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  1. Bridgestone Spring 2018 Rebate -- February 10 - March 31

    I'll need the tires sometime this year might as well order a couple of sets :) I got room in my garage to set them aside until needed. Thanks
  2. Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    This was due to the instillation of some guard-rail. Closed from the 16th- 22nd.
  3. Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    Lets do it!
  4. I could not ride today because ...

    Enjoy it while you can Lee barely reach 60f this weekend may have to stay home and have hot chocolate and bundle up. :)
  5. Where Are The SoCal Rides?

    Maybe someone around here wants to go... We plan to ride to Palomar / Borrego Springs this Saturday, November 11th. The ride will begin at Ortega Highway, to Lake Elsinore, with a short hop on I-15 to Temecula for fuel. Then we will head out onto Hwy 76, S6/S7 over Palomar Mountain, then onto S2/S22 to Borrego Springs. Early lunch at Carlee's (really great hamburgers and beer battered french fries). Then head towards Julian via Hwy 78. The route back to the OC will depend on the group's stamina at that point.Meeting location in the OC is the Starbucks Coffee in Rancho Mission Viejo: https://goo.gl/maps/AYYVKSjE4sF2 (This link is for the UPS Store because Google Maps still doesn't have the Starbucks listed for some weird reason but it is adjacent to this spot)KSU: 7:30 AM Let's take advantage of Daylight Savings time!We ride briskly but safe. All abilities and bike types welcome. Ride your own pace.
  6. 2003 VFR, No FI light, No engine turnover, won't start

    I had this same exact problem but I may not be much help. I took a look and rearranged the wiring around the battery and noticed the dash came back on so turned key and fuel pump did its thing and then started the bike. Been perfect ever sense. I don't know what or where wasn't making contact but works now don't know what to say.
  7. Good to hear I'm gonna do those pass on Friday. Then 120 to the other side.come down 395 and hit Sherman pass on the way home. Hoping to fallow duc on this trip as well but only a maybe at this point.
  8. Does anyone in the san diego area change their own tires?

    I hear tell Guinness is also accepted :)
  9. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    Well sh*t guess it happened. Nice shots. Damn it Duc had been able to make it I probably would have joined him for this :( Guess I'll have to wait till fall to come up that way and shoot some pics of fall color in the eastern Sierras.
  10. Ecn Memorial Ride - NorCal / Sierras - July 22

    No pictures ha it didn't happen. lol
  11. Ice vest. Make or buy?

    Here in California an evaporative vest works well for 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Not sure about how the Texas humidity changes the equation.
  12. Ducati supersport

    Glad you scratched that itch. Wondering the 2 other duc's I've tested also were hesitant at low rpm if a proper flash or PCV might be a nessisary add on for current ducs. Can't see myself on one anytime soon got to give it a test as she is a great looking bike,
  13. MotoGP 2017 season talk SPOILER ALERT

    Asphalt and rubber offer a credible answer for the issues the Honda is having.  
  14. How old are VFR owners?

    55 old enough to know one should "Leave The Gun Take The Cannoli"

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