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  1. Check this: Disc info.docx FORK AND DISK INFO.xlsx
  2. Hmmm, this has been said before. I'm hoping it is true this time.
  3. My 5G has gone, so the 8 spoker and PCIIIUSB are up for sale if anyone is interested. 8 spoke rim in good condition $AU$280 PCIIIUSB in great condition AU$150 BOTH NOW SOLD VIA EBAY
  4. Thanks Grum, it was a hard decision to make. The VFR motor is the hardest to replace and I just couldn't go to an IL4. It has 35,000kms on it and is stock except for the rear guard being removed and LED stop light and blinkers intergated into one, quite nifty the way it works. Tip: always consult wife before making rash decisions.
  5. 2008 Triumph 1050 Sprint ST, only because I've ended up buying one. It was a hard decision to trade in the 5G, but with 137,000kms on it and wanting a change, it was the only obvious choice without breaking the bank. A fantastic chasis, same weight as the 5G, but with 123 horses and 77ft-lb of torque. It has steeper steering geometry with shorter trail, it also places more weight on the front wheel, so it makes for faster steering and really good feed back from the front tyre. I actually love the way it drops into a corner, it is so precise and quick, also easy to throw around, much better than my modified 5G. Stock suspension is too soft, the back is OK sort off, but the front is way undersprung, and with progressive springs it makes sure it doesn't actually suit anything or anyone. Who comes up with this crap? The motor is fantastic, I haven't ridden a long stroke motor (compared to most offerings today) for a very long time. It has lots of grunt from down low and is deceptively fast. People who say it sounds fantastic haven't ridden a 5G with open Staintune, the VFR wins hands down. I just could not give up the single sided swingarm, a very underrated feature I think. Sitting position is more relaxed than the VFR with better fairing protection. Brakes are good without being outstanding, all Triumphs come with steel braided brake hoses, so might need different pads to get better bite. Gearing is too tall, so will be changing to -1 front sprocket tomorrow. Hard bags are a pleasure to have, and is something I was looking for on a replacement bike. I can't stress enough how good this bike enters a corner and holds a line, I can't wait until I upgrade the suspension, wife is already pissed so might need to wait a while.
  6. I strongly agree with you Grum. I don't grease wheel studs, but I do clean them with WD40 then just lightly wipe with a clean cloth. Rattle guns and 18 year olds in tyre shops are a bad mix. The only time I use the torque wrench is when I do the cams, all else I do by feel. Mind you there are a lot of people that haven't done a lot of engine work throughout their lives, and seriously over tighten all bolts. My first engine rebuild was on my mum's Austin 1800 when I was 14. Mind you, I had a container full of bolts left over that didn't seem to cause any issues, obviously over engineered.
  7. If you go to: https://www.gearingcommander.com/ load your bike and sprocket combination, it will give you an accurate indication of how it behaves, as opposed to the inaccurate speedo.
  8. I run 17/45 on my 5G and wouldn’t go back to stock
  9. More like competition to the BMW S850XR or the like. At only 650cc it will not be serious competition to the GSXR derived 1000cc Katana.
  10. The time has come to sell my beloved 5G. It has 135,000kms on the clock and needs nothing. List of mods: VTR1000F lower forks and rebound adjusters with 0.95kg springs, hiflow compression and rebound pistons with custom shim stacks. DMR modified CBR929RR rear shock with 21kg spring and raised 15mm RC51 SP2 front brake calipers with CBR600RR front master cylinder. CBR250RR rear master cylinder with all rear caliper pistons working together via internal drilling. HEL steel braided brake and clutch hoses. GSXR coil on plugs Upgraded charging system with FJR1300 regulator rectifier and ground fixes. Power Commander IIIUSB. Sebspeed rear set adapter plates and CBR929 rear sets. Rear hub rebuilt with all new Honda parts. 8 spoke rear wheel. Near new Pirelli Rosso III tyres. Zero gravity double bubble screen. 520 chain and sprocket conversion with +2 rear sprocket. Staintune low mount muffler. Delkevic stainless steel headers. Radiator fan overide switch. 6G right side radiator. Oxford heated grips. Hepco and Becker sports rack. Voltmeter. Many more I can't think of right now. Comes with service history and list of parts used. Does not use any oil or have any problems at all. No postage to the US, must pick up 🙂 Open to realistic offers.
