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  1. trooper1999

    Multiple Bike Disorder (MBD)

    I've just stumbled across this thread, It just goes to show I'm not alone, I have it bad but not as bad as others, I ONLY have 3 in the garage, 2 more hiding at work In my garage is only 1 Honda a RS850r replica (work in progress), 2 Yamaha's 1980 DT175MX & 1988 FZ750 At work 2 other 1988 FZ750's Oh I forgot I have another FZ750 well part of one at my Mum's, covered over at the back of he garage
  2. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Not managing to get much done this week but have a look at what a proper fuel tap looks like, this array of pipe work has been removed from the VF750 fuel tank
  3. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    So you think I've got the right sort of look then? A few other bit I've been on with:- Battery box made and mounted on left hand side of engine, remounted starter solenoid along side battery box. A pair of ruff fairing side mounting brackets along with finished top fairing bracket. Fitted VTR1000 fork stantions and internals to VF1000r bottom legs. Vents cut out into seat unit and started to prime and fill any little imperfections. Cut up the standard VFR airbox to use the mesh part at the base. I'll try and get some more photo's over the next few weeks Next job to get the fuel pump mounted and wiring alterations finished. IS it 2019 already?
  4. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Hi All, Today's been a good day, had a phone call to pop a couple of towns away to collect a interesting part from a metalworking GOD, just got home and co uldn't wait to trail fit it, He has cut and welded the VF750 tank removing the mass of pipework that is the standard fuel tap and filled the hole, he then cut off the original filler cap and made a twin filler setup, I got two alloy filler caps (from a Kawasaki I think) for the endurance look, he also fitted a VFR400R tank breather,.What do you all think?
  5. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    The body work is a copy of the original RS850 parts, I managed to get a set from a guy who has 2 RS's and have had a set of moulds made so I'm now the owner of a correct set of body work, all I have to do is get them to fit better. I have done the seat and opened out the hole for the rear silencer so that's done, been trying to get the fairing to fit this morning, but it's been on and off, cut a little, refit, and then start it all again, it must have been on and off about 10 times today, trying to get it in the correct position before I make the mounting brackets, oh the joys of making a bike.
  6. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Sorry guys been a while but I've just collected a few new bits, starting to fit but here's a couple of picks of the first fitting
  7. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    I've been busy today I've made some oil cooler take off adaptors and am fitting a cooler
  8. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Just a little update, Friday was my day off so had a couple of hours on the RS, after a few false starts ( sorting oil leaks out that the engine didn't have last time it ran) & with a home made fuel tank we had some life, it ran for a while but I couldn't run it too long as I didn't have the radiators fitted, just got them back today from having the mounting brackets altered so just a test fitting. I have been on with altering the wiring loom mounting ECU fuse box, starter solenoid and trying to find where to put the battery etc. just a few photo's Honda 125 ? clocks with RC24 internals, CBR switch gear. VFR400 (NC30) radiators with mounting brackets altered, one of the next jobs is the oil cooler, either re mount the standard or sort new one, it should look like this though.
  9. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Hi all, I think I need help! with the bike not my mental health😀 this I think applies to all the RC24 owners does the fuel pump run all the time when the ignition key is turned on, mine seems a bit intermittent it runs some times and not others when the engine is not running, I've not had a lot of experience with these bikes so am learning on the fly, but my FZ750 pump runs for a few moments and then cuts out until the engine starts. So I'm not sure if I've got a faulty pump or it's normal.
  10. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Hi VFROZ, Sorry but I'm not sure of the make, I bought it last year at Stafford Classic bike show for £10.00, I think it's a copy of may be Brembo, I just liked the look of it.
  11. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Sorry all, I've not had much chance to get on line for a few weeks, but I've been pottering with the bike! Started with the fairing bracket/clock mount, managed to get hold of a set of 125 Honda clocks (not sure what from but they look right), so I've swapped the VFR internals for the 125 ones so all should work OK, New caliper brackets made and fitted along with hoses and front brakes bled. Been on with the wiring alterations and sorting out where and how to mount various bits, ie ECU, fuel pump, starter solenoid etc, trying to cut out all the redundant wiring from the loom. I've made some good progress with a RS850 fairing hopefully should have a answer on it by the end of May (not easy dealing with somebody who doesn't speak great English). I'll try and get some up to date photo's posted soon.
  12. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Finally managed to get a little work done on the RS today, made a ruff cut out for the lower silencer bracket, seat mount made just got to make a couple of lugs for the front of the seat. Started on the rear caliper torque arm (more parts ordered). I've attached a couple of photos with and without the seat fitted.
  13. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    I think I'm starting to make some progress with the exhaust, I've had a good afternoon. the upper one just needs some spring hooks welding on and the lower needs the left header altering and then on to the silencers. A little look at the new shock with the exhaust wrapped round it
  14. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    How have you found the YSS shock, I've not had much dealings with them, but they have good reports.
  15. trooper1999

    RS850 Replica

    Shiny bit arrived today

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