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  1. Interested in the hugger too, it looks like the one Pyramid do for the 800X that mounts to the chain guard.
  2. The Harris hugger pics are on page 6, but you really should look at the whole thread, very nicely done all around! Thanks for sharing that.
  3. There's one in the classifieds right now, seems like a good deal for a new NLA item;
  4. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Motorcycles. Good for you for being involved in the rescue.
  5. Awesome news, thanks for all the effort put into this by both of you!
  6. The most important part! Thanks for the tips! Mohawk, thanks for that link, just what I needed. I was also thinking of using the standard RC51 reservoir, but since I'm going to use a flat undertray the little sight hole for the reservoir is a good spot to put the lock for the trunk lid.
  7. I used the BLS blocks on my 5th gen and had to shorten the brake rod and clearance the back of the block a bit for the pedal, but they were well made and definitely helped my comfort. Another tip that might interest you with your size 15 canoes is that the shift lever from an Aprilia Tuono bolts right on and is about an inch shorter than stock.
  8. :) Yeah, I looked at that and was wondering if you still have it. I will PM you shortly.
  9. I wasn't aware of the wider fork spacing, so thanks for that one. I've got a brand new CBR1000 (not sure year) rear MC that I bought for another project and never used but I think it's ⅝" (16mm) so it might be a bit touchy.
  10. I have been contemplating a front end swap on my 5th gen. I have previously swapped late model R6 inverted forks onto my RZ350 and love it but don't fancy getting in that deep on the VFR this year as I have enough projects on my slate. As it overlaps with other aspects I would like to change I am considering just swapping out the lowers for VTR1000 parts and CBR calipers. I would replace all seals and bushings at the same time. This would save me removing the triples, as I just did the steering bearings last year, and also save dicking about with steering stops, bars, wiring etc. I can get a V
  11. Dangeruss


    Damn that's a nice looking bike. The perfect angle, and the high pipe finishes it beautifully.
  12. Ha, thanks for the reminder, I have a couple of those in the cupboard, just like that one.
  13. Yeah, the more I think about it that is the more professional approach. I'll build a jig so I can do one leg at a time and end up with it in the right place.
  14. Thanks! Right now it's just a bunch of strips of aluminum flat bar, plenty sturdy enough to sit on, but meant to acquire dimensions for a final solution that I haven't chosen yet. I'm stuck between fabbing a single sturdy adapter plate for each side for a bolt together setup, or welding new legs on the RC51 subframe to put it in the right place. Since nothing is conveniently on the same plane I'm leaning towards option 2.
  15. Sooo, the snow is melting and it's warmer in the garage so I started playing; I've lost about 25 lbs in the past couple of months so I thought the bike should look slimmer too. I will likely never go on a long multiday ride on this and don't own luggage for it so this isn't a comfort issue, although I will probably get a Sargent seat for it. I could swap the stock tail back on in an hour or so. The cranked up muffler is temporary until I get my VFRD headers, I plan on making my own mid pipe and mounting a nice carbon or Ti muffler tucked up tight to the tail. I need to
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