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  1. Can anyone provide me with a set of the assembly Instructions for the Rear Carrier (Top Box Mount) for a Gen 6 or alternatively give a link to where I may get one.
  2. I have recently purchased a OEM Top Box for my 2010 Gen 6. Has anyone fitted lighting (Parking/Brake/Indicators) in an OEM Honda Top Box?
  3. I have recently purchased a set of Honda (OEM) Panniers and racks. There a small bag of bolts, Nuts Spacers, sleeves and brackets for the under rear guard/fender fitting. Ihave the Honda installation directions that are in several languages ... 'It may sound dumb, but to me they are as clear as mud' .... Has anyone either fitted one of these or can point me in the right direction to find a step by step guide? HELP!!!!
  4. 1999 VFR800Fi Anniversary Model
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