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  1. As a matter of fact, they do make planes and lifts. Passenger and fighter jets, as well as developing stealth technology and becoming world leaders in AI. They also make most of the worlds high end electronics. But I admit they also make a lot of cheap rubbish. Keep in mind that Boeing make planes, specially the new 737 Max that has been grounded for months because they don’t work and fall out of the sky. I wouldn’t buy an unbranded chain, but would buy a branded chain made in a China. It’s not rocket science.
  2. It does go to ignition through a 10A fuse. That’s why it’s no longer needed. At least on a 5G, but I’m sure the 6G is the same. If you have the wiring diagram just trace it and see.
  3. To clarify: The stock RR feeds to the harness trough a 30A fuse to the battery. If you go from RR directly to the battery with new thicker wiring and new 30A fuse or breaker, you no longer need the original fuse as it is no longer doing anything. But you still need to connect that wire to the battery. On the 5G the wires from the RR split inside the harness, one goes to the stock 30A fuse then battery, the other goes directly to the fuse box without going through the stock 30A fuse. So you still need a feed to the stock fuse box. You could leave it there, but if it’s getting hot it’s because the female lugs that hold the fuse are lose or corroded, so you might as well get rid of it. It should be clear as mud now.
  4. Strange isn’t it? The RS with USD forks has no front end feel, but the older R with duolever front end gives better feed back. The R with tall screen and hard bags is what my mate went back to. The XR is hard to upset, it has a very planted feel to it and handles superb. Just the height, price and buzzines I couldn’t live with.
  5. The only concern with the ones you point out is no cooling. I've bought these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nighteye-72W-9000LM-H4-HB2-LED-Headlight-Kit-Hi-Lo-Beam-Globe-Bulbs-6500K-White/252920366279?epid=6026513713&hash=item3ae33a84c7:g:noAAAOSwwvtb08nX&frcectupt=true And I'm very happy with them. They dont shine the light forwards, but back towards the reflector. They also have a cooling fan and fit the 5G. Light output is high, and low beam cut off is the same as stock bulbs. High beams are much much better. I do wish they wern't so white, I prefer around 4000K which is still white but I can't seem to find them.
  6. VFROZ

    Latest pic

    That is one very nice 750.
  7. And that’s the crux of it. I think it’s more of old slippers than leather shoes though. After so many kilometers on my 5G, I just know what it will do. I no longer have to think about it, it just comes natural. In my last Phillip Island trip I badly lost my front end, as it locked up and went full lock to the right on a very fast right hander, I was too eager with braking into the corner. I never panicked, just went off the brake and accelerated, the bike just recovered and it kept going around the corner. Nothing like feeling as one with your machine. But im also a realist, bikes are just so much better now. Theres a reason why Multistradas have taken out Pikes Peak so many times.
  8. 2018 BMW S1000XR 160HP, 83ft-lb of torque, 218kg/502lb wet. This bike is really tall, I had a lot of trouble with this as I could not reach the ground. We swapped bikes on a country ride in the middle of nowhere, me thinking it wouldn't be a problem as I would not need to stop. 30 minutes in we hit road works and they had ripped up the road with a grader and had built a massive crown on the middle of the lane. I went: "F#*K, what do I do now?" I had to stand on the left peg and jump off when I stopped, Taking off was the same, left leg on peg, take off, swing right leg back onto seat. My mates all laughed at me. No one offered any help or swap bikes. Bastards. What a weapon, the motor is fantastic, brakes and suspension are first class. Up and down quick shifter, active electronic suspension, and cornering ABS and traction control. For something so big, you can really throw it about. Brakes are frighteningly powerful, and its cornering ability is amazing. The sound of that motor (my mate runs no muffler) and the backfires during gear changes are something to behold. The motor is very buzzy, so much so that I found it really annoying. You can feel it through the tank and seat. Stting position is very upright, handlebars are so wide that you have huge amounts of control. Flipping it left right is a breeze. I'm sure this bike is fine if you're over 7'6".
