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  1. I heard he quit doing the new Goldwing ECU flash as well, same reason.
  2. I think its ugly but am glad to see Suzuki throw their hat into the ring, hopefully this inspires Honda to think about coming out with something, maybe a new VFR we can hope.
  3. Airhawk, works great for long multi-day rides, if not touring I don't have it on. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/airhawk-r-cruiser-seat-pad?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq-DAlPyQ8wIVMwPnCh2OWAx6EAQYASABEgIUoPD_BwE
  4. Great shop, I've bought many bikes from them over the years, enjoy!
  5. Congrats! Is that pic at Hillsboro Motosport?
  6. I mounted mine in the very back section.
  7. You should check out Plastex, it's pretty cool stuff and should do what you're looking for.
  8. Congrats and welcome, she's a beaut, great color!
  9. I'm not sure your location or search grid but this low mile 2018 used DCT just posted in the Seattle area, good looking bike IMO. https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/mcd/d/federal-way-honda-gold-wing-dct/7354081335.html
  10. The new Wing is pretty cool, we have a 2018 6 speed manual for 2up touring, my wife won't ride on the back of sport bikes anymore, lot's of cool tech on it and comfort for all day riding is great. Happy hunting!
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