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  1. My opinion is that the VFR is actually useless under 5000rpm, and mine is very rarely under that even in traffic. Its why you have a gear box. Its a 4 cylinder with a 11750rpm red line and needs to be revel like one.
  2. No, you need to test the stator. You unplug it from harness, you then check between phases A B and C. You should get around 25vac at idle, and 65vac at 5000rpm. Thats AC volts, not DC. Only way to know if stator is good. If you get that, then the RR is faulty.
  3. Be aware that the resistance readings might be good, but the stator might still be faulty. This is often the case. Only way to be sure is to test voltage between phases while engine running. Both at idle and 5000rpm.
  4. I often ride out to Road Warriors on the Old Road for lunch during the week when work allows. I’ll message when I’m heading. Don't usually know until the morning
  5. This thread is for riders that live in or near Sydney and are interested in joining the occasional outing. Let me know if you're interested and I'll add you to a message group so we can keep up to date on any local rides.
  6. VFROZ

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    Thanks for the positive comments. Still going and looking well, turned over 130,000km last month while doing the Oxley with mates. The only worn part that needs replacing badly is the VTR lower forks as they are worn beyond service, hard to find in good condition.
  7. VFROZ

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    I'll set up a Sydney riders thread and see how it goes. I mostly ride during the week whenever I find a bit of time to get away, or early Sunday morning. I also do the Oxley and Phillip Island for WSBK every year.
  8. VFROZ

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    I'm always up for a ride, The Putty/Wolombi/Old road loop is pretty good, ot just an early morning ride up the Putty to the old truck stop, an old bloke has set up a wood fired BBQ there and cooks up bacon and egg or snags in a roll with a pot of coffee always brewing, breakfast of champions.
  9. VFROZ

    Old Truck Stop Putty Rd

    No more than any other twisty road when all the idiots come out. During the week it's empty, and if you get up early you mostly have the road to yourself. A lot of the tight stuff has been recently resurfaced and its bloody good.
  10. I've been seriously thinking of buying one of these for my 5G. Very keen to hear what you think of noise and note. I run a Staintune without baffle at the moment, and my only worry with the CW is that it might be too loud.
  11. It does nothing to performance as it only opens into the exhaust port to introduce air into the exhaust at a fully closed throttle to help get rid of unburnt fuel. It stops the popping on a closed throttle, that is it.
  12. Any idea on how much these are going to cost?
  13. Just open it with the latest Dynojet program and copy all the information across. As in open two powerCommamder programs. One with the PCIIIUSB map and copy all the values to your current set up. Does this make sense to you?
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