  11. If it’s running fine why would you want to replace or clean them? O2 sensors are not something that need servicing, they usually last the life of the bike.
  12. The bolt doesn’t actually screw through the hanger, but bolts to the case and hanger goes over the top of it. stops the hanger rotating.
  13. I have three mates running LiFepo4 batteries. Shorai and SSB. One of them has them on three bikes. The one in his Ducati hadn’t been started for around 1 year, when we were having a beer in his shed and talking about this he plugged it back in again and it cranked no problem. The bike wouldn’t start but it’s a Ducati after all, and it wasn’t because of a lack of crank power. My other mate has one in his dirt bike that he uses only a few times a year and doesn’t even own a charger. The other mate has one on a road bike that gets used once every couple of weeks. None of them reported any problems, all said they crank much harder than lead batteries. None of them do any maintenance on them. I think there is too much hear say and urban myths about them.
  14. If you want LED's, you need these: Make sure you match colours to the warning lights, and get warm for the instruments if you want it looking the same. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/miniature-wedge-base/194-led-bulb-5-led-miniature-wedge-retrofit-car/199/875/
  15. 5th and 6th gens have the same hole pattern, I think the extra holes are just there for weight reduction. I don’t remember seeing a sprocket with no extra holes. Everyone wants less unsprung weight, not more.
  16. I'll add a funny storey about chain lube. A few years ago on one of our runs to Phillip Island for WSBK with the boys, my mate forgot chain lube. I offered him mine but I only take a tiny can of Maxima that gives you four lubes which is good enough for a 2000km trip, he wouldn't accept it as he didn't want to use it all up. At a servo that we stopped at I noticed a can of Castrol antifling chain oil. He asked me about it and I told him I used to use it back in the 80's and it was good stuff, so he bought it. We had just covered 65km of dirt road so he gave his chain a liberal dose, and decided to be a nice bloke and did all our bikes. Faaark, the crap went everywhere, I've never seen chain lube spread so far and wide. Seriously, we were cleaning it out of every possible surface for weeks after we got back including leathers and luggage. Even the bloke on the R1200R with no chain had it all over him. Antifling my arse. The can has now been glued to a piece of timber and has a bronze plaque on it, it has become our "best passing maneuver on the Bonang" trophy which is handed out every year after our Phillip Island trip.
  17. Ha, that's the same wax I've been using for years. and same for me, 60,000km on my last chain with only 2 adjustments in it's life. Only swapped it out as I went for a 520 chain kit with 2 extra teeth on the rear. 25,000km on it now with only one adjustment at 1000km. Quality chains do make a difference. I've never used a ruler either, I know what 25 to 35mm looks like.
  18. Nice bike. The Rothmans colour always did suit Hondas. Here is my old 1000F, I regret getting rid of it.
  19. You're actually right Terry, The problem with mine and my mates was high idle after getting hot. Not slow idle while cold. I've also noticed US bikes seem to have a lot more corrosion than Oz bikes. Not much rain here, and definetly no salt in winter.
  20. Also make sure that the orifice on the top of the thermostat housing that supplies the coolant to the wax unit is not blocked. It is small, and because it sits on top it often fills with gunk if any air has been in the cooling system. It happened to mine and also my mates Blackbird.
  21. I did ask the a good Kawasaki mechanic back then about the 900r running at 3/4 temperatures all the time, he stated that if the gauge showed 1/4 at the same temperature no one would worry about it. So I never worried about it again. 56,000 kilometers without any issues.
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