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  1. I love my Danmoto GP Extreme with baffle.
  2. Properly working 8th gen brakes are fine but could use improvement as they are lacking in feel and stoping power. I think braided lines and possibly different pads may be all that is needed. They don't bother me at all except when I ride the VFR right after the S1000R as the brakes on that are very very good, great feel and 1 finger if your so inclined. If you are getting anywhere near the bar when stoping your 8th gen something is wrong, for safety's sake don't stop trouble shooting until you find the problem.
  3. I was just watching this as you posted. "Made me feel young again" the smile on his face is priceless.
  4. This site is too useful to abandon to facebook. I had a general question on a different bike and this place came back with the number 1 answer and it worked. Not only VFR owners are helped from the vast knowledge you all give. Just being up is a good thing even if its not as pretty as it could be. THANKS 🙂
  5. Thanks! Nice to see a a-b comparison. Though I don't have a pressing need for a helmet I'm glad there is an option of the RS-2 going forward. After writing that checked the date on my helmet and will be 5 years old Jan of 2020. Guess I'll need a new one sooner than I thought.
  6. Sunday looks like gonna be a wonderful day for a ride down there looking forward to report and comparison.
  7. Can't be cheap, guessing cost would keep most VFR owners from this option 🙂
  8. Rotella T6 5-6k miles. IMHO Kind dose not matter change it on time every time and thats all that matters.
  9. Hope you find out differently but reviews were not good, among other things very loud. Big fan of RS-1 and was hoping RS-2 was good.
  10. I didn't go into the valley so avoided the worst part, there was enough traffic that passing people was an exercise in futility and 2 spots where they worked on the road with only one lane so backup of 20-30 cars but most were at least moving 5 miles over the speed limit. A gorgeous road so I didn't mind too bad. Yeah the Dunlops that came were so bad I didn't even consider the latest Sportmax even though they are supposed to be great tires. They were not too bad when brand new but with every mile they turned more and more into sh*t oh and they seemed to turn into teflon when rolling over tar snakes.
  11. Finally used up the tires that came on my 2014. 4444 miles surprised me they lacked feel and grip so much I figured they would last longer must have been less rubber than real tires. Put on a set of Bridgestone T31s they turn in so much better took me a while to adjust as I was putting in more turning force than needed 🙂 Went through Yosemite to scrub them in so less than spirited ride got 54 mpg amazing my 6th gen never gave me more than 44 mpg another reason to love this 8th gen.
  12. Nice Bob! I think the BMW S1000R is a bit smoother below 5k rpm but otherwise they are more alike than not except that Aprilia V4 might be the best sounding bike I've ever heard.
  13. Wellcome this is a great forum. If I'm not mistaken you must post a pic of your bike its in the rules somewhere 🙂
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