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  1. Welcome and congrats Paul!
  2. Lol, yes I think about a half dozen PB stands... Both years 00 & 01 of the original RC51 SP have them same silver with black tail, 02 (which mine are) is the only year of the SP2 that have the silver with black tail. 03 was black with silver tail, 04 was silver with white tail ala Nicky Hayden version, and 05 & 06 were black with a dark charcoal color tail. To most, me included prior to owning I thought they were more or less all the same colors, now that I have them I notice all the differences between years, even the sides have different stickers for each year.
  3. Very nice Careca, love that blue color! 😎 It's nice having 2 of the same bike, my disorder usually starts with parts hoarding which eventually leads to another bike... 😐
  4. Making some progress on the twin twin...
  5. +1 to the above posts, fuel efficiency isn't about fuel cost for me, it's about being able to make it to the next gas station in the rural parts of the PNW. I as well like to stop and stretch before riding through a full tank, but that doesn't mean there will be a gas station around when I stop to stretch.
  6. Probably not sorry, I'd like to keep it in case I sell the pipe down the road.
  7. I have the Arrow with the insert out and it sounds excellent to me, a little louder than the oem but not obnoxious loud IMO, fits nicely with the oem side cases too.
  8. My long time buddy loves his Gen8...
  9. Thanks, it's a great bit of kit IMO and loaded up with all sorts of goodies straight from Honda, Ohlins, Brembo, quick-shift up/down with auto-blip, TFT display, etc. Quick as shit and really light, size wise feels like a 600. All this brand new, and I even got a 3 year warranty, for only $16k as a new leftover 2018. One of the things I like most about it and drove my decision to get the SP was the color scheme, I love that it has the old 80's Honda lineage colors, it's like new oldschool to me. Anyways, I post this for the OP as well to consider other options without having to spe
  10. Honda still gets it right every now and then though thankfully.
  11. Thanks guys, I was able to spend some time cleaning her up today, so far so good, needs new fork seals and tires, other than that all seems to be in order. Oh my the OZ wheels cleaned up real nice, I've had a couple dozen bikes over the years but have never had aftermarket light wheels, looking forward to feeling the difference.
  12. Twin twins!! Brought home another 02 SP2 RC51 today, so many goodies on this bike, OZ wheels, full Akra exhaust, Fox shock, Ohlins damper, Sato rearsets, etc, and most of the oem included, too good of a deal to pass up on, I am so stoked! 😎 Gonna need to shift some stuff around in the garage but love having that problem...
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