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  1. VifferJ

    2019 Model colour scheme

    I like it! So what color do you think the panniers will be, white? With graphics?
  2. I picked these up as a spare set to hoard but have decided to sell them and use the $ for something else. The prior owner scratched the left side case, then filled the scratch and used a "wrap" on it to make it silver, see pics below with wrap still on it. I removed the wrap (pealed right off), see pics, looks smooth but would need some clear coat applied and buff it or your choice to repaint the left side case. The right side case is in excellent condition, no damage. For sale, both left and right case, comes with removed locks and uninstalled reflectors, key for locks not included, you'll need to re-key the locks to your key. This is a big box so shipping will not be cheap. How about $450 PRICE DROP $400 shipped for everything included to domestic US with paypal $ sent as friend, if you want to send paypal $ as a purchase please add 3% (that's what paypal will take as their cut). Let me know any questions, thanks.
  3. VifferJ


    Nice! Which windscreen is that?
  4. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Wow, that looks amazing in black!
  5. VifferJ


    Odorless mineral spirits is what I use to clean the yuk off the wheels, works great IMO.
  6. VifferJ


  7. Wow, some really great collections in this thread, here's my current stable.
  8. VifferJ

    VFR800F OEM Quick Shifter video

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing!
  9. VifferJ

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I love this time of year, Fall is my favorite season in the PNW, good food, football, weather... Temps are starting to drop and the rain showers are moving back in, time to put on the wind protection, Puig Tour windscreen n Powerbronze hand wind protectors. I got the hand wings the end of last winter so didn't really get a chance to test them, I ended up using some additional rubber washers and pieces of foam to keep them from touching the bodywork, feel solid now, they're actually prettty invisible depending on the angle as you see in the last pic. http://www.powerbronzeusa.com/productdetails.aspx?OBJ_ID=28681747
  10. VifferJ


    I went with the larger sized Honda rear trunk and have had no issues at all with it at all loaded up and railing corners, all good, fit n finish is superb IMO, love the color matched look!
  11. VifferJ

    8th gen in the US

    Depends on which state you buy it in, the one I posted the link is in Oregon, we don't have sales tax in Oregon, so that price is pretty much out the door, add a couple hundred for DMV and plates and you're good to go.
  12. VifferJ

    8th gen in the US

    Where abouts in the US are you moving to, east, central, or west? I'm on the west coast, my local dealer has a leftover new 2014 Deluxe https://www.motosporthillsboro.com/default.asp?page=xNewInventoryDetail&id=5825814&p=1&make=honda&s=Year&d=D&vt=motorcycle %2F scooter&year=2014&model=interceptor dlx&fr=xNewInventory
  13. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Just got home from a great weekend of riding, we stayed in Sisters OR, some great roads all around there, the lava fields are pretty cool, good times!

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