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  1. Dang wish i read that yesterday already ordered a sc44 wheel but i just realized that with a 330mm braking disc you hardly see the rim hehehe
  2. Those wheels are sadly nowhere to be found though... there is not a single R51 front wheel to be sold on ebay nor any other site here in the netherlands. and i kind of want to ride this summer so waiting for a wheel to pop up is not a option
  3. Thanks for the reply JZH i actually have 25x42x9 bearings but i wasnt sure about the strength of such a thin bearing so i fit 2 on each side. i'm thinking of getting a laser-cut disc to fit the 330mm rotor and then use spacers to get the offset right, i just hope it will be strong enough.
  4. i actually want to use the original vfr wheel because i really dislike 3 spoke wheels.
  5. Hello, I'm turning my vfr 750 RC36/2 into a naked bike since all the plastic is rotted/broken/weak. and i mounted a fireblade SC44 front end with brake calipers, and i want to use the original vfr wheel. so my question is does a cbr 929 brake disc (330 mm vfr is 296mm) fit on a vfr 750 wheel? i'mm asking this because brake discs are not cheap, so i wont just buy it and see if it fits hehe EDIT: nevermind i found out that the bolt pattern of a vfr 750 is 75mm and the sc44 110mm. so then, does anyone know a 330 brake disc with a 75 mm bolt pattern ?
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