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  1. VifferJ


    Great pic!
  2. I really like the oem bronze color, but I'm also a huge fan of non-standard color wheels, I saw a red set that somebody did on here with a white gen8, looked sharp!
  3. Sorry if I missed it, lots of activity in this thread since I checked last, has anyone done a before and after dyno run and if so what were the gains?
  4. Is the red just a sticker with black plastic underneath?
  5. VifferJ

    2014 California

    Looks like a great trip, thx for sharing the pics! 😎
  6. How does one go about ordering the 8th gen header and what's the cost? Or did you have to order in advance?
  7. Oh my, this is getting exciting! Sorry if I missed it, but has price been determined yet for a gen 8 header?
  8. Congrats, they are great bikes! I'll be curious your impressions between the 7th and 8th gen after doing some touring miles.
  9. Oh my, nice wife you've got there! She got a sister?
  10. I feel like the lean angle when on the side stand is still quite upright compared to my other bikes, makes me nervous if parked outside when it's windy, has anyone shortened the oem side stand to help off-set this? I bought a side stand foot awhile back but there's no way to use without the bike being too upright? Thoughts, ideas, inputs?
  11. Are the 6th gens known to have electrical problems? Maybe I was just lucky but my 6th gen was a mule, never had any issues at all, typical Honda IMO.
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