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  1. VFROZ

    Hello..................and a sick VF1000

    Congratulations. Looking good. It is always a pleasure to clean an old girl up and get it running again. Grum might have been on to something, what size is that front tyre? it looks very tight on that guard. Have you opened up the valve covers to look at the cams?
  2. VFROZ

    Hello..................and a sick VF1000

    Back in its day it was a real mile cruncher. A bit of a nervous front end, but a great sounding bike. I wish I had all the bikes I’ve owned. Specially my GPz900R, or my Laverda RGS1000. Sorry for the thread hijack.
  3. VFROZ

    Hello..................and a sick VF1000

    My other hobby is photography.😉
  4. VFROZ

    Hello..................and a sick VF1000

    16” front wheel mate. That and a wide lens makes it look bigger.
  5. VFROZ

    midpipe and o2 delete all that is required?

    They are not midpipes, they are the rear headers.
  6. VFROZ

    Pro evo shift kit?

    You should at least bleed the clutch, or even better, dismantle the slave, master cylinder, push rod and give them a good clean. It will always clunk into first when stopped, but will be worse if your clutch is not disengaging properly. Hence the bleed and clean suggestion.
  7. A service manager making it sound harder than it is, well I never...
  8. VFROZ

    Pro evo shift kit?

    I was going to jump on this, but at AU$1000 or round about, makes it way over the top. It certainly gives you an idea of what great value for money the new 765 Street Tripple R is If it only came with a fairing, even a half one.
  9. VFROZ

    Pro evo shift kit?

    There doesn't seem to be much difference on the shift star except a bit less peak on the ends. I wonder if you can do the same by grinding a bit off the original one. I must say my 5G has no problems shifting, and it's actually a lot better than most other bikes I have ridden, except for some of the top notch latest weapons. Any bike can be clunky if you shift crap, but can be smooth if your timing is right. I cam mostly shift without clutch after second without anything but a click as it goes in.
  10. VFROZ

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    Well I’ll be buggered. Nothing like a scientific approach. I was thinking about it after my last post and thought the stretch might not be in the plates themselves, but wear on the inner pin and roller would cause chain to get longer. Considering my last chain lasted me 50,000km, I probably couldn’t be bothered doing anything about it though. Now time to start testing car oil on your bike Gig, and report back 😉
  11. VFROZ

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    Another option is to measure with calipers the distance between outer edges of 2 rollers of one link with a bit of pressure on new versus old chain. You're pobably right that the strech is in the link itself, if it is turning it over is not going to achieve much. Either way, it's a lot easier to just get new chain and sprockets. The other thing to consider is how long some chains last on those that use Scott oilers, is that because of less sprocket wear or outer roller wear?
  12. VFROZ

    6th gen tail on 5th gen

    Hmmm, no answers. I know it's been done. From my understanding, you will need the subframe, the undertail, the lights, the exhaust and the guard. You will also need to reposition your ECU, the regulator/rectifier, and some other electrical components/relays. The advantage is some weight saving, and a more modern look.
  13. VFROZ

    18/46 gearing, finally!

    I can see your logic, and I did think about it, but I just don't think its worth the hassle for net gain. Yes in theory, the pins do also wear, but I think most of the wear happens in the outer side of the roller. Consider it your next project 🙂 and report back.

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