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  1. Oooh, left high mount would show off my lurid green 1098s rear wheel nicely...
  2. Whats the difference between the 954 and 929 injectors? And how did you radius the bottom of the airbox? And this is brilliant work, mohawk. Im filing away more info for the next aussie winter.
  3. So no dual stacks anymore? Just single stacks set just above the base of the airbox?
  4. Ive got a 2016 cb500f as a commuter. Springs, gold valve emulators in the front and a 94 fireblade shock and it handles like a real bike.
  5. Yeah, but only matte black on the rad shrouds. I put some bar end indicators into the shrouds, so thought i should finally spray them.
  6. Much easier to win a fight when you start half way through, eh?
  7. I didnt live through the UJM, too young, and not american. My first memories of bikes i paid attention to were big gixxer 1100's. Part of the reason i had a 711 fighter. My understanding is the american media branded them UJM's since the big 4 all made really similar looking bikes that all had more performance for less money than was currently available. For me, a kind of derrogatory term. There is nothing universal about a fighter. If every naked bike is a UJM, that would make every harley a UAM. I love fighters, and i heard a mates VFR and fell in love with the sound. didnt care about looks, or perfomance, that sound was magical.
  8. Someone say streetfighter? I like a good fighter
  9. Beautiful winter's day today. Rode the old pacific highway, with no cops which was nice.
  10. I manged to get my old polisport hanguards on, and commuted on it today. The angle of the clipons makes it really comfortable for such an aggressive setup- high seat, high pegs and low bars. And big thankyou to mohawk and candy red. The big airbox mod and rapidbike (and quick action throttle) make my trackfighter vfr pretty quick.
  11. I connected my OEM brake light switch with a simple L bracket. And i love your choice of wheel.
  12. You know what every town needs though? A front mount radiator.
  13. Ive also got a front mount rad, so air that has been through the oil cooler or rad wont really make a difference. Its the volume inside the airbox that makes the difference.
  14. The big airbox takes the filter and puts it into the airbox lid instead of inbetween the base and lid. The lid is what you can see. No dual stacks because i havent got round to it yet. I have the extra stacks, just haven't done it yet. I am running with 2 x short 6th gen stacks, and 2 x super short aluminium stacks.
  15. So, still chipping away on upgrades. Finished my mohawk big airbox to go with the supershort velocity stacks. Added some m4 rivnuts to the airbox lower since the OEM threads were pulling out of the plastic Changed to all singing, all dancing apex manufacturing clip ons, so changed my extended throttle cables to ones from a cb500r. And to make 110hp feel like 150, new grips with a 1/4 turn throttle. I may even put my barkbusters back on the clipons. Definately more a trackfighter than a streetfighter, now.
  16. keef

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    Ive never ridden the putty. We should go for a ride sometime.
  17. For even more performance, you could remove the centre stand? Yes, a little jelous i dont have a set.
  18. Why are there no lairy colours? Only me?
  19. I love the TL rad. So good i think it will handle oil temps as well, so id swap the air/oil cooler for a water/oil cooler. Its a big curved rad, so its really good at forcing air through it, especially on a fighter. I have a single TLR fan mounted out of the 2 a TL normally has, and it works well. Only goes above 95C when im in gridlock traffic, and drops quick once im moving again. Rad was $110 aus (china) but i did have to have inlets/outlets swapped over, and custom brackets, etc. Mine isnt a big bore motor like highsides, so works fine. It runs low to mid 80'sCelsius, so could cope with a big bore motor IMO. No fairings helps, obviously. Using 5th gen delk headers, but would like to do 8th gen performance headers when they are available to stop any heat soak from the headers on the low mount oil cooler. I built mine for track days and fast road use. If it handles heat soak from commuting, it is fine for fun stuff, too. The other option is using a vfr750 rad like seb.
  20. I'm using the top rad from a suzuki TL1000R. Commuted yesterday on it for the first time in a while. 84*C while moving, up to 97*C in bumper to bumper/gridlock, then back to mid 80s again once i was rolling. Curved rad, and its about 440mm wide. Also have a larger oil cooler mounted low, originally sp1, but now a generic double thick ebay special. Tempted to go to a water cooled oil cooler.
  21. There's my something new for the day. Id never thought of that. Explains why, when i rotated the oem symmetrical clamps to be forward on my old ktm 640SM it suddenly felt like i was holding the axle in my hands it was so responsive.
  22. comfortable bars will vary person to person, and bike to bike, because your feet/hips/hands all have to work together to be comfortable, so pegs/seat/bars all need to work together. If the pegs say sit upright because they are low, the seat says lean forward (say, if you have a longer shock so the rear is higher), and the bars say sit upright, it will feel slightly off, as well.
  23. Jealous of the monoblocks. Nice work.
  24. Like highside NZ, since ive got a front mount rad, and low mounted oil cooler, the 8th gen splayed pipes would come in handy for me and my 5th gen too. Nice work, we are almost up and running.
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