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  1. On my 5th gen there was a metal bar in the fuel tank and I'm sure the manual said to fill to this bar(while on side stand). Now we have a vtec and there is no bar, so can I fill it to the top of the tank? Or is something missing? What would happen if I filled my 5th to the brim?
  2. With the ignition on not running this felt warm to touch. So every wire should be together? Could I use electric wire from a household appliance to ground? Time to practise my soldering skills tonight!
  3. I think I found two of these last time. I'll have a look and hope things correct!
  4. Noticed it flickering yesterday before I pulled away but it went out so thought nothing. This morning I start and ride down the road and put my headlights on and the bike stalls. FI is constant no flashing. Bike has power but it seems voltage drops and kills the engine. Using either brake the light comes on dim. Brake and headlight result in engine stall. Fi LIGHT turns off during pre-ignition and bike is fine without headlight. I installed a new RR after I heard a bee like buzz from the front. What should I start checking. I have a volt meter and grounds seemed fine a few months ago. Could it be a relay? How can I check those? Thanks for any help. This forum is invaluable for those of us with older bikes.
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