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  1. I suspect its the original chain. anyone know of any way to confirm that? did the oems have any part marking stamped into em? DSS just got back to me telling they can't get the spring washer, seems like I'll have more than enough time to take care of the chain/sprockets. Wondering if anyone here would be willing to get some measurements off of their washer, thinking I may be able to find something similar on McMaster..
  2. Yeah, that's one downside of living in a beach town. Fortunately I have a garage to store the bike which helps a bit, but the roof on my '08 taco parked in the driveway is deteriorating quickly. 42k...chain and sprockets look OK but figured since I am already in here it'd be a good opportunity. though "if it aint broke..."
  3. thanks for the tip JZH! placed an order through DSS, hopefully it won't take too long. I was able to successfully remove the insert, finally got that rear up on the stand. looking at the front sprocket, I didn't notice any damage in the area nor on the cover, so I think I may be good there. I did discover that at some point the slave gasket was replaced with RTV, so ordered a replacement. Now debating whether or not I should replace chain+sprockets while I am at it, but not overly excited about having to cut the OEM masterlink-less chain off
  4. Looks like 195 Nm per the service manual. I know the nut was staked as I recall seeing the deformation, but guessing it wasn't staked well enough. fortunately I work in aviation and have access to plenty of safety wire, will most likely be making that mod to prevent this from happening again.
  5. all valid questions. my suspicion is the insert is for a wheel stand rather than any kind of structural support. the insert is about 3-4" in length, so it does not protrude through the center of the axle. going to try tapping it out, if that doesnt work the torch comes out. if that still doesnt work, then i'll need to find a way to lift the rear without a center stand then remove/rework or replace. supposedly PO took the bike to a reputable shop in the bay area, however it fell victim to the pandemic so unfortunately I have no way of knowing service history. Looking into getting all of the parts for the rear, I'm having difficulty locating the spring washer that goes between the axle nut and the cush hub, Honda PN 90501-MN8-000. (item 24 in the fiche https://www.hondapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/hon/506ca734f870023420a3fbf0/rear-wheel ), anyone have any leads? I am indeed considering buying a full swingarm with the rear assembly as it may be faster/cheaper than trying to piece meal this thing back together. I need to get back on this bike asap, my commute suffers greatly without it and now i get sad when Im sitting in traffic while watching fellow riders zip on by..if i didnt have a bad history of letting projects sit for years I'd probably pick up an '01 yellow 800 in the meantime 🏍️
  6. Took a closer look last night and it looks like it might actually be a plug/sleeve. Any recommendations on best practice to remove it? I sprayed some penetrant from the wheel side in there, hoping to tap it out with a socket on an extension and a deadblow
  7. Thanks for confirming my suspicions! Any idea of what this axle may have come off of?
  8. thanks for the love yall! the nut was indeed staked, but maybe not properly. I haven't serviced the rear end at all in the 2 years I've owned this bike, so it's possible the PO took it to a less than reputable shop (or performed the work themselves). And yes Captain, the tire needs to be replaced but the angle of the shot makes it look worse. Though this brings me to my next question - does that axle look stock? I have a sneaking suspicion it's not original and was taken off an older model. Reason I say this is because the pitbull rear stand I purchased came with a pin that did not fit. I confirmed with pitbull customer service that the pin I received is the correct size for my bike. Now looking at some of the other pictures in this thread, it appears that the ID of my axle is smaller..
  9. As the title suggests, the rear hub departed the rear axle as I was riding yesterday. Luckily, I was getting off the freeway at low speed when it happened, otherwise could have been much worse. I have no idea how, but the rear axle nut must have come loose and fell off, allowing the hub to come off as well. Any insights on how this may have happened and what I can do to prevent this from happening again would be greatly appreciated!
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