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  1. Wow, some really great collections in this thread, here's my current stable.
  2. VifferJ

    VFR800F OEM Quick Shifter video

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing!
  3. VifferJ

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I love this time of year, Fall is my favorite season in the PNW, good food, football, weather... Temps are starting to drop and the rain showers are moving back in, time to put on the wind protection, Puig Tour windscreen n Powerbronze hand wind protectors. I got the hand wings the end of last winter so didn't really get a chance to test them, I ended up using some additional rubber washers and pieces of foam to keep them from touching the bodywork, feel solid now, they're actually prettty invisible depending on the angle as you see in the last pic. http://www.powerbronzeusa.com/productdetails.aspx?OBJ_ID=28681747
  4. VifferJ


    I went with the larger sized Honda rear trunk and have had no issues at all with it at all loaded up and railing corners, all good, fit n finish is superb IMO, love the color matched look!
  5. VifferJ

    8th gen in the US

    Depends on which state you buy it in, the one I posted the link is in Oregon, we don't have sales tax in Oregon, so that price is pretty much out the door, add a couple hundred for DMV and plates and you're good to go.
  6. VifferJ

    8th gen in the US

    Where abouts in the US are you moving to, east, central, or west? I'm on the west coast, my local dealer has a leftover new 2014 Deluxe https://www.motosporthillsboro.com/default.asp?page=xNewInventoryDetail&id=5825814&p=1&make=honda&s=Year&d=D&vt=motorcycle %2F scooter&year=2014&model=interceptor dlx&fr=xNewInventory
  7. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Just got home from a great weekend of riding, we stayed in Sisters OR, some great roads all around there, the lava fields are pretty cool, good times!
  8. interesting... I like the sound of that, have heard it's not an inexpensive service.
  9. VifferJ

    Bridge of the Gods

    Great pic! I hate crossing that bridge in the rain and wind 😐
  10. I love it, great color scheme, thanks for sharing! 🏆
  11. VifferJ

    Diagnostic help

  12. VifferJ


    She hauls all my trip needs quite nice, 4 clicks on the rear shock and rock n'roll! 😁
  13. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Haven't had to yet, but did bring it, it rolls up pretty small.
  14. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Thanks Dutch. I'm actually really enjoying the tank bag, it's magnetic so I can put it exactly where I want, (thank you Honda for the metal tank, I hate that so many bikes now have the tank under a plastic panel), it was awesome for laying on cranking out miles across beautiful countrysides, I had a nice little pocket behind the Puig windscreen. Fits a water bottle on each side pocket, another removable pocket at the crotch for small things, and an expandable main compartment which makes a great touring pillow, and map pocket. The only downside is it's not waterproof, I sprayed it with some waterproofing and keep what's in the main compartment in a roll top waterproof bag. A tremendous value IMO for new $50 shipped, I bought 2 and use the other as a tail bag, it has 4 loops the work perfect to carabiner to the 4 loops underside the rear seat, here's a pic from last year before I had the rear trunk.
  15. VifferJ

    First trip of 2018


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