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  1. VF1000RS

    Practical Sportsbikes

    My bikes in the magazine.
  2. Actually I believe that's Dave Dodges Sabre racebike.
  3. VF1000RS

    IMG 4992

    Looks like NC30. Thanks Kel.
  4. Great stuff. Wiring harness(along with everything else) is very cool you made yourself.
  5. VF1000RS

    IMG 4991

    Yes! Details!
  6. VF1000RS

    IMG 4992

    What are the radiators? RC30? NC30?
  7. All points returned to license. Resuming previous activity...

  8. VF1000RS


    Wow, I can't believe that was over 4 years ago. Was working on the Big F then. Finished it. Sold the stock R. Still have the Mutant of course. If i couldnt sleep I'd come down in the middle of the night and stare sometimes to work out how I was going to do something. Thanks!
  9. VF1000RS

    VFRÖ HögerBak

    Gotta love an R.
  10. VF1000RS

    Tail (9)

    Probably the prettiest VFR.
  11. Too many tickets and not enough points. Almost too scared to ride.

  12. VF1000RS

    IMG 0175

    Think I`ll take a drive up there shortly.
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