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  1. I am wanting to get rid of the stock tail/reflectors and get something more streamline. Where can I buy this? I saw there was at least one person on here making them, I tried to contact and email to their personal email and got no response. Anyone?
  2. So do you have to drill to get it out, or can you just remove the screw and pull it out?
  3. My last VFR was a 2003 with Two Brothers Carbon exhaust......pretty loud but nice tone. On the 2015 VFR800F I put the Akrapovic on. It sounds better than stock but still a bit tame. Do you think its better with the baffle out or does that make it too loud? Also, to take the baffle out, can I just remove the screw and pull it out, or do you think I have to dismount the exhaust to do it?
  4. So you just have voids/holes where the grab handles would normally attach?
  5. No joke about Deals Gap. There is a Youtube video of a dude riding solo, that collided with another dude who was solo. One of them went over the cliff, died, no trace. The other went over cliff, broke a ton of bones and was basically not able to move. No one knew they were there, no one knew an accident had happened. After about 24 hours the person who was still alive was recovered, just from his screams miraculously being heard. I can't imagine the fear of being that injured, that alone, and not knowing if you will just die there..........and not to mention what animals, insects, etc ma
  6. A quick poll to see how most of you have your pillion setup. I would think Seat and Grab Handles or Cowl and Covers is very common........but I could see people that run the Cowl with Grab Handles just so they can switch it up super quick if needed. I don't ride a passenger myself, so I am thinking of removing my grab handles and putting the covers on (with the cowl) for a super clean look. By "covers", I mean the cover plates which cover the void when you remove the grab handles.
  7. You should post some pics of that, sounds really neat
  8. I find the Red and Yellow side reflectors on bikes unsightly. I realize its required for DOT compliance in the USA. But I look at getting rid of them as an upgrade. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks but that is pretty expensive. I did find the box mount for like $89 at David Silvers, but I even cancelled that order. Instead I went with HGB in UK. They put together a complete setup: Rear Carrier, Box Mount, Box, Locks........for a fair price, even with shipping. I should have it in a few weeks. Right now Honda has "special pricing" on the VFR800F box kits in Black and Red. They also have "special pricing" on the VFR800X box sets in White and a few other colors. I needed White. But the 800X rear carrier is different. So what we did is we bought two kits, the White 800X
  10. Is that BMW an S1000RR? That looks super nice!
  11. I have the original Service Manual, 2002-2007 edition, which has every errata installed I could find (there were MANY since the original 2002 publication). Shows use, but no pages falling out or anything like that, this is a solid manual that every owner should have. $25 shipped.
  12. I have the MRA VarioTouring Windscreen for 6th Gen. Arguably the BEST windscreen to put on your VFR. These are $176.95 from Twisted Throttle. https://www.twistedthrottle.com/mra-variotouringscreen-windshield-for-honda-vfr800-vtec-interceptor-02 MRA Part MRA.01.035.VT.1 "The VarioTouringScreen features a 7-position adjustable spoiler at the top of a TouringScreen-shaped windshield. The adjustable spoiler can be used to redirect airflow to suit the rider." This is in excellent condition. $110 shipped.
  13. It says its for 2017+ VFR800. So I guess that won't work on our US models.
  14. What did he purchase and from where?
  15. I am looking for a Rear Carrier for 2015 VFR800F US Part # 08L73-MKM-A10 UK Part # 08L71-MJM-D10 (supersedes 08L42-MGE-800) 33L Top Box White 08L711-MKM-A00ZB
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