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  1. BluRoad

    Need suggestions for price on 87 VFR750

    The fairing: seems to be missing the center mounting screw hole (in the turn signal area), also the side fairing aero openings "seem" to be more rounded (but hard to tell in the photo), which is indicative of a replacement fairing, either Crites (fiberglass) or Airtech (ABS?). You'll determine originality by seeing if there's duct mounting fittings and sound deadening on the backside. Also, because the chin point isn't fastened, there may not be clip brackets in place, also indicative of aftermarket fairings. Non-original fairings are a major minus. The OEM fairings are ABS. The headlight fairing is suspect because the headlight isn't fitting properly. The windscreen also looks non-original. You'll want to inquire about the fairing infill panels which fit between the fuel tank and side fairings, right & left. These are getting very difficult to source. They will be blue on this '87 700 F2. as will the "square" instruments. Test that the engine is free by selecting a higher gear and rolling the back tire forward. I don't know what you want this bike to be for you, but that will determine what you're priorities are. Remember, a cheap vintage vehicle can be the most expensive route to a nice one.
  2. BluRoad

    Need suggestions for price on 87 VFR750

    This bike has no estimated value. It's worth whatever the seller can get someone to pay. The reason is that there's too many unknowns. You mention 50K miles. That would be a deal-killer for me because there's too many other 2d-gens out there with 20-30K miles. Some other considerations; those original mufflers are hard to find in excellent condition, so their condition is an important factor, the headlight and side fairings don't appear to be original; if they're not Honda parts, that's a major minus. That extra mirror is weird. Look at the side engine covers (clutch and alternator) for accident evidence but that's quite common to find after so many years. There's no seat cowl pictured; hard to find. The chin fairing clips are not in place; hard to find. I assume everything needs going through on projects that I find, so that's a given...brakes, carbs, valve adj., electrical, etc. Gas tank interiors can often be saved, but not always. On a bike like this, I assume there's a 50/50 chance that it will end up being a parts bike and go from there. BTW, if the engine doesn't turn over, run away, it's not worth it. The seat cowl and center stand were dealer options. Just my $.02. Nice old Hondas, there! Joe in IL V4 Dreams (.com) ...and here's some inspiration:
  3. Oh my. That's gorgeous! Is there a photo album somewhere? JOE V4 Dreams (.com)
  4. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    This is the best I've got. It was on an older project. Joe
  5. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    ..another shot.'
  6. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    ...and they can also be mounted to the original signal brackets.
  7. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    Amber signals are mounted. These turned out to be really cheap-o lights (surprise!). They don't come with mounting grommets or screws, they're not faithful reproductions. But the worst thing is they are supplied with those little Chinese bulbs that you can't replace in the U.S. I'll keep looking for the better LED ones with amber lens.
  8. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    Just search "VFR400 turn signals." I'll post one link below, but lots of sellers. Update: I just received my amber signals — they were cheap ($9.99) but did not include the rubber grommets or mounting screws, so be careful which you order. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Turn-Signal-Blinker-Indicators-orange-LED-Light-For-HONDA-VFR400-NC30-1989-1993/231643520095?hash=item35ef079c5f:g:ylkAAOxyXDhShI5i
  9. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    The stand is just a generic swingarm-style rear stand, no spools. It happens to be a Lockhart Phillips, I also use a T-Rex. Both are adjustable for width and work fine for the VFRs. They make contact just forward of the rear axle. BTW, you can also use a floor jack placed under the center stand mounts, but you'll want to have the front end secured (held down) in some way.
  10. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    In this case they just mount up through the hole provided in the simple fender eliminator. I enlarge the hole slightly and fit the signals' rubber grommet, then mount with the provided screw. I think I have to shorten the screw a bit or fit a shorter bolt. They will also mount up to the stock signal bracket. Here's some shots from a prior project.
  11. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    Yes, re-pop turn signals off eBay. I've just ordered a set with amber lenses; I think they better fit the look of the classic VFR.
  12. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    The handlebars are on the wrong side! 🤒
  13. BluRoad

    My Latest Project Is Complete - '86 VFR750F

    Next up: An '86 VFR700, 18K miles, with a complete pearl white repaint. At the painter's now!
  14. I've finished Project 13. A R/W/B classic with several personal touches. My web post: http://v4dreams.com/shop-blog/completed-project-13 JOE in IL V4 Dreams (.com)
  15. BluRoad

    V4Dreams (.com)


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