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  1. You're using Windows 7???? Seriously Grum, you need to update, we're up to Windows 10 you know 🙂
  2. This is not a boring old twin. The Aprillia has a 270° crank, and sounds and behaves like a V twin, just more compact. Don't underestimate the new generation of twins with the crossplane cranks, they have huge amounts of torque and are just as intoxicating as the V4 was in its day. With the power to weight ratio, latest equipment and all the electronics, they will leave the poor old VFR far behind. But it's not a sports tourer, they are out of fashion I'm afraid, and it doesn't seem like anyone is in a hurry to bring them back. Sad really. I couldn't find a replacement
  3. Bugger, you should have used that opportunity to replace said faulty water pump with a newer 2015 VFR. Better safe than sorry I say.
  4. Yes you can. I installed a pump from a 2008 6G on my 2001 5G without a problem.
  5. No need to panic. A 6G or even 8G pump will fit, even if part numbers are different. I fitted a 6G pump on my 5G With no problem and I know someone fitted an 8G as well.
  6. That is a fantastic looking bike Captain, well done. It brings back very fond memories.
  7. I've owned this bike for 3500km's now, so thought I would update my thoughts. Even though the ST weighs the same as the VFR, it carries it's weight higher as the motor sits higher and more forward in the frame. It's fine with me as I like more weight on the front, but I struggle riding up my steep driveway on the grass when my ute is parked there, as it spins the rear and I go up sideways no matter how hard I try to stop it, the VFR with the same tyres had no problem wet or dry. It handles better than the VFR, but I found the VFR easier to throw around. This might change as I be
  8. In Oz, modifications to exhaust, suspension, brakes or fuelling (including modules like Dynojet) do not affect your insurance. I actually checked this with my own insurer. Obviously other countries differ. And something I found surprising, when I transferred my insurance to my new 1050 ST it was actually cheaper. The VFR was insured for AU$5200 + AU$2000 of riding gear and it cost me AU$320 yearly. The new Sprint 1050ST is insured for AU$6500 + AU$2000 of riding gear and costs me AU$290 yearly. Who would have guessed?
  9. I don’t think the problem is your headers. I replaced item with the same on my 2001, and found that I lost some top end but gained bottom and middle (they’re not a very free flowing headers, pretty crap design really) I did have a PCIII installed, but when I sold the bike I removed it and took it for a ride to make sure everything was fine, no hesitation at all, but it was an 01.
  10. Hmmm, this has been said before. I'm hoping it is true this time.
  11. Thanks Grum, it was a hard decision to make. The VFR motor is the hardest to replace and I just couldn't go to an IL4. It has 35,000kms on it and is stock except for the rear guard being removed and LED stop light and blinkers intergated into one, quite nifty the way it works. Tip: always consult wife before making rash decisions.
  12. 2008 Triumph 1050 Sprint ST, only because I've ended up buying one. It was a hard decision to trade in the 5G, but with 137,000kms on it and wanting a change, it was the only obvious choice without breaking the bank. A fantastic chasis, same weight as the 5G, but with 123 horses and 77ft-lb of torque. It has steeper steering geometry with shorter trail, it also places more weight on the front wheel, so it makes for faster steering and really good feed back from the front tyre. I actually love the way it drops into a corner, it is so precise and quick, also easy to throw aro
  13. You're actually right Terry, The problem with mine and my mates was high idle after getting hot. Not slow idle while cold. I've also noticed US bikes seem to have a lot more corrosion than Oz bikes. Not much rain here, and definetly no salt in winter.
  14. Also make sure that the orifice on the top of the thermostat housing that supplies the coolant to the wax unit is not blocked. It is small, and because it sits on top it often fills with gunk if any air has been in the cooling system. It happened to mine and also my mates Blackbird.
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