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  1. My 2c is 190/55 on a 6 inch every time A 180/55 stretched over a 6inch rim will flatten out and be less sharp. Harder to transition from the centre of the tyre to the edge. When I was converting to a 1098s rear wheel, i needed a tyre. I went with a 190/50 as it would fit the stock 5.5 and 1098s 6" It was "OK" on the 5.5, It felt horrible on the 6". This is what i imagine a stretched 180/55 would feel like. Changed to a 190/55 as soon as i could afford it. And gratuitous tyre pic to join in
  2. on my 5th gen i attached them to the air box, and then went to a COP conversion.
  3. its not just vfrs, its modified bikes generally. Also with covid 19, it is any discretionary spending. I had a 2014 model 09 before, so looking forward to tweaking it. it will still look like an 09, but i am going to make it punch above its weight.
  4. yeah mate i know. Sold it to a seth african guy who sold his speed triple before he left SA to move to aus. He looked at it for 2 minutes before he said sold. He sent me a text after he had taken it for a proper ride and said he was thoroughly impressed. Its gone to a good home, and didnt need to get stripped and sold for parts.
  5. After i sold the cb500 super commuter and bought an MT09 i started trying to figure out how to get more power out of the vfr and realised I couldn't justify the bang for my buck. So, after about 9 years, I sold the VFR. I will definitely miss it. Nothing will match the sound of the V4 and GDC, On the plus side, I can afford suspension and a woolich race tune for the MT09. I sold a whole lotta bike for not much money, but these are interesting times. I wont be dropping in as much, but this is one of the great places on the internet.
  6. Oooh, left high mount would show off my lurid green 1098s rear wheel nicely...
  7. I connected my OEM brake light switch with a simple L bracket. And i love your choice of wheel.
  8. keef

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    Ive never ridden the putty. We should go for a ride sometime.
  9. For even more performance, you could remove the centre stand? Yes, a little jelous i dont have a set.
  10. There's my something new for the day. Id never thought of that. Explains why, when i rotated the oem symmetrical clamps to be forward on my old ktm 640SM it suddenly felt like i was holding the axle in my hands it was so responsive.
  11. comfortable bars will vary person to person, and bike to bike, because your feet/hips/hands all have to work together to be comfortable, so pegs/seat/bars all need to work together. If the pegs say sit upright because they are low, the seat says lean forward (say, if you have a longer shock so the rear is higher), and the bars say sit upright, it will feel slightly off, as well.
  12. Jealous of the monoblocks. Nice work.
  13. Like highside NZ, since ive got a front mount rad, and low mounted oil cooler, the 8th gen splayed pipes would come in handy for me and my 5th gen too. Nice work, we are almost up and running.
  14. Cheers mohawk- i had a feeling they were mostly the same.
  15. Mohawk, what year gsxr 750 gaskets, or are all the same?
  16. Yep, its why i have a delk and custom link pipe and can, not a glorious, custom, hand made setup.
  17. I know a couple places in sydney that could do it- not mass production, but one offs.
  18. Finally mounted mine. I also managed to use the oem brake light switch because the pressure switch wouldn't fit on my gsxr master. I just made a simple L bracket and used an M4 bolt to hook the spring onto.
  19. Mine are still in a box on the shelf, because, well, life. Keep making stuff, seb- custom parts are sometimes paid for with skinned knuckles installing them. I'll happily pay that price.
  20. I have anodised your adapters black, and will get them on soon. Probably. Your 5G is looking awesome, and i am glad it is on a different continent to mine so they will never be next to each other.
  21. The header shape would be different to clear the lower front mount rad.
  22. but the flip side of that is, no manufacturer wants to outlay the time and money to make just one. Van demon said 20, as they have about 10K of labour/tooling costs to cover. If they know they'll sell 20, that's worth it. 20 deposits would make sense, but I haven't asked that question. spending 10K to make 1K is kinda pointless from a business perspective. Points from my point of view- even slightly better performance, but even less weight (ti?) would be pretty bloody good. vandemon prices in aus dollars, people. performance exhaust with centre stand seems counter intuitive. Performance takes precedence for me. We should make sure we merge the front two together, and the back two so its better for rapid bike. Because I have one. Stock outlet location so any aftermarket can works, even though VD make cans too. and my MT09 akra would need to be modded again. I wont spend $1000US on a stainless exhaust system. I would for a Ti system, though.
  23. Ahh, i see. But you'd be paying money to stop wasting time. When i asked extreme to make the 1098 wheel fit a vfr, we originally talked about making an adapter, like carrozerria used to do. The shim and spacer is much cleaner. For me, the goal was to get readily available lightweight wheels on my vfr, which i accomplished years ago. Insert smart arse smiley here. If gig used the Ex creations kit to fit an 848 wheel, and the 848 wheel uses rhe same axle size as the old 916 series of bikes, it stands to reason that you could fit a 916 wheel as well. Is the goal the wheel, or being able to say you made it yourself?
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