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  1. My two old scooters. Can't believe I'll never ride again.
  2. Howdy y'all, forgive me for being absent for the last decade or so, but the time has come to admit defeat to injuries sustained in an accident with a dingy broad that just had to send a text message. My trusty '92 has been sitting in a corner of my shop completely neglected. Kerker full exhaust, custom shock with hydraulic preload adjuster, Givi rack, helibars, and an assload of spares. She needs to find a good home. It breaks my heart. Because of my injuries, I'll never ride again. Admitting this sucks.
  3. shrek


    I only wish Honda offered that paint job. Really great!
  4. shrek

    bionic viffer

    reborn after crash
  5. Top man! :fing02: that could work well. Any chance you could have a measure up on your TLR? :cool: Afraid not, I won't see my Tiller until Christmas time. I will ask someone on the TL forum to check. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.
  6. I think radiators from a TL1000R may be just the ticket for you. It is a 2 piece unit which is designed for the upper to be tucked into the void between the forward bank of cylinders and the steering head, while the lower sits below the forward valve cover and angles aft. the two units bolt together. Might be just the packaging solution you're seeking. upper radiator lower radiator
  7. sucks for the bike, but glad you made it ok.
  8. Truly amazing scenery, certainly worth the price of the ticket.
  9. I didn't know that motorcycles needed wedding dresses :laugh:
  10. +1 on their trimetal sprockets. I have them on my TL1000R. I've found them to be very good over the last 8k miles or so, and they are a very good company to biz with. I'm not sure that I would use this new product though, there seem to be too many warranty exclusiions and exceptions to cover me, for example, only stock gearing is covered...I'm out...on all my bikes. Go for their trimetal sprockets. same money and great product. when the steel outer wears out, send it back to them for rebuilding at half the cost.
  11. That is just fantastic. I've been following this thread since the beginning and I can't tell you how impressed I am with your design, vision, and perseverance. Bravo!
  12. IIRC, shorter dogbones/linkage = higher ride height. On the 3rd gen I believe that it's a 3:1. e.g the Thurn linkage for my 3rd gen that I have is 11mm shorter than the standard link which equates to a 33mm increase in ride height. I'm very curious to see what your computer spits out.
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