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  1. Well within an hour I had sent in a pic of the wrong tire got rma and shipping label and was on my way to UPS. Three weeks later and I how have my set of tires and another set I had to buy to ride on in the mean time. Won\'t be on the Dunlops for another 6k when the T30s wear out.
  2. Got wrong tire 190/50/17 will it work pros and cons? F-ing Competition Accessories should have used Rockymountainatv like usual.
  3. A burgundy 1984 Honda Shadow 500 passed my MC test on this bike and road it for maybe 9 months before moving up to a Yamaha Fazer 700 good memories.
  4. Just ordered a set of Dunlop Roadsmart 3's. I'm normally a Bridestone man but I'll be lucky if the T31's on it now see 6000 miles.
  5. To be honest most Americans can't put a red dot on Mexico or Canada.
  6. For me white just won't work (don't want to clean them) but damn those look sexy 🙂
  7. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/forum/33-usa-mountain/
  8. Looks like the bike has been dropped at least once on each side probably from a stand still or very slowly moving. I don't think it has been compromised just a little rashed up. Just a matter of can you live with it. Could be why low milage and for the sale.
  9. I've never had an issue with a magnets not holding and don't give it a thought anymore. I prefer the karate kick method of getting my leg over with a tail bag.
  10. Have him knock of $250 for tires (stock tires sucked ass) and buy it before it gets away.
  11. Welcome to the forum 🙂 Great excuse for a bay area ride, as I recall last time there were 2 VFRs in the group and when it got twisty it was the VFRs up front leading the pack 🙂
  12. So you gloved up to show how the jacket looked? Something fishy going on here. 😉 It dose look real good atop that sexy white bike.
  13. Though they still make them VFR's have not been sold as a new model here in the US for several years. Until about a year ago you could easily find old stock in dealers and make a great deal I got my 2014 a year and 1/2 ago for $7000 out the door. Now a days you will have to settle for low mileage used. Good luck.
  14. Too bad it dose not come in red to match my VFR 😞 I have 2 mesh jackets so don't need but if it was red a impulse buy may have occurred.
  15. Picture worth 1000 words I got some oil on the filter before install so was slick as he when installing and couldn't get a good grip. I wiped the tire off as good as I could before heading home but had a good 20 miles of twistys to get home, be sure I was hesitant to toss it into a left turn. Taking it easy seemed to scrub the oil off. Was trying to beat the sun going down before I got past the tightest part so slowly increased left lean angle along the way. Was nervous as hell the whole time 🙂
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