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  1. Mercy Danno... your blowing engines due to insufficient oil pressure from other reasons not because the oil is one grade difference in oil flow... our engines don't operate within a critical narrow margin of 2 to 5 centistokes in oil flow... This reminds me of the Frog analogy... Put 2 legged Frog in pan... heat pan and command jump... Frog jumps 4 feet... Put 1 legged Frog in pan... heat pan and command jump... Frog jumps 2 feet... Put 0 legged Frog in pan... heat pan and command jump... Frog jumps 0 feet because of loss of hearing...
  2. Blackstone Labs test data shows higher viscosity is not as important as riders believe because they don’t find any significant differences in wear, regardless of oil thickness... The Importance of Viscosity? Quote Blackstone Labs The viscosity, or thickness of the oil, is not nearly as important as many people think. Oil retains its nature no matter what thickness it is.Think about this: automakers are continually recommending lighter multi-grade oil in new engines. The reason is increased efficiency. It takes power to pump oil through an engine, and the lighter
  3. According to Newton s Second Law of Motion, also known as the Law of Force and Acceleration, a force upon an object causes it to accelerate according to the formula net force = mass x acceleration. F = ma Simply put "Lift is a reaction force experienced by the airfoil due to its turning of the flow downwards." Krzysztof Fidkowski's video is my favorite for it explains intuitively how a wing works Flow turning and it also debunks the popular theories like... Equal transit time theory Particle Kinetics theory Venturi suck theory
  4. Great video Danno... thanks for posting... Blackstone Labs data concludes wear levels depends on the type of engine and who made it than oil brand... Quote "Well, we’re no closer to saying that one type of oil is better than another, that’s for sure. We see much more variation in wear levels from the type of engine, the time on the oil, the viscosity, the use the engine sees, etc. Whatever differences exist from oil brand to oil brand, we don’t see a lot of difference in terms of wear for most types of engines."
  5. Flow is what really lubricates our engines not pressure... pressure and flow are inverse proportional... you can have pressure at the expense of flow... an increased in flow will show as a decease in temps the oil... an increase in flow works harder to separate the engine parts that are under very high stress... an increase in flow means less internal drag and more HP at the rear wheel... Race teams only run 30 Grades all year because it gives the right flow at racing operating temperature and that would be the viscosity of 10 at operating temps... so that means fo
  6. It's only a guide because the bike was sold world wide and some places didn't have choice of grades... so Honda Engineering tested and approved all the grades to keep your knees in the breeze... now a days with the internet buying it's easier to order Honda's preferred grade of 30... they know running a 30 grade will meet and exceed your mileage expectations because flow is more important than film strength... since 98 I been running 5W30 Mobil 1 year round in the RC45 during 100º + days... were mercy it feels like I'm riding in jet exhaust... We say oil are graded on thickness but
  7. Welcome... Even though an 90º V4 sports perfect primary and second balances they still vibrate to some degree and the one thing to eliminate if you feel more vibrations or hear an odd rattle is a loose exhaust system because it will amplify any of those vibrations to an annoying level... tap the pipes with the palm of your hand to test if any bolts points or connections are loose... also check the foot pegs bolts and anything bolted to the foot pegs...
  8. Great book... I had the pleasure to met Julian Ryder Laguna Seca MotoGp... I got to pitch my pet peeve with his V-Force book in which he states without a source that the problem with the RC45 is quote "the engine being too high and too far back in the frame"... funny T.W.O. magazine states "the problem with the RC45 the engine's weight is too far forward"... Mercy where should the RC45 engine rest anyway??? right where HRC learned it would work better than the RC30... 10mm further forward...
  9. Disassemble the spark cap with a screw driver and note any corrosion at the resistor and spring... unscrew the cap from the plug wire and look for broken wires...
  10. Eventually stops is normal... Turning the wheel by hand is not a worry...
  11. Generally speaking in racing the weight difference between a SS (Single Side) and a DS (Double Side) swingarm is not much at all... the real difference comes with a lighter material... Stock RC45 SS aluminum arm 11.7 lbs HRC RC45 SS aluminum arm 11.0 lbs HRC RC45 SS Magnesium arm 7.5 lbs Ducati MotoGp replica D16RR Double sided aluminum arm 11.9 lbs Ducati MotoGp replica D16RR
  12. We know that our gears can't shift smoothly if our clutch is part way engaged... First visually check for clutch plate travel by opening the oil filler and pear inside and note what degree the plates follow the actuation of the lever... Keeping working on it until you note a quick and abundant spread... Here are the steps how to check and eliminate unwanted clutch drag... 1 Place your bike on the center stand... 2 Start engine and establish a steady idle at 212ºF (operating temp)... 3 Squeeze in the clutch lever and shift into first gear... 4 Conti
  13. Excellent response Patrick... you're the VFRfixer as well as ships... so thanks for pointing to the problem... I saved it all in my VTEC file...
  14. VTEC = Vacillating Torque Engine Compartment... Honda car owners love it but it's a polarizing subject for their bike customers... I think Honda learned that their linear V4 power ban is more popular than their engineered bump in the power band for the sake of mileage... My friend Makota San previous job was Chief Engineer Honda R&D who invented Honda's VTEC... he calls VTEC "his baby" and recalls his boss being super skeptical of the idea working at all... Makota San down on cannery row...
  15. I find that exhaust systems cooperate more if first the engine is warmed up...
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