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  1. thepretender

    RT 49 Heaven

    I get to ride that 2-3 times a week only 23 miles from home 🙂
  2. Just ordered a set of Dunlop Roadsmart 3's. I'm normally a Bridestone man but I'll be lucky if the T31's on it now see 6000 miles.
  3. https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/forum/33-usa-mountain/
  4. Picture worth 1000 words I got some oil on the filter before install so was slick as he when installing and couldn't get a good grip. I wiped the tire off as good as I could before heading home but had a good 20 miles of twistys to get home, be sure I was hesitant to toss it into a left turn. Taking it easy seemed to scrub the oil off. Was trying to beat the sun going down before I got past the tightest part so slowly increased left lean angle along the way. Was nervous as hell the whole time 🙂
  5. So took the VFR out for a ride on Saturday over Sonora and Ebbits passes in California whole trip was 280 miles mostly far from any town or city mostly fun and twisty. 69 miles to go on the way home happen to be in Sonoma Ca. the biggest city on my route and I smell oil and while at a stop see some white smoke. I pulled over to discover oil everywhere including the whole left 1/3 of my rear tire. After finding tool kit unable to do the simplest task take off enough fairing to have a good look around the oil filter where I suspect the problem is I make it to the auto parts store to get what is needed to find a fix the problem. Seems while installing the filter with a channel lock made for installing oil filters I compromised the filter and after 2000 miles of heat cycles the crease in the filter failed pissing oil. Glad I was in town and not 50 mile from even a gas station. Picture of the oil filter.
  6. How about a combo of their names to keep it short and simple "The Larryl Header" I guess it sounded better in my head. LOL
  7. Episode 10 is all about Sebspeed's clutch cover at least he got 1 thing right.
  8. I didn't catch that. Maybe he should be doing something with a Rebel 250 until he learns the basics of riding? LOL
  9. Could be cut 5 min long and still be too long. I'm sure SEBSPEED could do a much better job but I thought worth a look for some. Yeah don't understand the tire choice at all.
  10. Thought this might be of some interest here. 2 episodes and only 1/2 done so you may want to click to edit shorter. I think this is new but if old news I apologize. From the video description "What started as a StreetFighter Build has quickly evolved into a one of a kind CBR/VFR Hybrid Project namely titled the CBR800-V4. Featuring CBR components from front to back on the VFR chassis to make this machine handle better, look better, be better. Imagine a CBR with the amazing V4 engine. The sound and power delivery is awesome! In this Episode we pull the entire rear wheel assembly and suspension to begin the upgrade process. Swapping out the shock for a CBR unit, new improved braking setup and lots of powder coating to make it look as good as it performs. I'm stoked!"
  11. I didn't go into the valley so avoided the worst part, there was enough traffic that passing people was an exercise in futility and 2 spots where they worked on the road with only one lane so backup of 20-30 cars but most were at least moving 5 miles over the speed limit. A gorgeous road so I didn't mind too bad. Yeah the Dunlops that came were so bad I didn't even consider the latest Sportmax even though they are supposed to be great tires. They were not too bad when brand new but with every mile they turned more and more into sh*t oh and they seemed to turn into teflon when rolling over tar snakes.
  12. Finally used up the tires that came on my 2014. 4444 miles surprised me they lacked feel and grip so much I figured they would last longer must have been less rubber than real tires. Put on a set of Bridgestone T31s they turn in so much better took me a while to adjust as I was putting in more turning force than needed 🙂 Went through Yosemite to scrub them in so less than spirited ride got 54 mpg amazing my 6th gen never gave me more than 44 mpg another reason to love this 8th gen.
  13. Normally I'd say plug it but any excuse to replace the crap tires that it came with will do.
  14. Bent, 2 machines the 8th gen is the one that uses a bit of oil. FJ12Ryder, new 2014 got it earlier this year 3700 miles so 700 sense top off and still up to top line on sight glass filter on tight 10-30 oil next change at 5000 so just keeping eye on it, changed at 630 with T6 miles no metal flakes at the first change.
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