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  1. Engine Mounts And Vibration

    Now...after a year I had a chance to replace the clutch basket. with keeping my inner parts in it. The mechanic said, it is now almost like an S4 engine, however the new basket is also a used one. He couldn't find anything else, however checked the valve system, the chain and tensioner, and cleaned the injectors too. Next he remounted my clutch basket and that rattling vibration from 4000RPM was coming again. So I might need a new basket? By the way, a second symptom, the mechanic checked the tempr. of the exhaust ports with camera during the possible root cause detection. He found the rear cylinders are running on 270C while, the front 180C. Does any of us have experience with it????? Is it normal difference? After valve clearance check and injector cleaning the tempr. difference was still there. Then he mixed the spark plugs and then the other electric components. This tempr. difference is now slightly less, but still exists.... and it is not due to the wind speed. (The coolant was changed two years ago according to the manual, the thermostat and the radiators works well. 80-95C on roads. The fan starts at 102C and cools down till 96C. Fuel consumption 5-5.5L/100km.)
  2. Engine Mounts And Vibration

    Did any of us finally find the root cause and could eliminate the vibration??? Unfortunately my 6.gen's vibration manner did not change so far. However I managed to find and ask the best expert of these v4s in the local VFR club. He checked the bike in the service and made a short test ride speeding on the local road. But he found it OK. He said: could dismount the engine and verify all the components with high effort, and change the complete sealing set. But hardly can imagine if finding any trouble.... But I still feel, mainly on the main roads or on the highway, I would say: when sitting on a 240kg electric shaver! High freq. vibration comes from engine, frame, bars, pedals and seat when cursing at 5000RPM or higher:( I try to get another bike for a comparison test run, and his rider has to check both bikes. I have no idea, and I am sad.It is a common issue, or I feel it too dangerous. Last weekend I made a test run on the highway. 80km at 7-8k RPM in - 4. gear. I also added Liqui Moli injector cleaner for this ride, but no improvement till now. ..might come later? The vibration was rather serious all the way, made me thinking about safety. I can't imagine if Honda did accept is for serial. In chopper/touring mode, of for a short dynamic run its hard to find but it is an issue when speeding in touring sport mode. (my tyres, chain set, oil are renewed but did not help)
  3. Engine Mounts And Vibration

    Now I checked it again. My 6th gen. bike makes a high freq. vibration from 4000rpm and higher. The feeling is not good and stronger on higher rpm. Not only the bars but the seat also does it. My passenger complained, he felt vibration also from the foot pegs. When the vetec switched at 6700rmp, the vibration became even worse. I checked the most of the bolts are tight. The tires ate ok and rebalanced. Honda shop checked the Error codes-nothing. Air systems, filters and spark plugs are ok. I found it at open and closed clutch. But somehow related to the actual engine load and acceleration dynamic. Might be the clutch plates or the bearing????
  4. The Three Amigos

    Golden era:) The left one, should have been their patent for 25 years! Now I could buy a new one...
  5. CAD-VFR

  6. Engine Mounts And Vibration

    I have the same issue. From 4000RPM it is comming. Above 7000RPM still active. All of us would be happy solving it. I have recently asked some Honda mechanics: it is V4, it is uneven, or they don't know...I would like to eliminate this vibration. Not that bad, like on the RSV Mille, but my right hand is off, after 60km, specially on highway.

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