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  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!
  2. This what you're looking for? trunk base.pdf VFR trunk install.pdf
  3. I bought this awhile ago to have for a spare, cleaning out the garage and letting some stuff go. It's in great used shape, no rust, no dents. Let me know any questions, thanks. $200 shipped to domestic US 48 states. Just added to ebay as well if that makes you a more comfortable buyer... https://www.ebay.com/itm/164212551335
  4. Sargent built mine, you have to send them your seat pans, I had them do a heated seat for the rider section with better foams front n rear. The heat works great and the black section on the left mid fairing is a great spot to mount the controller IMO, the seat is a little better than stock but not what I would say comfy, I put my Airhawk on when doing longer trips and am good to go.
  5. Happy Anniversary, well said!
  6. Tuning in to this... I've considered getting a Rapidbike for my gen8 mostly due to I'm under the impression that's the only way to custom tune this bike on the dyno. Is that a correct assumption?
  7. The Ninja 1000 has some nice refinements for the 2020 model, it will be hard to pass up new leftovers w/Kawi discounts next year, assuming slow market this year with coronavirus. They're on my watchlist...
  8. Sounds like a fun build, tuning in, thanks for sharing!
  9. Looks to be up @ Beavo eh, sharp looking gen8, get it!
  10. You being in Australia McCruise makes an excellent cruise control kit for the 8th gen, I have it on my Gen8 and love it
  11. I still don't understand the logic for why the market is shrinking, but do know it's a buyers market and I'm happy to take advantage of it. I love riding, have been for close to 35 years on the street, I'm looking forward to many more years riding especially when someday I can hopefully retire and enjoy it even more. My 2014 VFR800 Deluxe I got for $6500 with only 1k miles on it, that's about half of what the original owner paid for it new in the US. Our 2018 Wing Tour we got new for $20k, originally stickered for $26k in the US. My 2018 CBR1000RR SP I just picked up new for $16k, originally stickered for $20k in the US. Honda's prices are just unrealistic in the US it seems, but if you wait and buy the new leftover models that didn't sell the year or two prior there are smoking deals to be had on some really excellent bikes IMO!
  12. Just added another Honda to the stable, a new leftover 2018 CBR1000RR SP. 😎
  13. I'm normally one to change the wheel color but I think the gen8 wheel color is great!
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