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  1. Very cool, I am not very talented at doing stuff like that, but no doubt someone is. So it sounds like someone could either do like you did, or they could drive by Tech Spec and have them do it. Either way, I Hope someone gets us a nice 8th gen Tech Spec design
  2. On my 6th gen I had Tech Spec Tank grip pads, and they were awesome. High quality, fit perfect, gripped well. I don't see them for the VFR800 6th gen anymore. When I got my 8th gen, I inquired with them and they said all they need to make 8th gen is someone with an 8th gen to visit their facility, they will measure and then be able to add to catalog. So if anyone lives near Tech Spec ( 2436 Precision Dr, Ste I, Minden, Nevada, 89423, United States ) maybe swing by with your 8th gen, let them measure and then we can all have a nice option, that is shaped perfect and fits perfect.
  3. Is that BMW an S1000RR? That looks super nice!
  4. also for mild pulsating you can clean your bobbins and that will allow the rotor to float better. Lots of determination in this thread, one day I'll have to buy a dial indicator looks very useful
  5. signal

    The huntress

    looks GREAT, i just wish tech spec would make the angles of the tank pad match the angles of the bike!
  6. that's awesome, I just bought it! Along with RAM Mount RAP-300-1U, RAM-B-201U-A and RAM-B-202U.........all of that with my ram mount brake reservoir setup should allow my Passport S3 to work great on my bike with my uClear
  7. I have the Valentine module that 'remotes' the speaker via cable to ear buds. However, this is not ideal as the wiring is a pain to deal with. Also, with additional headphones in the helmet for bluetooth to SENA, the whole set up is just messy (for lack of a better term). Now, if Valentine has a bluetooth module that can connect to the SENA, or thru my phone to the SENA, then that would be a better setup. Even with the V1 display in my peripheral vision, and the units' speaker volume (not fed to the ear bud) all the way up, I'm still likely to miss an alert until too late ... ACE It wouldn't necessarily need to be Valentine specific. If the adapter your using outputs a normal audio port (head phone jack), then you can buy a basic bluetooth "audio transmitter", which uses A2DP, and it should pair with your headset. You can plug anything into it and it should stream the audio. These things are typically $20 or so, check amazon or ebay for bluetooth audio transmitter.
  8. The Givi V35 Side Bags with V46 Top Case are perfect for our bike. I recommend the PLXR panniers as they have quick release. All of this is waterproof and secure. Every now and then you will see Twisted Throttle or others with some of these items on clearance/scratch and dent because someone made a return. They have color matched panels, or paint ready panels you can buy and have painted. My wife has a Yamaha FZ6R in "Bluish Cocktail White", and I ordered her a full setup and having the panels painted this week.
  9. Carlgustav, with the V1 do you use any special audio/visual remotes to allow you to see/hear whats going on with it, or can you hear it just fine with the volume turned all the way up?
  10. Sounds like some good touring improvements. I would just say, your bike would look SOOOOO good with the Givi panniers and side bags vs. the Nelson Rigg.......just saying :) Also, if you don't have one already I highly recommend a Throttlemeister, Kaoko or similar throttle lock. If there is one thing I am so glad I have on long trips, its my throttlemeister! Other things to bring, compressor, plug kit, battery charger. A few powerlets would be good. One constant that you can charge from, and one switched that you can plug things into like your GPS. Do you have a GPS? In many cases a smart phone will do. By far some of the best mounts are RAM Mounts. You can buy a mount that uses the front tank screws, its perfect! Another option is using the steering stem, however I like to put a Powerlet there so I use the tank bolts for the RAM Mount. Brake reservoir is also a spot you can use a RAM mount. Keep an eye on the electrics. I realize you have a meter, but having a spare RR is not a bad idea, especially if your running the stocker. Buy a Ricks Motorsport one, its better than stock and you'll have it when you need it.
  11. I am not overly concerned with it. Just wanted to make sure I didn't get the wrong part or that TechSpec was aware. No reason there cutter couldn't match the exact angle of the VFR800 02+, and it would keep the same function and look even better. I was impressed with Tech Spec because all their applications seem to be so perfectly laser cut for each geometry, so that's what I expected when I purchased. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to make a big issue of this, I am just inquiring is all. As far as how they work, I wouldn't want to install them any lower (below the lower tank line) as that would look bad, but these would work much better if I could get my knees up just a little more. I am a bit short, 29" or so inseam. I thought about peg risers, which works fine for the left side as you can adjust the shifter, but not sure how that would effect the brake side of things. Other option which is on my wish list is Sato rear sets, but they only offer a 12.5mm rise at most (which is about 1/2 inch)........they look so good though.
  12. Who states that? The Tech Spec website says VFR800, and doesn't list years. When you goto Twisted Throttle and Search by Bike, they come up and show the part as "Tech Spec Gripster set for VFR800 '98-'07"
  13. I recently bought a set of TechSpec tank grips for my 2003 VFR800. I am concerned that the lines of the grips don't match with the lines of the tank. The top and bottom lines of the grip are parallel, just as the top and bottom lines of the tank are parallel. But the forward line is a different angle than the 02+ VFR800. The part they sell, 62-051-SS is the same part number for all VFR800's. The picture they show on their site of a VFR800 looks great, but its an earlier model than the 02+ and I am not sure if the tank lines/geometries are the same. ​Its possible they sent me the wrong grips, I am not sure, I am inquiring with them about it. The bag said the right part number, but it was a sticker, and underneath the sticker the bag was marked for a Triumph 675........... I am posting a picture, if someone with a 02+ VFR800 and TechSpec grips can let me know if this matches what they have. You can see the top and bottom lines of the tank match with the grip but the forward line does not.
  14. signal

    Misc VFR800 Pics

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