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  1. Gen 8 is a two piece seat, looks like gen 6 to me.
  2. Sargent built a heated seat for my gen8 Viffer about 5 years ago, I had to send them the oem seats and they re-used those pans. It's a great seat and haven't had any issues, the heat controller you can see in this pic where I mounted it on the left, the rectangle shape controller is about the size of a box of tic-tacs. Do they even still make tic-tacs, I think I just dated myself lol...
  3. Welcome! For the gen 8 you can either run the rear seat or the rear cowl, you can't run both they fit in the same spot.
  4. Thank you for providing this platform for us all to enjoy over the years, it has been awesome, thank you thank you thank you! I wish you all the best!
  5. I use one if touring on the Viffer and it does help extend the day, less is more for air, too much air and it will feel like a balloon and bounce you around, put some air in it and sit on it, when your butt touches the seat close the valve, it's meant to just fill the gaps.
  6. Yes I've used it to repair cracks on some RC51 fairings, worked great for me.
  7. That sounds about right, maybe up a bit from a couple years ago but that seems to be the trend for everything right now costing a bit more for either parts or labor. I had them do a header for a twin and it was around $300 if I remember correctly, a twin header is less coating and time than a v4 header.
  8. How much did Jet-Hot quote him to do it? I had them coat a header for me before and thought the price wasn't bad?
  9. message sent to sfdownhill, is it too late to get in on this round? A buddy of mine would like to order 3 sets, 2 gen6 & 1 gen8 please, let me know, thanks!
  10. Epic man, great pics and write up, thx for sharing!
  11. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!
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