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  1. Hi All, I've just about managed to get my little replica project together and finished (well sort of finished, is a project ever finished), i thought I would post some completed photos and give a little run down of whats what. Just a little info about the bike, Honda VF750F RC15 modified frame and swinging arm using a YSS shock, CBR600 wheels front and rear, Honda VFR750 RC24 engine with hand made exhausts, front cylinders under the bike and the rears out of the seat, VF1000R fork lowers and yokes with VTR1000F (Firestorm) uppers and internals with race springs and internal modification. Altered VF750 fuel tank, altered VFR750 wiring loom.
  2. The fork lowers and the top yoke have been painted
  3. I've tried to replicate the HRC magnesium chromate colour, I've had the top yoke done in the same colour.
  4. Does that look better, a bit more HRC? Or do you like the VFR forks that it came back from the painters with?
  5. Thanks guys for all your positive , I'll try and post more photo's when there are any changes
  6. I thought holding the brake calipers on with tyraps (cable ties) would be the way forward for quick removal 😜, don't worry I'll post some photos when the correct forks are refitted, the guy that painted the bike has painted the VF1000R fork lowers, I have rebuilt them and am just waiting to get them fitted, but that means removing that lovely body work and I just can't stop looking at it.
  7. I've got it out of the van this morning, there are still some jobs to do, like change the forks, install the screen and then set it up but here goes with a few photos, please play nice!
  8. I've been looking and the screen came from Skidmarks in the Uk think it was £50 if my memory serves me correct (but I'm old so don't count on it)
  9. The screen is a XR69 one, can't remember where I got it from but I'll look into it and get back to you
  10. Look what's in the back of my van I'll get some better photos when its outside
  11. Just a little update, I've managed to get the bike back into one piece and it's off at the painters, it's been there two weeks so shouldn't be that much longer before it's back, then I've got to rebuild the VF1000r/VTR1000 forks and re-install then and them get it on a dyno to set it up with the exhaust and no airbox setup. I'll get a few photo's on here as soon as I get it back!
  12. Not much left of my project now, the frame, wheels etc are at the powder coasters, various other bits are being aqua blasted, should be collecting them all on Saturday and then start the final build.
  13. What could be better, just fitted the screen while listening to the TT practice on Manx radio. Thought you should have a few photos. Screen fitted but will need a little trim A photo with the seat off, you can see the rear exhaust and the new catch tank. The last one is a riders eye view
  14. Hi Everyone, I've not managed to get into the garage for a few weeks (family issues), I have managed to get some spanner time this bank holiday weekend, again I've been on with all the little jobs piping up the engine breather into the catch tank, making the battery securing strap and brackets. but the main item I've been on with is altering the seat unit where it joins the tank, I'm trying to make a pattern and then cutting the seat up so I can get it remade, it;s hard to cut up a new seat though. I have put off the painting until I get the seat done. ( I have to go over to the painter to collect my DT175MX tank back after being repaired). I'm still waiting for the screen to arrive but hopefully it will be with me this week and I will get on with fitting it, while I'm waiting for the seat I might strip the bike and get the frame powder coated and then build it before it goes to paint. I'll try and get some photos posted just to prove I not stalled with this project.
  15. Just a little update, I've been busy with all the little things alterting a bike needs, ie the oil breather catch tank, alter the steering lock to reduce the amount of travel, trying to sort the screen, making the rear engine mount etc etc all little bit that take loads of time. I've sorted the guy who is going to paint it for me it should be with him in about a month so that's a big step, as soon as I get it back from him I'll get it apart for powder coating and then start its final build. At the moment work and family are getting in the way but that's life.
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