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  1. Because we can. I refuse to stop fideling with my bike, I know it makes no financial sense, but such is life. I'm going to buy at 765 Street Triple R this year with plans to stick a Daytona fairing on it, once I do I will probably turn my 5G into a naked with major weight loss the target. Crazy I know. Why? Because I can.
  2. Did you do a wet compression test? i would suspect the valves might have something to do with the low numbers. Any valve that was sitting in the open position is susceptible to a bit of corrosion forming and giving you low compression. If I had a spare motor sitting there, I would deffinetly pull the head and redo all the valves and springs/seals before I installed it.
  3. A quick question, have you synchronised or zeroed the throttle position to the PCIII?
  4. VFROZ

    No More Side Radiators - Period!

    No, not me. That would be Keef and his naked 5G.
  5. When sitting at a constant throttle opening the EFI goes into closed loop and O2 sensors come into play, readings from these are used to lean out the fuel mixture to conserve fuel. When the throttle is opened again O2 sensors are ignored (open loop) and system again uses stored maps for the fueling. Its why I got a PCIII and got rid of the O2 sensors on my 5G, it used to drive me nuts.
  6. The plate states that the pipes meet Australian standards at the time of registration. It is all it needs. All Staintune low mount pipes had them, the high mount pipes didn't (5G). However that was with the baffle in, if it has been removed it won't meet regulation, but most people don't know that. I don't think you will have a problem.
  7. I bought a cheap $65 replacement that has been doing its job for 3 years now. My mate bought one for $215, which has also lasted 3 years. Even if mine fails now, his will need to last more than 9 years to be worth it.
  8. VFROZ

    Hello from Germany

    Right on the money. Triumph Sprints and Aprillia Tuonos were notorious for cooking stators as were many other bikes. The 5G wiring was very marginal at best which made matters worse. Plenty of info here on what to do to permantly fix the problem. The new SCR type are the best option, but the MOSFET ones found on many bikes will make things much better and will last years as long as the wiring is upgraded. I've got a few MOSFET RRs from various R1's and FJR1300's with low kilometres that I picked up for under $50.
  9. VFROZ

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    PS, forget top rev horse power, that means nothing unless your racing, torque is where it's at.
  10. VFROZ

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I don't want to be the downer on this thread, but even though the dyno chart looks flat, it's not the same as a normal 5G, or 6G. They normally have a fat mid range which is missining with this header. From my enterpretation of this chart, it lost a whole heap of mid range grunt. which is the best part of our V4's. Happy to be told I'm wrong.
  11. VFROZ

    Picture Thread

    It's always good to keep the wife happy. 👌
  12. No they do not. Different connection set up. CBRXX also have slightly higher fuel pressure. No idea why it costs so much more, maybe VFR owners will fork out, BB owners won't.
  13. VFROZ

    1999 VFR800 Clutch

    The cklutch pack and basket on the 00/01 is different from 98/99, and I believe it is shared with early 6th gens. The master cylinder was changed on the 00/01 to make clutch operation easier, and is also shared with the early 6G. Easy enough to find a 00/06 master to make it light, or you can leave it as is and keep it the same as you're used to now.
  14. VFROZ

    VFR 750 Rear shock adjustment

    For goodness sake people, learn to set up your sag. Its not rocket science and blows me away how many people neglect this.

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