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  1. Hello VFR enthusiasts, I gifted myself a '99 FI last fall, which was supposed to serve as a commuter bike. But he has proven himself to be so much more: I secretly fell quite in love with that charming red one. And that while I ride in all kinds of new bikes as a motorcycle journalist. I think that says enough. Anyway: I don't get further than 1 liter on 15km (1:15), while I'm not driving abnormally or anything. The fuel light starts flashing around 250km. And yes, now I can already hear you shouting: all 98 and 99'ers do that. I know that. And also that the 2000 version is more economical. But here's the thing: I recently got in touch with a guy in the neighborhood who also owns a '99 who's already racked up nearly a ton. He easily does 1:19. So it is possible. In the beginning his also did around 1:15. But after he had tried everything like new air filter, new spark plugs, synchronization and you name it, he threw in a bottle of Eurol injection cleaner. Then he suddenly ran 1:19. Now mine has done 44,000km and I took good care of it when I bought him: synchronization, coolant, engine oil and you name it. And also injection cleaner. I will try this again and also replace the air filter. Maybe i'll try checking the valve clearance. My question to you guys: in which direction would you look and are there perhaps similar experiences? Thanks in advance.
  2. Yep, I have the bag. It came with the cover. I was looking for only the bag 🙂
  3. It worked. With two guys. It was like giving birth and cost a lot of sweat. But he came off with a lot of patience and physical strength!
  4. Thanks for all the tips guys! Lots of different tricks. Going to give it all of them a shot tomorrow again. Keep you updated which one did the trick!
  5. Dear All, I would like to replace my Nikko high-mount muffler with another sports muffler that I ran into. I'm not terribly clumsy, but I can't seem to get the linkpipe off the collector. Sprayed several times with IMAL, tapped it with a screwdriver and hammer, but alas. He seems to be coming a little, but not enough. And yes, the screw is loose. Any other tips before the whole neighborhood ends up in a madhouse because of me banging the hammer? Thanks!
  6. Who's up for a challenge? I was able to buy a new Bagster tank cover but all labels have been cut off. According to the seller it is for a CBR1000, but looking this one up on the website of Bagster, it seems different. That's all the information I have. Will you help search?
  7. Hi all, So I own a '99 VFR800 which came with a high mount Nikko exhaust. Recently I picked up a set of Givi E360 panniers that came with the rack. I can't install the right rack because the Nikko exhaust is in the way. What are my options besides getting a stock exhaust just for the big trips or getting a low mount sports exhaust? I like high mounts better. So, are there are high mount exhaust for the VFR800 '99 that fit with the panniers? Thanks!
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