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  1. Did you do the front alignment? Just wondering it worked for me.
  2. Normally I'd say plug it but any excuse to replace the crap tires that it came with will do.
  3. Bent, 2 machines the 8th gen is the one that uses a bit of oil. FJ12Ryder, new 2014 got it earlier this year 3700 miles so 700 sense top off and still up to top line on sight glass filter on tight 10-30 oil next change at 5000 so just keeping eye on it, changed at 630 with T6 miles no metal flakes at the first change.
  4. duc2v4 did the actual work but it goes like this. Put bike on center stand push down on rear to lift front end (this was the extent of my help lol) loosen one side of the triple tree lower one on 1 side I think he also loosened the mud guard and brake and possibly the the axel. Then compress the front end a few time bounce it aggressively. If there was a problem this will correct it then tighten the triple tree. If I miss anything duc2v4 or someone else can correct me.
  5. Have you done a front wheel alignment? It's simple free and takes just a few minutes.
  6. I can't leave my dogs alone that long would be a very long day. I may be able to get someone to help out but don't hold your breath. Enjoy the coast.
  7. After the alinement didn't seem to work then as the tire wore it got better and better. I then put a brand new tire on and problem was solved. IF this is your problem you may not have ruined your tire yet. I'm no expert so no promises this is your problem just a possibility.
  8. Not Deluxe but level on Abba superbike stand.
  9. My 6th gen had a similar issue though also just shaked over 80 mph. Mine turned out to be front wheel alignment. Once aligned slowly went away as tire was by then worn by issue. Put a new tire on and no more shake or rhythmic vibration.
  10. Planing a 350 mile ride tomorrow so lubed chain and checked oil, second time in 2500 miles (3000 total) I had to add oil as was just below the sight glass. My S1000R with 35000 miles never needs to add oil. Don't think this should be a problem. Am I wrong?
  11. Nice riding and meeting you all had .great time. Here is some video watch as little or as much as you can stand I hate editing but it is what it is lol
  12. Just looked up the the Junction as I'm the noob and never been. Looks like my kind of place burgers look tasty. I'll miss the first 2 hrs of the ride but figure I won't miss the best part. 😉
  13. thepretender

    Tires on sale??

    Its riding season no need for sales if you need them your gonna buy no matter the price.
  14. I no nothing about this bike other than its for sale look good in pic. Just thought somebody might be interested. Saw this on BARF (bay area riders forum) Was $2000 drop to $1500 https://www.bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=536157
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