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  1. TT, Could you help me choose the right hardness from this table? Rubber hardness and applications Hardness Application 30 Shore A Art gum erasers 35 Shore A Rubber bands 40 Shore A Can tester pads 50 Shore A Rubber stamps 55 Shore A Pencil erasers
  2. Hi Everybody, I just purchased a 2007 RWB Interceptor with the factory bags and mounting kit. I learned only after trailering the bike home that I am missing key parts of the kit, including the spacers. I've downloaded the 3D print file from VFRD and I am researching where to have the spacers printed. Questions: 1. One company has asked for an approximate durometer spec for the OEM spacers to help them recommend a material. I certainly don't expect anyone can give me a durometer reading but perhaps some of you can describe how soft/hard/stiff/flexible the OEM spacers are?
  3. After almost ten years w/o a (running) VFR, I am back on the road with a beautiful 2007 RWB Interceptor. In the intervening years I mostly rode a 1998 Honda SuperHawk (soon up for sale). After 500 miles I'm already more comfortable on the Interceptor than I ever was the SuperHawk. I live in North Carolina and love riding in the mountains of NC/VA/WVA and GA. Happy to be part of this community!
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