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  1. VFROZ

    Grinding gears

    First off check that you are using it correctly. You need to hold the throttle open while you give the shifter a firm and quick push into gear. Quick shifters work better at higher revs, if you are changing gears at 3000rpm you are better off using clutch. If this is the way you do it and it's grinding, than there is a problem.
  2. VFROZ

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    I'm guessing just 04 to 08, after that they seem to have a larger stems. Is there any problem them being flat? No interference issues?
  3. VFROZ

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    After I asked the question, I realized I knew the answer. The 7G bottom tripple has to be different as the forks are slimmer on the bottom than the top, oposite to the SP1. I know about the stops, seems easy enough to modify. My rear is already higher by about the same, I'll play around with the forks and see. Thanks for all your help people.
  4. VFROZ

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    Thanks vfrcapn. Question for you Kev, What top triple is that? 954 or 7G? Also your forks are quiet high, any problems with clearence when bottomed out?
  5. VFROZ

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    The stupid thing is that it's from the same bloke. I guess his pissed that he let the forks go for so little. Does anyone know what the 7G tripple offset is? KevCarver's idea about 7G clipons is good and I'm chasing some up.
  6. Agree, I'm sure they are good, but they are outright ugly.
  7. VFROZ

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    That would be great Terry. The axle is only used on the SP1/2 sadly. But it’s not an over the top expensive item. The bottom triple and wheel is another matter.
  8. VFROZ

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    I did that Terry, was thinking more on the lines of using something else with some modifications like different bearings or spacers. Found the caliper brackets cheapley enough tonight. I'm starting to think it might not be worth the hassle or expense. But then again, patience always pays off. I know where there is an SP1 bottom triple and axle, but the bloke wants AU$200 for them, that's what I paid for the forks.
  9. VFROZ

    VFR water pump rebuild

    It says it above. $219 + shipping
  10. I recently found a set of Racetech rebuilt SP1 forks for bugger all, and I couldn't pass them up. So I've started the process of finding all the other bits I need. I already have SP1 calipers on my delinked 5G, so I need: SP1/2 bottom triple (because of the gull wing design) SP1/2 front wheel SP1/2 front axle CBR929/954 top triple (also because of the gullwing design) Convertibars Front guard Can any of these parts be substituted from easier to get models? The top triple and convertibars are not a problem, but some of the other stuff can be hard to find or expensive, specially here in Oz.
  11. Some people don't know when to stop LESS IS MORE!!! The LEDs and Repsol chain guard is over the top. Black lines on tank don't follow lines of bike. But it's a good look I think.
  12. VFROZ

    Please help me fix my overheating.

    As I stated before, cleaner and water will boil. It is only meant as a temp fill to clean system. It will not handle a system that specifies 50/50 coolant water mix. You should be right once it is all removed
  13. VFROZ

    RC30: The Musical

    It brought tears to my eyes.
  14. VFROZ

    Please help me fix my overheating.

    If you were just running cleaner and water, it will overheat. Are you using 50/50 distilled water and coolant concentrate? Nothing else should be used. Are all the fairings and panels installed? Air flow will not go through radiators without them. Have you opened the water pump to look inside? Make sure you have a new seal ready if you do. There is a problem somewhere if it's overheating when ridden hard.

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