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  1. +1 on the Aerostich Roadcrafter for cooler wetter months, excellent gear, works great.
  2. Excellent, that's what I was hoping to hear., thank you. One of these days I'd like to get one of those 5 or 10 bank setups but oh my they aren't cheap, and then what do I do with the single chargers I already have, good problems to have.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I thought the newer battery tenders don't remain at 100% all the time, that they "cycle" up and down which is from what I understood is "maintaining" the battery? Maybe I misunderstood this though?
  4. So I find myself going into this winter with more bikes then battery tenders, some of my bikes I don't ride in the crappy weather months of the PNW winters so I typically just leave them on a battery tender with some stabil in the fuel tank. Is there any downside in switching a tender back and fourth every other week between 2 bikes? I'd think it's ok but just curious if there's any downside or life-shortening to the battery itself, vs the tender cycling it automatically to maintain? Hope I'm asking this correctly, thx.
  5. Indeed, I wish I would have collected oem sport bike fenders back in the day, I'd be able to retire on what they'd all sell for now days, crazy $! 😐
  6. I spent ~30 years riding sport bikes and cutting off the oem rear fender first thing, now I find the past couple years I've had to hunt down unicorn oem rear fenders for some of my restoration bikes, full circle lol...
  7. 2020 feels like an 18 month year though right? Indeed though, my wife is being very patient with me this year, right place right time for time for this one, I think COVID promotes looking at bikes for sale more often just for entertainment. Use to see these all the time for sale but lately they seem to becoming unicorns, gotta grab em while you can when the opportunities come around.
  8. Hoarder alert!! I rescued another K1 Gixxer last month and just finished up the restoration, she's a Y2K 750 so turned the clock back 20 years to full oem. I was already hoarding the new oem red/wht/blu set of Y2K bodywork and white wheels, just took a couple years to find the bike to go with it, most all the other oem parts I had leftover spares from restoring my other K1 back to oem a couple years back. It was nice to be able and do most of the parts shopping in my own garage this time. 😎
  9. Mmmm, nice lineup sir, my eye draws to the RC... 😎
  10. It also means jealous... "jelly of that" or "so jelly"
  11. I agree with the OP, the oem side stand on the gen8 makes the bike stand up straighter than I prefer when being left in windy parking lots, I prefer a bit of lean when on the side stand. I switched out the oem side stand to an adjustable one, it makes me feel much more comfortable. I bought an extra oem side stand to get shortened, but have yet to find a place that does this mod, if anyone knows of a place please chime in, thanks.
  12. Congrats on the new ride and welcome Aspon!
  13. Sounds like a great trip, thx for sharing! And now I'm craving calzones...
  14. Wow, epic trip, great pics, thanks for sharing! I'm curious if during or after the trip there were any aftermarket items you wish you had done to the VFR or plan to do before your next trip that would have made the trip more enjoyable?
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