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  1. VifferJ


    She hauls all my trip needs quite nice, 4 clicks on the rear shock and rock n'roll! 😁
  2. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Haven't had to yet, but did bring it, it rolls up pretty small.
  3. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Thanks Dutch. I'm actually really enjoying the tank bag, it's magnetic so I can put it exactly where I want, (thank you Honda for the metal tank, I hate that so many bikes now have the tank under a plastic panel), it was awesome for laying on cranking out miles across beautiful countrysides, I had a nice little pocket behind the Puig windscreen. Fits a water bottle on each side pocket, another removable pocket at the crotch for small things, and an expandable main compartment which makes a great touring pillow, and map pocket. The only downside is it's not waterproof, I sprayed it with some waterproofing and keep what's in the main compartment in a roll top waterproof bag. A tremendous value IMO for new $50 shipped, I bought 2 and use the other as a tail bag, it has 4 loops the work perfect to carabiner to the 4 loops underside the rear seat, here's a pic from last year before I had the rear trunk.
  4. VifferJ

    First trip of 2018

  5. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    First trip of the year, I'm currently making my way home, great long weekend of riding through OR, WA, ID. Watch out for the toll roads passing through WA... 😢
  6. VifferJ

    Picture Thread

    Thanks, that's the 45 liter trunk.
  7. VifferJ

    Viffer no more...

    So the value's of our Viffer's just doubled right.
  8. VifferJ

    Full Exhaust System from Delkevic

    Great, thanks for posting about this!
  9. I'm selling the Ermax rear hugger in the classifieds section if anyone is interested...
  10. VifferJ

    Melb - Canberra and back

    Great pics AP, thx for sharing!
  11. VifferJ

    Angled Valve Stems

    I didn't know Honda made them as an accessory? When I search it I find "VALVE ASSY., CLAMP I" is that correct? Can you post the link you bought them from, thx!
  12. VifferJ

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    I bought them used off the forum, if I remember correctly a prior gen (6/7?) set works just fine on the gen8 and I agree mine work just as they should. If I find the box I'll post up the part #.
  13. VifferJ

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Rode to work today, wet and upper 30's temps, hand wings worked great and same with the Puig Tour windscreen, I think this will be my winter setup going forward! Thanks again for posting the pics!
  14. VifferJ

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    It's good to have multiple options, thanks again. I just wish changing the Gen8 windscreens wasn't such a pain! Yes, Throttlemeister
  15. VifferJ

    Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    One of each to compare, clear vs dark tint.

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