  9. The MT07 has been a great success here in Oz and rightly so. They look like a fun bike with plenty of poke. I agree the fairing needs tweaking, but bloody good effort on your part. Well done. A bit more info on how the bike performs would be ideal.
  10. Nice two wheeled car Terry 🙂 I must admit to being spoiled with the 5G song. I find most IL4's lacking in character.
  11. The S1000rr was going to be my next post, but since yours covers everything I was going to say I'll leave it alone. It is a missile on wheels!!! I have 29" inseam and have the same trouble.
  12. 2018 BMW R1200RS 125HP, 92ft-lb of torque and 236kg/520lb wet. I really had great expectations for this bike, and really wanted to like it. The motor is fantastic, huge amount of grunt everywhere. There is no need to work the gearbox with this bike, and there is no point revving it out as it has much more in the middle than at the end of the rev range. Suspension and brakes are first class, There is an excellent connection between the right wrist and what is happening with the rear wheel. At no time did I think the shaft drive made this bike worse, quite the opposite, it gave a solid direct feel of what the rear wheel was doing without any slop or free play. As a matter of fact, I haven't come across another bike that has such a direct connection, feel and control with the rear end. The front end however is completely different. This bike has no connection or feed back from the front wheel. So much so that I lost the front end on a hard right hander without any warning. It scared the crap out of me. The bike was wearing Road 5's that were only a couple of thousand km old. I ride feeling what the front wheel is doing, and the set up on my 5G has greatly improved this from stock so I had trouble riding the RS with any confidence. I mentioned this to the owner (he's a California Superbike School coach) and he stated that he hates it for the same reason and loses the front end regularly. He has it for sale and went back to his loved 2011 R1200R. Quality of parts and finish are first rate as would be expected at this price range. Riding position is more upright than the VFR and much more comfortable. I really wanted to like this bike, but was left dissapointed, shame really as it's a great looking bike. This is just a web picture but it's exactly the same bike I rode bags and all.
  13. 2013 Triumph 675 Street Triple R What a hoot of a bike. 107HP, 51ft-lb of torque and 189kg/416lb wet. The steering is super precise, I still don't know how this bike turns, you just look at the corner exit and the bike is already heading there. The suspension is first class, even with my 5G updated suspension it can't come close to how good this bike is. Nothing upsets it, heavy throttle, ripples mid corner, braking, off camber, the bike just holds a line like it's on rails and does so without being harsh. Braking is also spectacular, stoppies are a breeze (not that I intentionally tried). That motor is full of character, the offbeat sound of that triple and the induction noise when you open the throttle with purpose is seriously addictive. It really gives the 5G sound a run for its money. It has great torque from 3500rpm onwards, and will easily out accelerate the 5G (and I'm running 2 extra teeth on the rear), specially on overtakes with not much room. Hit 7000rpm and the bike becomes a different beast, it just howls but starts to run out of puff as it nears the 13,000rpm red line. It is also super smooth with a very slick gearbox. The whole package is very tight and the quality of parts and finish is up there with Honda. The sitting position is much more upright, the seat to peg placement is like the VFR, but because you sit up it feels a lot less cramped. As expected, it has no wind protection, so long trips get a bit tiring. But the upside is a much quieter helmet as it has no turbulance. I normally only wear a tee shirt under my leathers here all year round without a problem, but on this day on the STR I felt the cold (it's mid winter here and it was 19°C) The strange thing was that I got a sore left arm on a 200km ride, not sure why but I would need to change or adjust the very wide bars if I was to own one. The bar end mirrors are only there to pass inspection as they were absolutely useless. It was running Rosso III's and you could not make a tyre that suits this bike better (I also use them on my 5G so I know very well how they behave). It was a great day and I had some serious fun, I'm seriously considering the new 765R as an option to replace my 5G, but I've never owned a bike without a fairing which holds me back.
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