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  1. Negative... I had stock fairing intakes feeding my home made 47mm horns...
  2. RC45's stock intake horns are there for homologation purposes only and do not directly feed into the airbox only the HRC intakes feed ram air into the airbox...
  3. You're welcome... I've learned the hard way that bigger is not always better... My friend Stephen called long distance from England because he just installed a $900.00 HRC air box on his RC45 and saw 120HP on the dyno... mmmmm... together we wondered about modifying a stock box??? We found that stock RC45 throttle bodies are 46mm but the air box was restricted to 40mm... no problem... I'll bore the air box out to 47mm on the milling machine... I drew up plans for 47mm bell mouth based on the stock 40mm bell mouths and purchased a block of black D
  4. What I learned tuning RC45s is that you can't just open up the back door (HRC exhaust) without a corresponding opening up of the front door (HRC airbox) and pump (HRC engine parts) and expect to enjoy the same wide stock power band... My experience with running the 38mm HRC is that the exhaust pipe diameter is critical on the stock engine... My HRC exhaust was 6 lb lighter but it was on for only a week because it effectively killed the meaty powerband... in fact the original 35mm stock pipes dents and all makes the best over all power because the tube diameter is smal
  5. Hiya Brian... its 1" wide 1/16 thick titanium wrap... https://auto-express.co/products/heat-wrap-titanium-exhaust-1-x-50-roll-header?variant=22856338571349&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&cmp_id=2015834781&adg_id=71889771499&kwd=&device=c&gclid=Cj0KCQiA4feBBhC9ARIsABp_nbXydtnZ5NjsBILH_8adgd8PcLbvIMMh5l3DIpNAgZeznDZWjzg2MfcaAuyFEALw_wcB
  6. Whether stock stainless or full race titanium I always wrap my pipes and I also wrap my RC45 customers pipes to curb the heat that radiates from combustion... [ The amount of corrosion is limited to slight graying of the titanium surface... buffed with grey micro 3M pad the luster of the metal returns...
  7. Jelly is jam with a whole lot of shaking going on like Elvis...
  8. My wife (Bank of Mary / War Dept.} is wise too... New bike is chiefly a product of growing tired of the old bike instead of replacing a worn out bike... Two Wheel Ordeal https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8728/17257358129_ed08516cb1_o.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8784/16821079034_c45d15939c_o.jpg
  9. To handle the rigors of racing Honda's RC45 employs cylinder sleeves made of aluminum power impregnated with Argil alumina and graphite... (note Argil is a composite material of silicon, iron, copper and magnesium) Stock Honda cylinders whether VFR800 or RC45 will meet and exceed our mileage expectations... expect to see over 300K plus miles on 30 grade oil...
  10. The choice is yours, but choosing a 30 grade over a 40/50 grade is smarter because it will: 1)increase 2 to 3 HP at the rear wheel 2)quicken the throttle response coming out of the corners... 3)decrease over all operating temps... 4)increase the oil flow at the critical bearings... Either a 30 / 40 / 50 grade will reach your mileage expectations but only a full synth 30 grade will lower your operating temp because it flows with less drag than a 40 /50 grade... oil drag is real...
  11. Hiya Gezza... If you see *continuous* temps higher than 220ºF (104º) or below 180ºF (82ºC) then trouble shooting is in order: Continuous engine temps above 220ºF or 104ºC is a problem and the proper order of items to trouble shoot are: 1)Faulty radiator cap... system should hold 1.1 pressure ratio... 2)Insufficient coolant... 3)Passages blocked in the radiator, hose or water jacket... 4)Air in the system... 5)Thermostat stuck closed... 6)Faulty temp meter or thermo sensor... 7)Faulty fan... 8)Faulty fan switch... Engine temps below 180ºF
  12. The more you research oil the more you realize any of it will meet or exceed your mile expectations... there is not one oil in the 300,000 mileage club... there are 30 40 50 grade oils... there are synthetic and mineral oils... the only difference is how much HP is wasted on unnecessary oil drag??? Understanding synthetics means more refining to remove less desirable elements from crude until what’s left is mostly higher-performing molecular structures. Waxy stuff had to go because it made oil congeal at winter temperatures. Aromatics had to go because the
  13. Mercy Cogs... there is no good reason to warn against K&N...
  14. I continue to employ a K&N 303 filter on Mr.RC45 and I have used OEM and High Flow with equal satisfaction... Honda OEM...
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