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  1. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    It is flush with the bracket
  2. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    Sorry, I did find it. I can measure my old one I pulled out when I delinked.
  3. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    Is the secondary master cylinder pivot (bottom mount) free to move? Or is the front left caliper dragging? Is the secondary master spring ok? Does the pushrod go in straight to the master? I'm running out of ideas. No sure which manual you are using, I could not find any reference to push rod length.
  4. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    For the life of me I can't see how the secondary master push rod length could have anything to do with it, or how they could be different from one bike to the other. The check valve in the other hand, is needed. Most linked brake problems are due to wear and/or bad history of cleaning. There is too many places to clog up with sludge, and its hard to clean without complete dismantling.
  5. A lot easier if you remove the rear master cylinder. You don't need to dosconnect the hoses, just off the foot peg hanger. It is still a pain in the arse.
  6. To be honest, you will never get rid of the on/off throttle response, you can get it better but not rid of it. Its the legacy of the early FI bikes. The O2 sensors are used when motor goes into constant throttle, like on a highway. The system goes into closed loop and the fuel is leaned out considerably. When you open the throttle to overtake or just because we can, the system changes to open loop and fuelling back to normal. This causes a slight hesitation that used to annoy the crap out of me, hence the removal of the O2 sensors. There are many maps available, best option is to put it on a dyno and get a custom map. But I've seen some custom maps and they don't differ much from the ones available. A different air filter won't change much, a different exhaust will, most after market mufflers are much the same. The biggest difference will come from wether you use the baffle or not. I don't. BTW, yellow is fast, but not as fast as red I'm sorry to say. Easily worth a couple of HP.
  7. Gone but not forgotten

    Photos of past bikes. Gone but not forgotten.
  8. On mine at least, the difference with the PCIIIUSB is very noticeable. It still won't pull from under 3000rpm, I mostly never use under 5000rpm to be fair. It might sound a bit like a twin, but it still is a high revving four cylinder, so it won't do very well in very low revs. I recently went on a 3 day trip with mates, and since I've lost around 50kms to the tank using the current map I disabled it to get better milage. As soon as I took off I thought WTF did I do that for? It loses a lot of mid range which is where I live most of the time. To give you an idea, the map dumps anywhere up to 35% more fuel under 5500rpm, and then it goes the other way on the top end reducing fuel by about 25%. I have no flat spots, rough patches or hesitation, but that is also helped at cruising speeds by removing the O2 sensors. I wouldn't go back. Just my 2 bobs worth.
  9. Rear Brake Issue

    That bolt stays in the frame, it is only a locating bolt to stop the hanger spinning.
  10. Won't start in Gear

    Agree with above. I had to glue a small square of plastic on my after market levers to make the switch work.
  11. 5G-6G water pump question

    Thanks folks, I didn't think there would be a difference. My 5G with 117000km has started to leak from the shaft seal, here it's AU$260 for a new one, but I found a low km 2004 for AU$36.
  12. Does anyone know the if the 6G water pump will fit a 5G? Part numbers are different, but it could just be internal differences.
  13. Rear Brake Issue

    Rear set adapters right here on VFRD The exhaust is a Delkevic with a Staintune muffler. I've lost track of how many things have been moded on my bike, I think it's an actual condition that has no known cure.

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