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  1. BusyLittleShop

    bike sat for 4 months and there was gas in the oil

    Gas in the oil is not a problem... maintenance wise I'd remove the right cover and inspect the one way starter clutch... If you lay the bike on its side you don't have to drain the oil but I'd have a new gasket ready in case the old one tears...
  2. BusyLittleShop

    Raising fork legs in triple clamps of 2nd Gen

    Correct... replacing the 16 with a 17 would increase rake and trail... so does raising the forks in the triples... but lowering the forks would decrease rake and trail to a small degree... if you wish to adjust rake and trial to a large degree add ride height under upper shock mount... name your tire sizes and I'll see if my Tony Foale rake and trail calculator will spit out some numbers...
  3. BusyLittleShop

    Seeking Paint Removal Advice

    Acetone will not damage stock Honda paint on the tank or the fairing but it will remove rattle can paint... test on a spot to verify...
  4. BusyLittleShop


    My parents were dead set against me buying a motorcycle but they were OK with me buying a Honda... Same spot 43 years later...
  5. BusyLittleShop

    Cornering question

    Train your eyes to ride with a steady wide field of vision rather than a short darting field of vision... I concentrate on keeping my field of vision wide... only with wide vision will I see enough space to stay calm and begin make accurate decisions that boost confidence...
  6. BusyLittleShop

    My 399 lb VFR848

    Good job and excellent narrative... you have gone quite a bit beyond the point where most of VFRD would in modifying their ride... A lighter motorcycle will generally perform better due to a superior power to weight ratio and because, all else being equal, a lighter motorcycle will generally handle better than a heavier one. In motorcycle mods, lighter weight is associated with advanced technology, good design, and more expensive and exotic materials, while a motorcycle whose weight is greater than expected can be perceived as lacking these most desirable qualities... I hope you would be interested in doing a weight and balance with a common bath room scale... the numbers could be a bench mark and show Honda their VFR customers are serious about weight loss... .
  7. BusyLittleShop

    Hello from Folsom

    Welcome to the site, I'm just down the road in Antelope...
  8. BusyLittleShop

    MotoGP 2018... (might include spoliers)

    Fat I4s are to blame... its no wonder a narrow V4 collides... JK people... as a 50th year Honda Rider I feel ashamed... riding red doesn't mean seeing red...
  9. BusyLittleShop

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Say hello to my old friend Mike Norman...
  10. BusyLittleShop

    Cold engine problems

    Your welcome to use it but the word "jerky" is a negative term to the Honda engineers who labored long and hard and spent millions of yen to give us what we have grown to love namely instantaneous FI throttle response... they will tell you that its up to the rider to work on their technique... Makota san... HRC engineer and father of the VTEC VFR...
  11. BusyLittleShop

    Larry, you missed your opportunity

    Mercy I sure did miss an opportunity... I thought the world knew to first contact the Busy Little Shop before any RC45 testing at Laguna Seca...
  12. BusyLittleShop

    Cold engine problems

    Negative... VFR Fuel Injection is not jerky... by design all FI bikes are instantaneous which amplifies any lack of smoothness on the riders technique... Fuel Injection is not only sensitive what you do but how you do it to... mechanical tips to help a rider's smoothness are: 1) remove unwanted throttle slack 2) adjust chain slack at the absolute minimum prescribe by Honda...
  13. BusyLittleShop

    Normal Engine Coolant Temp

    If you see *continuous* temps higher than 220ºF or below 180ºF then trouble shooting is in order: Continuous engine temps above 220ºF or 104ºC is a problem and the proper order of items to trouble shoot are: 1)Faulty radiator cap... system should hold 1.1 pressure ratio... 2)Insufficient coolant... 3)Passages blocked in the radiator, hose or water jacket... 4)Air in the system... 5)Thermostat stuck closed... 6)Faulty temp meter or thermo sensor... 7)Faulty fan... 8)Faulty fan switch... Engine temps below 180ºF or 82ºC is an problem... it means that the moisture produced during combustion is not getting hot enough to evaporate out the pipe as steam... instead that moisture will migrate to the oil and produce a milky white contamination... Note normal by products of combustion is water... . Every gallon of gas creates roughly 8 pounds of water vapor... we all have witnessed water escaping out of tail pipes on cold mornings... The sequence of events to trouble shoot are: 1)Faulty temp meter... 2)Thermostat stuck open... 3)Faulty fan switch... (stuck on) On bike Thermostat Check To check if the thermostat is opening start the engine at its lowest temp... open the rad cap... observe at what temp the coolant begins to flow... normally it should flow close to 180F...
  14. BusyLittleShop

    What to bring

    Everything I need for a trip is carried in a modified Chase Harper tank bag... The Chase Harper rest on my home made aluminum tank bag bracket... Tank bag rest upon the bracket and does not in any way touch the expensive $2,500 aluminum tank... Mr.RC45's tank bag contents: 1 Home made aluminum chain adjuster spanner 2 & 3 BMW tire repair kit 4 tape measure 5 fuses 6 pen 7 flashlite 8 razor 9 digital infrared thermometer for tracking tire temps 10 digital air pressure gauge 11 Rolaids (CHP gives me heartburn) 12 Brown Bomber (Advil) 13 home made tool to access tail cowl storage space 14 5mm allen... spare mirror screw... cross point tool... 15 525 master link... 16 Home made collapsible lift to levitate the rear tire in order to lube my stinky chain every tank full of gas... (my belt drive conversion will eliminate this silly stuff...) Total weight 2 pounds 5 oz
  15. BusyLittleShop

    Rear brake use

    On the street I employ both the fronts and the rear In an effort to squat the weight transfer whereas on the track I only concentrate on the fronts... Light weight Ceramic Matrix Composite rotors $2,500 a set Light weight Ceramic Matrix Composite rotor off a Ducati $500 used $1,500 new...

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