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  1. Excellent post and welcome back, congrats on the 8gen!
  2. That sounds about right, maybe up a bit from a couple years ago but that seems to be the trend for everything right now costing a bit more for either parts or labor. I had them do a header for a twin and it was around $300 if I remember correctly, a twin header is less coating and time than a v4 header.
  3. How much did Jet-Hot quote him to do it? I had them coat a header for me before and thought the price wasn't bad?
  4. I think only the 2014 & 2015 years of the 8th gen were sold in the US, is it the same for Canada or did you guys get additional years of the 8th gen up north?
  5. I'm wondering will 8th gens be future collectors if this is true and there are no more Viffers?
  6. Very cool, I've got a couple of the RC51 models I'm hoarding as well, I hope to assemble them with my grandkids, whenever that might be in the future. 🙂
  7. We went and cut the Christmas tree this morning, it's drying in the garage, I'm tempted to put the lights on it where it is and bow's on the bikes lol
  8. Good memory, yep he's getting bigger each year, he couldn't keep his hands on the grips and feet touching the pegs just a couple years ago.
  9. My nephew over yesterday for Thanksgiving, he looks ready right. 🙂
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