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  1. Kel

    Great Bay

    Your R is beautiful in it's own way...like..."I'm going to jump on this thing and ride to California and back" kind of way. Oh wait...you did just that. I'm the one who's envious.
  2. Kel

    Great Bay

    Kind words Lorne and yes, this place oozes talent.
  3. Kel

    Great Bay

    Sadly...the New England foliage is now on the ground awaiting a covering of snow.
  4. Man, step away from VFRD for awhile and this is going on. Late to the party but nicely done Seb! Haven't been over to CustomStreetFighters lately either where I'm sure you had a thread.
  5. Kel


    This guy knows how to put miles on a bike. Nice shot Michael.
  6. Whew...guess I hit the Lottery...my dream v4 is already in the garage.
  7. That bike looked so nice. Subtle touches made for a one of a kind.
  8. Welcome to the single nut club, looks like it's about to add more members.
  9. Kel

    spencer RC30

    I saw Freddie ride that bike at Loudon. He came in complaining of a sore wrist so didn't finish. It was the beginning of the end if you don't count his last GP races on a Yamaha.
  10. Kel

    IMG 5543

    That looks so nice. Lucky boy.
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