probably only goes to 60, not near as flat as Grum's Thats a great idea for the bags to lay flat like that. I bought mine secondhand though and they had been re painted so its possible the retaining straps aren't in their original state
  8. No offense to all of us, but this site is becoming more for old farts daily 🙂 can't believe i'm coming up on a decade of VFR-ownership, and I've made my 40's... pics of the new ride?
  9. Looks great... I think the exhaust suits it well. Let us know what you think about the sound while riding!
  10. Nice 3g... my 2c is she isn't riding it. the 3 throttle rolls at the end before shutting it off are kinda like.... wuuut?
  11. As much as I'm the guy with the older car with limited electronics, and I think that my riding skills are generally decent enough to not need this MOST of the time... I totally see the value, and how it will absolutely be a part of all bikes in the future... similar to how seatbelts, abs, traction control, etc has become a standard for all cars to reduce risk of significant injury/death We can hope that it will lower our insurance rates at least... nahhhh we all know better than that 😁
  12. Agreed with everything Cogswell said. I intend to keep my 02 for as many decades as I can. As much as I'm excited to get my new-to-me 99 in running condition this winter, I'm already considering NEXT winter's project to be swapping the 99 engine into the 02 body. I enjoy the bike, and my time is almost a 50/50 split of riding vs wrenching/cleaning/farkling... which means I don't ride enough these days but I have every reason to keep it and continue to enjoy it for a long time to come. And its long paid for which helps lol. I would buy a white 8g if I found a good deal - I think they look the most modern of the VFR's, and clearly those who have them enjoy them. I continue to be surprised and impressed that many 6g riders who upgrade to 8g find it a better overall bike, thats a HUGE win for Honda on what seemed almost to be an afterthought ('oh wtf, we have a parts bin, lets cobble together a new 800'). I think the 5g looks very dated in the front and tail. The 6g in white/black colour scheme still looks modern to me, though it is a little porky with the side rads and flared tail for the underseat exhaust. Mine turns 20 in December this year.
  13. Its a great question and I will try the various rust removal techniques... this appears to be the original tank, it has yellow paint underneath the orange. Would be great to save it; visually its ok with no real dents or outside rust
  14. A little background, then lots of pics! August 22 2012 I purchased my 2002 VFR800... I've been on VFRD for the duration of this time and its been a tremendous resource. BUT you folks have turned me into one of yourselves... and for a few years now I've had real interest in a 5th gen. [GDC~!] Same old story; everyone lists their bikes at ridiculously high prices, and add in a smaller market like Nova Scotia... they don't come up often in a condition and price range I'd want. There was a 99 VFR800 which met the criteria about a year ago... I was 2nd to the party and didn't get it. Emailing with the previous owner I understood he let it go cheap, for a quick sale - damn! It was resold at an inflated price months later, no surprise. In the meantime I moved to a house with a garage. The hunt has been on for a winter project... I've done a lot of work on my 02 and the increased confidence (and quantity of tools) makes me want to try a full rebuild. Budget was <$1000 to buy it. I've been watching and open-minded... put feelers out on a ninja 250... a klr650... no go, still watching. Then 3 days ago that 99 VFR got reposted. When I emailed with the PO last year, he said there was work needing to be done. I didn't get the sale so we hadn't discussed any further. Fast forward to 3 days ago; bike is now listed for less, and has a write-up indicating that the fuel tank rusted out and the bike wont run due to debris. Turns out the bike only ran for 2wks (110km) when the most recent purchaser got it. He just wanted to get rid of it... we emailed and chatted... I rode over to take a look. $900 and 3 hours later he's taking it out of his truck in my driveway. Was it fate? I did NOT expect a VFR to be my <$1000 project, and I couldn't be happier! So we have a 1999 VFR800. Not quite 47000km. Original colour was yellow. Non-running currently. New battery. Ancient scary tires. No exhaust can. Cheapy ebay REPSOL fairings with paint runs under the clear & decals... good from 10ft [they will attach better than in pics; mount points on bike are tweaked, and there are only a few bolts currently holding all the plastics on... yikes]. Bike lived outdoors for a couple years per the PO, and parts are weathered. Shout-out to my wife for agreeing and not being angry. I can't believe she was cool with it... she's a keeper. The plan: I don't know! The goal of the 'winter project' was to refurbish a bike I wanted to ride on a low budget, ride it next summer, and sell it the following spring unless its a keeper. [I still don't know if I'm allowed to KEEP multiple bikes]. The first step is to get it running... once riding season is over, I will take my 6g tank and hook it to the 5g and see where we are at unless I can de-rust or replace* the current one by then. In the meantime, fairings are off, and I'll be digging in looking for anything else which needs repair. *Anyone selling a 5g or 6g tank & internals cheap? 😀 Looking forward to some quality garage time over the next year! I'll keep this thread updated with progress.
  15. Agree with Cogswell, no flies on you... had that engine stripped to find the problem in no time... now the replacement almost back in... impressive! Hope it all works out well for you, its a beauty of an 8g you have there. Glad you are saving it!
  16. I had the same challenge on my 02... and i tried to force it, and ultimately thats never a good idea and I did some damage to one of the seals on the slave piston. That forced me to pull the slave, clean and rebuild, and bleed the clutch again. Absolutely perfect since. The reality was I hadn't been into a slave cylinder before and so was not super interested in opening it as option one... but it was so quick and easy, and I cleaned what i expect was ~20 years of old fluid gunk... totally worth the investment of time. Also took apart the master at the time, measured the internals, replaced seals, and bobs your uncle... (it was last summer, and with COVID of course there was a backorder of OEM slave seals so the bike had downtime... aka tinkering time)
  17. The best colour scheme! Great choice 😀
  18. LOL Grum beat me to it... can't wait to see the engine swap to get that in a VFR! Only q is what gen it fits best in... based on the dimensions, I'm thinking air cooled
  19. Very interesting... cold changes it is!
  20. One of my coworkers bought the first 2010 released in Canada, pre ordered and paid for. Waited a year for it. Was so excited - at less than 10k km, engine grenaded. I don't remember exactly but bearings were involved. Honda refused to cover it, he literally parted the bike and lost the better part of $20k Canadian. Its the main reason I haven't tried to buy one - way way more examples that have no issues than do have the engine issue, but your experience is super unfortunate and one I'd rather avoid. I believe the problem was more common across the pond... may have been a Honda recall? Swarf left in the engine at manufacturing
  21. Di electric grease yes
  22. Didn't take any further pictures. Did my best at the lineman splice. Im not experienced at soldering but it all was secure. Heat shrink and tape. Taped all 3 wire runs securely together and double checked all wiring routing for battery area. I also verified how the Corbin seat was fitting to check for pressure on the relay, ie if th.at mashed those two wires together Checked the relay operation first as grum suggested, perfect. everything checked out fine. Starting perfectly on first try each time. All switches ie start kills are working properly again. Everything is back together and all systems go. Thanks so much to Grum and Shipfixer and everyone else who assisted!
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