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  1. @Duc2V4, how do you like that Denali, I was thinking of getting one. I'd like a horn that sounds like a mid 70's Cadillac, my reference for a horn that gets peoples attention in primal fear kind of way.
  2. I'm thinking that it probably has lower initial ratio up to stock ratio at the other end, so it will require more rotation to get full throttle. It might hit the inside of the housing before this happens. They could have made it higher ratio than stock at full throttle to keep the same rotation but then the OD might have been too big. Try loosening the throttle housing screws and see if that gives more rotation. Once you figure out what part of it is making contact you might be able to file a bit off the cam to get it to go the rest of the way. I assume you still have the stock one around, com
  3. If your brakes are already delinked you could grab one of these and put a Brembo caliper on it;
  4. I assume you got the throttle tube from G2 Ego? I am interested in this because I wouldn't mind losing some of the off-idle sensitivity. Since you changed cables and the throttle tube I think you need to figure out what is limiting travel. In the picture where you are lifting the throttle to the stop the cable looks like it is going slack in the pulley. If you try opening the throttle further while doing this will it go? With some of G2's cams you have to relieve the inside of the throttle housing for clearance. It seems odd that the return cable would let it go further though, unless you have
  5. @ridervfr YSR50 in the garage 👍, but surely you mean '89 not '98. One of the coolest 'toy' bikes ever.
  6. Right hand thread, sounds like you were going the wrong way, so it will be good and tight now. As Terry suggested, penetrating oil (applied at the split so it gets into the thread) can't hurt. Beyond that some heat (again on the lower threaded portion) will expand the aluminum swingarm faster than the steel bolt. Sometimes a good rap with a brass or aluminum drift directly on the head of the bolt helps free up corrosion in the threads. For reinstall wire brush the threads and apply some anti-seize to prevent galvanic corrosion and torque to spec.
  7. Awesome story! So many great memories for both of you. After the first post I was going to point out that the Falls are better on the other side😉, but you are obviously aware of that and the border was closed anyway. It'd be a good trip to take her on when life returns to normal. Thanks for sharing.
  8. 👀 Please do. When I saw the A&A kit my first thought was 'probably a good thing those aren't available anymore'. Second thought was 'damn I want to do that'.
  9. Agreed, many years ago I had to change the lighter socket on an early Acura, I nearly had to gut the interior. I had a vision of the car starting out as a lighter socket travelling down the assembly line.🤬
  10. That bastid thing was the first part I removed on my VFR when I got it and I couldn't believe a trim piece with 3 bolts could be like one of those Chinese twisted wire puzzles. Eventually I did the same as you and loosened the swingarm pivot bolt. If I had to remove the wheel or exhaust to get a damn heat shield off I would have had to make something simpler just on principal. I absolutely love the bike but only Honda could make something so simple a complete pain in the ass.
  11. DISLIKE; The cheesy looking ‘condom’ mirrors. They might have been hip at the time or emulating the NR750 or whatever, but 22 years on they look like an afterthought. LIKE; The 2000-2001 mirrors I just installed. I ordered these from Honda the day I got the bike, the left side came in the next day in early June. The right side finally showed up yesterday nearly 3 months later.
  12. It sounds like you are having a similar experience to me, I wasn’t really looking but a clean ‘98 came along with similar miles at a similar price and I couldn’t say no. I also found a ton of chain spooge everywhere and years of brake dust and spent several days cleaning the bike up. I’ve ridden it most of the summer now and every time I get off it or even look at I think ‘damn, what a great bike’. I hope you enjoy your as much as I enjoy mine.
  13. I’ve always preferred sound technical advice to a coin toss but as you please. A fuse will not change how a malfunctioning circuit operates until it blows.
  14. This post makes me think of Rage Against the Machine’s first album cover, both in name and image. Top marks to Grum for quality of advice and patience in the face of adversity.
