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  1. thanks for the love yall! the nut was indeed staked, but maybe not properly. I haven't serviced the rear end at all in the 2 years I've owned this bike, so it's possible the PO took it to a less than reputable shop (or performed the work themselves). And yes Captain, the tire needs to be replaced but the angle of the shot makes it look worse. Though this brings me to my next question - does that axle look stock? I have a sneaking suspicion it's not original and was taken off an older model. Reason I say this is because the pitbull rear stand I purchased came with a pin that did not fit. I confirmed with pitbull customer service that the pin I received is the correct size for my bike. Now looking at some of the other pictures in this thread, it appears that the ID of my axle is smaller..
  2. As the title suggests, the rear hub departed the rear axle as I was riding yesterday. Luckily, I was getting off the freeway at low speed when it happened, otherwise could have been much worse. I have no idea how, but the rear axle nut must have come loose and fell off, allowing the hub to come off as well. Any insights on how this may have happened and what I can do to prevent this from happening again would be greatly appreciated!
  3. sorry to hear about your accident! are you parting out or looking to sell as a whole?
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