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  1. Float bowl gaskets and other carb parts: http://v4dreams.com/products.html
  2. +1 on Symtec, aka Heat Demons. I've used them on many bikes for many years. I install using a switched relay. If you'd like primer on how I do it, including the switch location, visit my Maintenance page, scroll down to #30 and #31. Joe in IL http://v4dreams.com/maintenance.html
  3. Oh my. That's gorgeous! Is there a photo album somewhere? JOE V4 Dreams (.com)
  4. BluRoad

    2005 VFR800

    Cool, thanks. I've always thought the pearl white looks good on the 6th-gen. Joe V4 Dreams (.com)
  5. I love this. Hope you don't mind... I posted it on my site: http://v4dreams.com/the-shop-blog.html Cheers, Joe in IL
  6. BluRoad

    IMG 1004

    Where does one get one of these magic devices? JOE in IL
  7. BluRoad

    Joe's '86

    An '86 VFR750F, 11,000 miles, all original, runs as good as it looks.
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