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  1. Oh yes one of America's great roads. Actually more than 100 miles as the road is great going west and climbing from Montana. As the road follows the river most corners are open which means you can see through most corners allowing a "modest' pace. Have been on it a few times but always touring loaded but no matter this road is fantastic. Make sure you get gas before you start! Man these pictures make me want to post up again especially my last VFR tour.
  2. Quite possible the carriers were the Hornet and Midway. Both were up there at that time as Midway left San Diego in 1992. Ironically I almost took a shot of Midway & my VFR two days ago but but I forgot!
  3. A very cool hole in the wall place. I went once. Have to get back to Colorado!
  4. A fantastic VFR sweeper road. Incredible views. Did you see any sheep?
  5. BonusVFR

    Idaho, Montana, Washington

    Late June and early July VFR tour in 2011
  6. Well should I get an African Twin or a Crosstourer? And then what bike to replace; VFR, KLR or Goldwing? Garage is getting full with 3 bikes, trailer and one actual cage.
  7. Ebbetts (Sierras), Stevens Pass (WA State) and tour of Sierras
  8. BonusVFR

    NorthRim & Utah

    4 V4s to Utah and back to San Diego
  9. Another great road. This is another one on my list to repeat! Thanks.
  10. BonusVFR

    Rt 49

    Yes this is a California Gold run!
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