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  1. Just ordered a set of T31s from RidersDomain with $60 rebate, just thought ya all might want to know its rebate time again. 🙂
  2. thepretender

    Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    Bob are you going to use your Delorean to get there and how to transport the bike? Just funin with ya, this post was for a January ride. I may ride GMR early Sunday though depending on if any appointments to see my home come up. Trying to sell and move to the Mariposa area.
  3. thepretender

    Charger For Lithium Batteries

    From the Shorai website. "While standard lead-acid chargers can be used with Shorai LFX when needed, the BMS01 is specifically designed to charge, store, maintain, balance, and diagnose your LFX battery. " They can be used.
  4. thepretender

    how off is a stock speedo?

    Used GPS (phone) to get real mph then use math to calculate from reported mph difference is 15.7%. Nylon thingy on sensor is shot so for next couple of days getting 0 mph and 0 miles per gallon 😁
  5. thepretender

    how off is a stock speedo?

    My VFR is down a tooth on the front sprocket so it was off 15.7%. I got tired of doing the math in my head so installed a SpeedHealer yeah the mileage is now off 15.7 percent.
  6. thepretender

    Pedrosa Out and Lorenzo In at HRC for 2019

    The Honda will be fine for JL, they just have to install the custom JL fuel tank 😉
  7. thepretender

    Ducati SS

    Duc2V4 next time we ride you should ride the Duc so I can give it a whirl. A new white one looks sooo good when my condo sells and I have some cash I need a reason not to go to Ducati and test ride one 🙂
  8. thepretender

    Bridgestone Spring 2018 Rebate -- February 10 - March 31

    I'll need the tires sometime this year might as well order a couple of sets :) I got room in my garage to set them aside until needed. Thanks
  9. thepretender

    Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    This was due to the instillation of some guard-rail. Closed from the 16th- 22nd.
  10. thepretender

    Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    Lets do it!
  11. thepretender

    I could not ride today because ...

    Enjoy it while you can Lee barely reach 60f this weekend may have to stay home and have hot chocolate and bundle up. :)
  12. thepretender

    Ducati supersport

    Glad you scratched that itch. Wondering the 2 other duc's I've tested also were hesitant at low rpm if a proper flash or PCV might be a nessisary add on for current ducs. Can't see myself on one anytime soon got to give it a test as she is a great looking bike,
  13. thepretender

    Ducati supersport

    I'll take one at that price, can I make a deposit now to reserve one?
  14. thepretender

    Motogp 2016 Season....with Spoilers

    "Stay on the Bike" MM dose that better than anybody.

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