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  1. To be honest most Americans can't put a red dot on Mexico or Canada.
  2. For me white just won't work (don't want to clean them) but damn those look sexy 🙂
  3. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/forum/33-usa-mountain/
  4. Looks like the bike has been dropped at least once on each side probably from a stand still or very slowly moving. I don't think it has been compromised just a little rashed up. Just a matter of can you live with it. Could be why low milage and for the sale.
  5. thepretender

    Tankbag magnets

    I've never had an issue with a magnets not holding and don't give it a thought anymore. I prefer the karate kick method of getting my leg over with a tail bag.
  6. Have him knock of $250 for tires (stock tires sucked ass) and buy it before it gets away.
  7. Welcome to the forum 🙂 Great excuse for a bay area ride, as I recall last time there were 2 VFRs in the group and when it got twisty it was the VFRs up front leading the pack 🙂
  8. So you gloved up to show how the jacket looked? Something fishy going on here. 😉 It dose look real good atop that sexy white bike.
  9. Though they still make them VFR's have not been sold as a new model here in the US for several years. Until about a year ago you could easily find old stock in dealers and make a great deal I got my 2014 a year and 1/2 ago for $7000 out the door. Now a days you will have to settle for low mileage used. Good luck.
  10. Too bad it dose not come in red to match my VFR 😞 I have 2 mesh jackets so don't need but if it was red a impulse buy may have occurred.
  11. Picture worth 1000 words I got some oil on the filter before install so was slick as he when installing and couldn't get a good grip. I wiped the tire off as good as I could before heading home but had a good 20 miles of twistys to get home, be sure I was hesitant to toss it into a left turn. Taking it easy seemed to scrub the oil off. Was trying to beat the sun going down before I got past the tightest part so slowly increased left lean angle along the way. Was nervous as hell the whole time 🙂
  12. So took the VFR out for a ride on Saturday over Sonora and Ebbits passes in California whole trip was 280 miles mostly far from any town or city mostly fun and twisty. 69 miles to go on the way home happen to be in Sonoma Ca. the biggest city on my route and I smell oil and while at a stop see some white smoke. I pulled over to discover oil everywhere including the whole left 1/3 of my rear tire. After finding tool kit unable to do the simplest task take off enough fairing to have a good look around the oil filter where I suspect the problem is I make it to the auto parts store to get what is needed to find a fix the problem. Seems while installing the filter with a channel lock made for installing oil filters I compromised the filter and after 2000 miles of heat cycles the crease in the filter failed pissing oil. Glad I was in town and not 50 mile from even a gas station. Picture of the oil filter.
  13. I loved my CRX most fun I ever had on 4 wheels. Should have never sold it. A friends wife took it off my hands after the test ride there was wet spot on the driver's seat, I think she liked it. LOL
  14. Not that I need one but what key words are you using to find brand new ones? All I can find are used ones though a couple have very low miles.
  15. How about a combo of their names to keep it short and simple "The Larryl Header" I guess it sounded better in my head. LOL
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