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  1. Better a hole in the bike than you or a shadered foot. Sounds like the side of the road was as scary as hitting the object. All well that ends well.
  2. As long as you can still walk in a buy a 8th gen you need no alternative. I'm about to make a run to the store I'll be in the VFR (8th gen) gentile curves highway speeds. If I were going out to carve a canyon I'd take the S1000R and if I were taking a day long or longer trip I'd have to flip a coin. If the VFR wasn't available 6 weeks ago I may have had to sell the S1000R and get a Ducati Supersport. Thanks to Honda Selling 5 year old bikes for used bike price so I continue to have a choice between two awesome bikes.
  3. Your switch may or may not work in a given situation but have it will not stop somebody tossing you bike in a van and stripping it for parts. Park it where it is safe or put the biggest chain you can on it if you want to keep it.
  4. First time it happened to me I pulled over to try to figure out what the bike was telling me. Turned it off and restarted the bike and figured it out.
  5. It's not the rubber that does the decapitation but the 5lbs of rubber that knocks you off your bike and the F150 that runs over your head that does the decapitation. LOL
  6. Episode 80: Big Rig Myths An exploding big rig tire can decapitate a person: confirmed http://kwc.org/mythbusters/2007/06/episode_80_big_rig_myths.html
  7. Excellent glad I asked the obvious question and Its working for you. On my 6th gen the front forks were dropped about 1/2 inch to make the steering quicker. Thinking of trying this on my 8th though I don't need the extra bit of lowering I'll take it 🙂 The 8th gen stears quicker than the 6th a bit quicker would be nice.
  8. Start here then sound like others have said proper suspension setup would help.
  9. I've god short legs (27in inseam) myself and putting the seat in the lower position works for me, not flat footed but hanelable. You have the seat in the lower position?
  10. Sounds like what my bike recently did. Rebuilt fuel injectors and a new pressure regulator fixed that problem right up. Don't know for sure the reg was bad but we had the part on hand but 2 of the injectors tested no spray pattern but dripping.
  11. Got rid of a couple of pounds of ugly. Not a whole lot louder than stock but sounds better looks better. Didn't realize was using the front camera so video picture sucks but got the sound. before. Hope these links work. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zdmQQy5oWAXrQAY79 and after. https://photos.app.goo.gl/b57Ex4wGAoTkeE6R9
  12. No I didn't touch the right side.
  13. Thanks thtanner your walk through with pics made my first oil change go smoothly.
  14. How about a walk through with pics"
  15. I've been very happy with the K2 on my S1000R it's been rock solid.
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