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  1. Picture Thread

    Agreed! Those are inputs for my heated gear to plug into, the temp control knobs are on the left mid inner panel in that same pic, works great!
  2. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I just ordered a set of the dark tint, shipping says one month, when they arrive I'll post up some pics. Thanks for all the help guys, looking forward to trying these out.
  3. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I'm not interested in the red windscreen, only the red hand wind deflectors, curious how it would match up with the red bodywork...
  4. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I also asked them about the red color, they said "The Red is translucent, pic attached"
  5. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Here's the reply I got from Powerbronze... The Black is a solid black which is not transparent at all. I have attached a colour sample of a dark tint product for you to view as well.
  6. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I just sent Powerbronze a message regarding the dark tint and black colors, I'll let you know what they come back with. I'm fine with a solid cover instead of translucent, my hands don't need to see when I'm riding, solid black might have better look mounted??
  7. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Thank you sir
  8. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Hey blackmax, what color are the ones you have in those pics, is that what they list as grey?
  9. Angled Valve Stems

    I'm tuning in to this thread... I'm also looking for a 90 degree. I have the tire pressure sensors that link to my Zumo but the rear wheel on the gen8 it will hit the brake caliper with the straight stem.
  10. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I see they have multiple colors listed, anyone have pics or links showing the other colors mounted? Is the red translucent or solid? http://www.powerbronze.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?OBJ_ID=28681747
  11. Picture Thread

    factory luggage options on and off...
  12. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Thx for the post, can you or somebody else post some pics on how/where they mount and maybe some pics from the riders view?
  13. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  14. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Interesting, I hadn't seen those before, thanks for posting. Keep us posted if you get them, I'm intrigued as well!
  15. McCruise for Gen 8 VFR?

    Thx SA, I've heard similar from folks regarding other bikes that their phone and email support is really quite good, that's confidence building.

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