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  1. My wife surprised me with one of the NR ornaments for Christmas! :-)
  2. A couple folks above mentioned the FZ1. When I was bike shopping in 2006, it came down to the VFR and the 2nd gen. FZ1. I'm sure I would have been happy with the Yamaha, but I'm glad I bought my 6th gen. I've had it ever since. I've been interested in a few BMWs over the years, and am kind of shopping for an R1200R or RS now. I'll probably go with the R, and if so I'll likely go with the previous generation air/oil-cooled bike instead of the newer liquid cooled bike. If I do buy one, it will replace my VFR, but man, I've loved this bike - and I still do.
  3. Congrats!! I always loved the RWB paint. :)
  4. The weather here in NE Ohio is starting to really turn. I rode to Cleveland and back the last couple nights, and Monday the temp as I got home dipped down to 40. We'll still have a few decent days in the 50s where I can get a good ride in, if I'm free one of those days. I'm hoping to get at least one more long day in, but if I don't it's still been a good riding season!
  5. Yes, I'm biased, but that's still one of the best looking bikes ever made!
  6. That's great! Thanks for sharing the photos and info here!
  7. +1 on Wheelers for tires. But try to make an appointment if possible. I was in the area a few years ago and needed a tire for the trip home, but had to wait for him to finish a couple other bikes first. But while I was waiting, I did an up-and-back round trip on the Dragon, so I guess it worked out okay! :) As for a route, I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to ride it, but Route 1 North near Silver Bay, Minnesota is a cool road with many high-speed sweepers and very little traffic (at least the one time I was there). It's a wooded area, but to me it felt like I was truly in the middle of nowhere. Kind of a cool feeling. It's been several years since that trip, so I can't vouch for road conditions now, but back then the pavement was terrific.
  8. The Crossrunner looks great, and yes it's a shame we don't get it in the US. I didn't used to like adventure style bikes, especially those which were really designed (or would be used) for street duty only, but I'm starting to come around.
  9. Hi, all. Longtime member here, but I haven't spent much time on VFRD the last few years. I didn't ride a lot the last few years either, only averaging around 1,500 miles/year, but I'm riding more this year. I'm in the market for my next bike. I still love my VFR, but getting older (I turned 50 two months ago) and being out-of-shape, it's becoming a bit too uncomfortable for long days. I've always liked the BMW R1200R, and might be buying a previous generation bike soon. And if not now, perhaps in the spring. Like my VFR, it's a great all-around bike, and from the reading I've done they're pretty reliable, like my VFR has been. Except for the one time it let me down hundreds of miles from home due to a fried stator. (And I don't hold that against the bike. Those things happen, but it was just bad timing for when and where it happened.) Otherwise, it's been terrific. I've looked at new and used bikes off and on for years, thinking about what my next bike might be. I've considered a few pretty heavily, but I always come back to the R12R. It just seems like a good and versatile machine. Commuting, running errands, long days, tours - it can do everything. I can afford a nice used one, insurance is cheap, available mods are plentiful, and it doesn't "stand out" much, which I kind of like, but I think it's still a great looking bike. Without getting into all the details of why I'm drawn to the R12R, I'll just say I think it would be a terrific fit for me. Thanks for the information posted above about the BMW R1200RS. When I first saw the RS a few years ago, I thought it would be the perfect post-VFR sports-tourer. I never would have imagined it would suffer from a vague front end. Maybe it's a good thing I can't afford one! ;)
  10. I've only ridden a couple other bikes in recent years, but here's a quick word or two about each. Sorry, no photos. Yamaha FZ6: During a group ride, a friend and I exchanged bikes. He'd owned a VFR, so he knew exactly what to expect. The FZ6 was a bike I'd considered when I bought my first motorcycle in 2006, but I decided not to spend that much on a first bike, not knowing how much I would ride, or whether I'd even enjoy it. The FZ6 was lighter and a bit nimbler than my 6th gen VFR with more relaxed ergonomics. The front end was definitely lighter, and coupled with the more upright seating position, I felt like the front end was too light, like I couldn't lean the bike over as much in the corners because there wasn't enough weight there to keep it planted. I don't know if that's even true, but that's how it felt. The windshield was great, but maybe too good, as I like having some air on me. The stillness behind the screen was kind of strange. Anyway, it was a nice enough bike, and I'm sure I'd have been happy with it as a first bike, but in the end I bought a used Kaw. ZR-7S which I rode for five months before upgrading to my VFR. Bolt R-Spec: A few years ago I test rode a new Star (Yamaha) Bolt R-Spec during a demo day. I was thinking of adding a cruiser to my garage, something I still consider doing. I really liked it. Not a bike you'd probably want for long days or tours, especially being a 5-speed, but it's a comfortable bike with decent torque, and there are some nice OEM and aftermarket mods available. I have very little cruiser riding experience, but I think the ride was decent, the seat comfortable enough, and the ergonomics pretty straight-forward. I liked that it was a cruiser/bobber with mid-mount footpegs and some modern style and features, not just a retro-style cruiser. If I were to buy a cruiser, especially more of a bobber, I'd still heavily consider a Bolt R-Spec.
  11. Great tips above. I would add that in doing research on any particular bike and its potential issues/what to watch out for, you should make a list of bikes of similar vintage, condition, and mileage for sale (or recently sold) - ideally in your area or region - and the final sale price if you have a good idea what is was. You'll likely know when someone is obviously asking for an incredibly high or low price, so approach the offer or sale accordingly. Cycle Trader, Craigslist, and eBay are decent tools, as are model-specific internet forums (like VFRD) that have classified sections with bikes for sale by owners (like VFRD). Like Zupatun said though, don't be a dick about haggling. If someone wants an insane amount for their used bike, you might say you've done some research and $x,xxx is more realistic, and you're willing to offer $x,xxx. It's good to have too much information than too little to make sure you don't get ripped off. Also, sellers should be aware most minor mods are not going to net big increases in resale value. A full set of after-market pipes might increase the bike's value, but a set of chrome-plated car ends, not so much. You can take these things into account as a buyer, but again you should be educated enough to know when you should consider a higher offer or sale price according to the whole bike, not some individual farkle. BTW, I'd also watch out for unwanted mods that might say more about the owner and how the bike was ridden or even abused. Asking why the seller is selling the bike can be a good idea. It might help clue you in a bit about how motivated the seller is, and could influence your offer and the final sale price. (But again, don't be a dork!) One more thing: When I bought my VFR (which was listed in Cycle Trader), I met the seller at his home. The bike was pristine with low miles. And the seller's other vehicles were a great indication the bike had been treated properly. His car, IIRC, was a spotless VW GTI and his wife's was a new or newer Honda Accord, also in excellent condition. The more you can tell about a seller, the more confidence you'll have about the item for sale.
  12. And it looks even better in person!
  13. TimC


    Great photo! :smile:
  14. TimC

    VFR SF 1

    As others said above, I would never have guessed this bike is at least 15 years old. It looks brand new. Congrats on the best VFR streetfighter most of us have ever seen! :fing02: Also, as others said, if Honda offered this bike for sale, I would buy it.
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