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  1. PEG BLOCKS a VFRD exclusive product are designed to keep your knees in the breeze... Peg Blocks are specially designed using billet 6061 T6 aluminum for the VFR800 years (5th Gen 98 to 01) and (6th Gen 02 on 09) and (8th Gen 14 on up)... they will effectively lower Honda's foot peg 1.5 inches (38mm) from the stock position... The price+ USPS flat rate priority shipping are as follows... as soon as I receive Pay Pal payment the shipping starts... my account netters2@comcast.net USA Peg Blocks $85.00 + Priority Shipping $8.30 = $93.30 Canada Peg Blocks $85.00 + Priority Shipping $27.90 = $112.90 Europe Peg Blocks $85.00 + Priority Shipping $38.60 = $123.60 Australia or Denmark $85.00 + Priority Shipping $39.60 = $124.60 What you see is what you get... Peg Block Instructions Print Out Rob's INSTALLATION GUIDE http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php/topic/34097-bls-footpeg-block-install/ VFRD site http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/topic/80155-peg-lowering-blocks-an-vfrd-exclusive-product/
  2. Negative... notch basket will not the cause plates to grab and slip like you're guessing... hot spots and unserviceable master cylinder will...
  3. Mercy!!! what you're doing is exactly what a oil cooled clutch was designed for so rev it up and have a wheelie nice day... there is no good reason to change your habits... what might be happening is hot spots which is normal when you sit at a light with the bike in gear and the clutch lever is holding the plates open... have a look at steel plates the next time you have the cover off and note any blue marks like the ones you see on my RC45 due to its racing intent use of a slipper clutch...
  4. No doubt Bailey miles are never in moderation... 100K Bailey miles equals 300K normal miles... I gather you're still running 5w30 Mobil 1???
  5. Thanks Sparkie... I saved your photos for my next BITOG oil viscosity debate...
  6. Anyone one else meeting their mileage expectations running a 30 grade???
  7. I'm riding so bright I got to wear shades!!!
  8. Out on the highway... late at night... inky blackness is stealing your sight... you got halogen head lights and they ain't bright... your motorcycling by pale moon light .... I replaced my PIAA 60/55 watt Xenon gas Super White bulbs that glow in the 4200 Kelin range with Speed Metal's 25 watt Cree LED H4 with a working high and low beam... $69 each at Cycle Gear... http://www.cyclegear.com/SPEEDMETAL-LED-Conversion-Kit
  9. Absolutely... Ginny Cutler #81 WERA Expert Mtn. View, CA Elena Meyers AMA Pro... first female to win an AMA Pro Racing sprint road race. She is also the first woman to win a professional motorsports race of any kind at Daytona International Speedway, on March 17, 2012 Shelby and her modified custom Honda... she is part owner of AFT Customs and is a skilled fabricator... Sukhee and Shelby are not only bike builders but racers too... they are part owners of AFT Metric Customs and have built their own bike named Kemosabe and even raced it on the Bonnieville salt flats... Larry and Shelby and Sukhee Mr.RC45...
  10. Lets keep the great shots coming... it really feels good to reminisce... a few of my favorites... Hirotoshi Honda... #1 son of Soichiro Honda and president of Mugen... 1980 Japan... King Kenny on Mr.RC45 inside a bar for Sportbike Night Kevin Schwantz Mr.RC45 inside a bar for Sportbike Night Larry Pegram at the Busy Little Shop ( I machined a custom steering stem for his Ducati) Giacomo Agostini at Laguna Seca pits... John Kocinski Laguna Seca Rossi at Laguna Seca pits Mick Doohan Mugello pits DO NO SIT ON THIS BIKE Rossi's RC211V Laguna Seca The elusive Casey Stoner who dodged posing Adriana Stoner who didn't mind posing 3 Amigos at Ray Abrams shop on Sparky (Kenny Roberts TZ750 flat tracker) Super Wrench Jermey Burgess at Laguna Seca pits The RC45 still is Shuhei Nakamoto's baby... he was chief development engineer for Team Castrol during the 1997 WSBK season. HRC's "go to guy"
  11. Nice work... I installed Lockhart Phillips Quick Throttle but I machined my own barrel out of Delrin... now its WFO at a flick of the wrist...
  12. JZH... Honda only imported 56 RC45s to North America in 1994... Vins #1 thru #5 were imported to Canada... Vins #6 thru #56 were imported to the US to satisfy AMA 50 bike homologation rules. Freddie Spencer got Vin #6 the first stateside RC45...
  13. I don't have full value coverage for any of my hand made parts... so when I trade rides with trusted VFRD members I risk loosing a lot of sweat equity... I've been a steady and valued customer with State Farm since 1968... however in 98 when I applied for full coverage on my fresh out of Tijuana Mexico RC45 they couldn't it in their Great Motorcycle Book... No problem agent advised... "go to the dealer to have it appraised"... OK but the manager at the Carmichael Honda just signed a blank appraisal form and said "Larry, fill in any amount you wish" so in full view of the agent I was about to scribe $27,500 but the agent said wait..."lets not do it like that" and he called the main office for guidance... So under a verbal agreement the agent stated... "State Farm is insuring your bike, worth a small fortune; as a normal everyday 750... If I have make a claim... it will be up to me to convince State Farm serial # 002 RC45 is worth more than the $8,000 I paid..." First premium cost $217 for 6 months... Two Wheel Ordeal
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