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  1. Here they are side by side, 5th gen part on the right. The 'shoulder' on the RC51 part is the sleeve that goes through the spacer to stop you from crushing it and the panel. The bare bolt looks like the one JZH posted above.
  2. Once I get it on the bike and try it I might want to upgrade the seat to a Sargent, feed back from anyone who has put one on an RC51 would be appreciated.
  3. I had to put the RC51 tail project on hold to heat and winterize the garage so I can work in there all winter, but it was getting close to finished. In the attached pic you can just see the little Motogadget turn signal on the side of the license plate frame, those tiny things are hell for bright! There's also a CustomLED CBR600 tail light with integrated signals that I found on sale, it blends right in to the shape of the tail so you can only see it from the side when it's on. I'll have to make a midpipe for my VFRD header once installed. I've got a 6th gen subframe lower shock mount too, might install that and some Sato rear sets too when the rest of it is done. I will post more pics of the subframe mods when it's done, right now it's on the jig I made to modify it, which will be a good place to store the VFR parts should I ever want to reinstall them. Only painting required is the trunk lid, the one to match the tail was NLA so it needs a black T shape on it. I have Interceptor decals that may go where the 800R is. I was able to get the trunk lock to line up with the rear master cylinder reservoir viewing window so it's nearly invisible, and have some ABS sheet to make a flat under tray. The trunk space will be substantial and this will be a bolt on when finished. I also have a seat to replace the trunk lid, to which I can attach a 20L Kriega bag.
  4. Yes, the RC51 bolts are meant to install with the bolt, collar and spacer. I think the intent of the plastic spacer is to move the 'hook' of whatever you attach to it away from the paint. and the sleeve gives it something solid to tighten on. No reason you couldn't just use the bolt alone, but it doesn't have the extra shoulder to locate the panel like the original VFR bolts. The sleeve serves that purpose. For the RC51 tail I modified the aluminum RC51 subframe to fit the VFR.
  5. The CBR900 parts you post are above are the same Honda part used on the RC51, which I recently purchased for an RC51 tail swap I am doing on my 5th Gen. In $CAD the retail price from Honda was Bolt $12, Spacer $5, Sleeve $6, so $46 for the full set or approx 30 Euros. Honda Part #'s; BOLT, SIDE COWL SETTING, 90116-KY2-700 COLLAR, SIDE COWL SETTING, 83642-KY2-700 SPACER, SIDE COWL SETTING, 83641-KY2-700
  6. I had the same reaction when I saw this some time ago. Those are Harris Rearsets, which they don't make anymore. Seb also produced some nice looking adapters but has said he is too busy to produce more at this time, I see you have placed an ad for some. The third option that I am pursuing is to install the lower shock mounting bracket (BRACKET, RR. CUSHION (LOWER) in Honda lingo, P/N 50475-MCW-D00). This is the same part on all 6th and 8th gen and bolts on to the 5th gen, allowing you to use later model resets as well as aftermarket ones such as Sato, https://www.satoracing.com/rearsetsVFR800.htm You will need some of the associated parts such as the through bolts and so on, easy enough to figure out if you look at parts fiche. I have the casting in hand, the rest is a winter project along with replacing the forks, delinking the brakes, installing VFRD headers and an RC51 tail section.
  7. You mention the different bore master cylinders that are used with this same caliper on different bike models. The missing thing that makes them work more or less the same is the pedal ratio. I would expect the smaller bore MC has a longer arm (pivot to clevis pin) relative to the pedal length than the larger one does. I have the P34 on my RZ350 with an 11mm Brembo MC and it works great. It's also important when mixing and matching parts like this to make sure that the lever arm is more or less perpendicular to the MC push rod at mid travel. The leverage decreases as the angle increases, so if you start past 90 degrees it will get softer as you go instead of operating around that middle 'sweet spot'. The same logic applies to shift levers, suspension linkage etc. Yours looks ideal in the final iteration.
  8. I really like that. I have a black 5th Gen so it would be really subtle during the day. Is each 'feather' a single piece that you cut around the holes and vents? I am also in Ontario, not far from CFB Borden.
  9. Ditto for Techspec, just installed one and it was exactly what I was after. The bike came with one of those multi faceted spine style ones and all the edges had accumulated grit. It took a motherload of polish and patience to make the tank nice once I'd removed it.
  10. I stopped for gas last week and pulled up with the only available pump on the right side. I knew the guy at the next pump and was chatting with him while I opened the tank and hung my newish Shoei GT Air on the left mirror (I would normally have put it on the 'uphill' right side). I decided to put the bike on the centerstand to get a better angle for the nozzle, and as I heaved back and pushed the stand down it all went pear shaped and the bike fell away from me towards the pump. My friend and a random helpful stranger quickly helped me right the thing, which had stopped on the pump curb with the handle bar end. Nothing else touched the ground, except the bottom of the foot peg as it folded and the brake pedal which bent slightly. Not a mark on anything, my helmet stayed on the upside mirror and not a drop spilled from the open tank. Lucky or what? After the fact I found my foot had slipped off the stand at the critical moment because there was a wad of chewing gum (with a cigarette butt stuck in it!) on the bottom of my boot right where I pushed on the stand 🤬 .
  11. Time for the spammer ban hammer 💩🤡🔨
  12. I googled 'Honda style Dzus receptacle' and found this; https://www.ebay.com/itm/191959936702 Based on eBay pics of used panels it is more or less exactly what you need. The studs and plastic retainer washers are still available from Honda.
  13. Thanks for that find! I ordered mine and seven came in 🤬. The last one is backordered until late July. I'll order one in the morning.
  14. Nice pic. The RC51 is one of my all time iconic motorcycles.
  15. It could be down to something as minor as a different bearing or seal material, thicker cover O-ring etc. I am surprised though that the NLA 5th gen number doesn't supersede to the 6th gen number. Not sure about Honda, but Yamaha do this if it fits.
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