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  1. Rewinding the stator, after 5 years of service, stopped charging. On installing.... 14.7v at idle!
  2. I have a manual override on my 4th. gen. And also had it on my previous, a 3rd. gen. Simply to prevent it getting too hot in stop-go traffic. Never had any issues with the fan getting proper power at idle. Like others have said, other things will start to flicker and sputter before the fan becomes a problem, and it's a sign of charging/batt issues elsewhere.
  3. Ok so I got the stator redone, rewound. I installed it just now and it does not charge as it was before the problem developed. Now; 11.5 at idle, lights on. 12.30 lights off. after 4 minutes of this, shut off and it didn't want to come back on. (the battery is brand new) Before; it was charging 13.30 idle, at 14.50 at 2k RPM. It is using an RR from a Suz 1k, had been using it for 3 years now and all was well. I'm trying to find the previous RR, the original one, that I took off 3 years ago, and test with that. I was never sure the original RR was a problem, just changed it because I found that other RR. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks.
  4. VFRSuperfreak


    dayum! first time someone ups my pearl-white 93!
  5. Amazing!, my son moved to Jasper from Toronto and has been bugging me to go to this area around there. He´s a snowboard instructor. These shots sure make it seem more possible. (his shots and video are all from the top of the mountains! lol) Thanks for sharing.
  6. I'm doing this now, and since finances are lean, was recommended by the dealer that the stator can be rewired. Has anyone done this? thanks! http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/gallery/image/62617-vfr-problem-171028/'>
  7. False what? lol. this is in the middle of the sierra 2 hrs from Barra de Navidad beach.
  8. VFRSuperfreak


    "★★★★" -I'd give it 5 if it lost the tank bra. Shinier that way.
  9. I use a nylon zip tie, thick, with a small piece of thick foam. it's been there for 2 years now. works fine, part of the tie goes between the bar rubber and the end weight. wedged. it slides, it locks. i rest my wrist.
  10. VFRSuperfreak

    IMG 0495

    rear wheel, what's it from?
  11. VFRSuperfreak

    Tmac 2011

    excellent shot all around, will spam all my contacts if I may...
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