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  1. Nope. Experimenting with swapping the baffle in and out (as far as I can get it) and the engine running, it muffles the bass, but this is only noticeable when idling. Doesn't sound much different at all when revved. I can't imagine I'll be doing many 4am starts on it, so it should be OK left out.
  2. That reminds me ... Mine came with a new MOT with baffle out, so it can't be necessary. But do you not bother using the bolt? That looks like a real PITA to do up. I bet loads of younger drivers say MOT without having a clue what it stands for. It's a bit like the save icon being a 3.5" floppy.
  3. Thanks guys. It literally can't be pushed in at the moment, but I'll try cleaning (if warming it up doesn't work). I might end up leaving it out, but I'd like to see how it sounds with it in. I live in a narrow terraced street that's a bit of an echo-box.
  4. The bike I just bought came with the Akro exhaust and the baffle already removed. When I came to try to fit it, the baffle was really tight. I couldn't push it all the way in by hand, and even then I had to use pliers to pull it out again. Is that normal? I didn't want to try with a mallet etc till I found out more. Thanks in advance! ETA: just occurred to me that maybe it would be easier when it's been running and the exhaust is hot and has expanded a bit. I'll try that next dry day
  5. Ah, you're right -- one of the bills is for a replacement switch. Cheers. Still deciding if I like the rim stickers or not. I quite like inheriting odd things from previous owners. (Another thing with this one, the pillion seat has had extra padding fitted.)
  6. I picked up my new ride yesterday, to replace the 2014 in white that was nicked a couple of months back. This is 2014 too, and has another 6k miles on it, but is in better condition. Plus it has the Akro exhaust, which really does seem to smooth power transfer at low revs. A few points of interest: 1. It's gorgeous. I thought white was the best colour, but I now realise how wrong I was. I caught my reflection in a shop window this morning and looked a real badass. Given that I'm the least badass person going otherwise, that pleased me. 2. It came with the seat cowl and side blanking plates. I consider this a minor miracle. 3. The heated grips switch light is green rather than red, even though like my previous bike it's a 2014 UK model. Any ideas? 4. These stickers on the wheels. I've never seen them before. Are they a genuine "part"?
  7. Pheasants are the big problem round here. Every year gamekeepers release millions of the brain-free pie-fillings into the countryside so half can be shot and half can be run over. They're big enough to do a bit of damage too. Picking my new bike up next week -- another 2014, this time in black, and with an Akro exhaust. (The white panniers will look a bit weird on it, but distinctive, I guess!) Thinking about security after this unpleasant experience. There's nothing I can really chain it to, and I can't rely on parking it in the same spot so a ground tie in the kerb is out. I'm hoping a good D-lock through each wheel will be enough of a deterrent. Don't think I want to go with an alarm, as there are some very bassy exhausts round here and it might get set off.
  8. I'm having the reverse problem. There's a bike I'm thinking of buying, but it only has the cowling, not the normal pillion seat. I can't find used examples anywhere, even ebay, and the Honda parts catalogue prices it at £221!
  9. Got the settlement a couple of days ago. Despite my insurance being cheap, I think they have paid slightly more than book value. And they were as good as their word in sending back one of the keys for the side-cases. So I'm happy with them. (Big difference from my car insurance payout a few years back.)
  10. I've found a replacement bike I like the look of, but it already comes with the side cases, which is reflected in the price. Assuming I get a key back for mine (which the insurers reckon will be no problem) does anyone think my old ones will be easy to sell for a few hundred quid? That might be the clincher. This bike also has Dunlop Sportmax tyres. I know little about them except that no one on here seems to rate them. But at 7500 miles, they can't be the originals, so the previous owner must have liked them? Or maybe just decided to replace like for like. (My bike came with BT23s, which I thought were OK. I replaced the rear with a T30 which I thought was much better.)
  11. The photographer's shadow at bottom-right indicates the bike is owned by Horus, the hawk-headed god of ancient Egypt, so you might want to cut down on the insults.
  12. I think pretty much all forums like this are in decline to some extent, their user-base swallowed up by Reddit and Facebook groups.
  13. My insurance was cheap. Whether it's decent, I guess I'm about to find out. (Though they have said I should be able to get a key back for the side cases.) BTW, I've at least got back the licence plate and what I think is the immobiliser -- someone handed them in to the police after finding them in their garden. So I guess my bike is now going around with a duplicate plate of someone else's VFR.
  14. This is a pretty low crime area, and she sounded embarrassed about it later. But yeah frustrating that the whole thing might have been avoided by her shouting out of the window. Thanks for advice about opening the panniers. I am hoping to get another VFR, as I loved it so much. The local Honda is having a think about what the best option is re the locks. (ETA: they reckon best option is to get new barrels fitted anyway.) I've tried them this morning, but they can't get a blank. Can't even find one on eBay.
  15. I can't find a number on the key, or anything that looks like a key number in the documentation. Where would it be? (Though hopefully Thumbs's suggestion will work.)
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