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  1. I sure did. Looks much mo' better your way:
  2. I.D. This Reg/Rectifier?

    Thanks. (why didn't I think of that )
  3. I.D. This Ignition Switch?

    I have this Honda ignition switch in my stash and would like to offer it on fleabay but I don't actually know its application. I do know it's not for an '86-87 VFR. No part number on it. Anyone recognize it? Anyone need it? Thanks, JOE in IL
  4. I.D. This Reg/Rectifier?

    I got this R/R on a project bike some time ago. Does anyone recognize it as a specific aftermarket or possibly from another model? It was mounted and functioning on an '86 VFR and the wires are correct with the addition of a separate green wire (most likely ground). Anyone? Thanks, Joe in IL
  5. A heads up for you 800 guys, I came across this C-list ad for a conversion kit said to have been mounted on an '05 VFR800. Located near Milwaukee, WI. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/mpo/d/handlebars-from-honda/6475912920.html
  6. 1986 VFR 750 Fork Oil

    It's not black-ish.....yet. But it will be unique. I'll post it up in about a month. In the meantime, there's an occasional teaser on the blog. http://v4dreams.com/shop-blog.html JOE in IL
  7. 1986 VFR 750 Fork Oil

    I've always used ATF or 10w. No discernible difference, to me at least. Progressive have their own spacers and oil height measurement. I always add 10mm and forget about the air adjustment. By "add" I mean more oil. Our forks aren't sophisticated enough to care much about details ;-) Thanks for the picture of your black RC24. I'm currently putting together a black-ish build myself. White wheels, of course. JOE in IL V4 Dreams (.com)
  8. V4Dreams (.com)

  9. project 86 750

    Sweeet. Nice job on the sync. Those are the worst carb bowls I've ever seen, and I've seen a few. Nice work. JOE in IL V4 Dreams (.com)
  10. New here

    Saved from a certain slow death. Nice job. JOE in IL
  11. project 86 750

    Looks like just about every one I've ever gotten. The taped up rear turn signal in the video is classic. Have fun!! JOE in IL V4Dreams.com
  12. 87 vfr 700 questions.

    BTW, the front spark plugs and, of course, valve adjustment, is much easier with the radiator removed, which is not difficult. The 40K miles is generally not an issue, but, as always, it depends on what kind of life the bike led. Where are you in Illinois? Joe in IL
  13. Thanks, JZH. Definitely not OEM. If anyone has an OEM set I would appreciate the measurements hole-to-hole. That would allow me to determine if they're lowered.
  14. Yes, the shock is a 929 conversion from Jamie D.

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