  15. It appears that the dimensions of P32 vary with port arrangement. On the first page of this thread I posted the dimensioned schematics of P32 and P34 from OPP's website, they are an authorized Brembo distributor. I checked again after your previous post and noticed the links weren't showing the images as I posted them so I changed them to links to the actual files. I also looked at other calipers and it seems that the P32 with radial ports like yours (P32F) differ from the axial port ones (P32G) that look like Tirso's P34. The schematics I linked earlier show the axial port style to be identic
  16. The first one looked like the 'Fails' video, but the second one, wow! All women 5'1'', a foot shorter than me and probably half my weight, throwing those around like dirt bikes. Awesome! Notice how long the handlebars are so they can ride them without sprawling over the tank.
  17. Nice progress! Curious if you were able to move the caliper inboard enough to get the whole pad inside the OD of the rotor to accomodate using a new rotor and not having to trim pads.
  18. Headlight Revolution have some good comparison videos on YouTube between LEDs and Halogens in a variety of housings (all car and truck, but light is light). I'm not suggesting they are the ultimate resource but their videos are fairly objective and present the results in a manner you can evaluate yourself. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhombf0sgTNxJQbzAIIhSXdlMx7eogh6Y As they state, brightness isn't as important as beam pattern, the lighting variant of 'Power is nothing without control'.
  19. I just replaced both my bulbs with H4's and felt that they did not sit very securely with only 1 tab. I could move the connector around and see the effect on the beam. I put in a pair of the shims available on Amazon that locate the bulb closely in the shim on the outer shape and the little tabs at the bottom. The shim is about 1mm thick. I checked it against my garage door before and after and the only difference was that the beam pattern was raised slightly, wheras before it was slightly below horizontal at 20ft. The bulb was more securely seated and did not move around when I tried to move
  20. When I was returning from the ride where I took the 'calendar pic' above, a car pulled in front of me at an intersection and was driving quite slow, so I passed them. When I pulled into my driveway they pulled up a minute later, a guy and his wife. He asked me if I recently bought the bike in Wasaga Beach, which I had, so I smiled and said 'I guess you know my friend'. He told me that the bike was his dads before he died of cancer, and it was sold to his cousin, my friends son. We chatted for quite a while and his description of his father made him sound like the sterotypical 'Mad Englishman'
  21. Yeah, they're minor things when you look at it from a daily use perspective, I just tore most of the bike down when I first got it and the stack of minor things started to irk me. No big deal now it's all been done once. I did manage to get the chain off without cutting it, you just have to remove the swingarm nut most of the way and push the pivot bolt through enough to allow the footrest to come off the locating bolt and rotate out of the way. I prefer to clean and lube a chain off the bike, so with a riveted chain this is handy.
  22. Well, that invites a list of likes and dislikes; LIKE- The sound! That iconic V4 sound. I love that sound, and it will get me in trouble. I also like the seamless V4 thrust that comes along with it, especially since adding a few teeth to the rear sprocket. I'm still not used to the immediacy of the throttle at very low speeds but that will come. DISLIKE- Wellnuts for panel fasteners, especially where 3 overlap at the top of the mid panels. It's like trying to start a screw in cold peanut butter. Then again they might be the reason the panels are like new and not cracked at all
  23. Since getting it on the road I have added a set of Pazzo shorty levers and some Domino grips. I also swiped the Atlas throttle lock off my RZ, I've tried others and this is the best one so far. I replaced the tired Yuasa AGM battery with an Earth-X Lithium that was on sale at my local powersports place. It weighs slightly more than the box it came in and starts the bike just fine. After reading the post on starter valves I bought a DigiSync and found they were set flat. I adjusted them to spec and the bike starts better and is much smoother off a closed or small throttle opening. I p
  24. Inspired by Dutchy's MBD thread I decided to do a sort of blog post to document my relationship with this bike. As posted elsewhere it's a '98 that I purchased from a recently retired co-worker with 54,000km on the clock. I've been riding and modifying an '85 RZ350 for the last 20 odd years and too busy raising kids/supporting a family to expand on that. Kids are now older, life is a bit easier, and this came along at the right time. It didn't need much in the way of TLC but is mostly original other than an updated Reg/Rec, smoked windscreen, and the Kerker end can. The bike started it's life
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