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  1. KanadianKen

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    For the record - no pressure was ever involved. I was messaged from Timmy that he was buying this bike - stealing it away from my son..... lol. Great bike - you’re gonna love it!!
  2. I'll be a "game time decision"...... But I know that my kid can't get back there soon enough! Careful Rob - he will be stopping yu to pick him up on the way through!!😄
  3. KanadianKen

    Luggage Rack Options

    Some guy on vfrd makes and sells Solo Racks. 😄
  4. KanadianKen


    KevCarver. Check your text messages.
  5. KanadianKen

    VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    Anyone know if "Swag" is being collected for the dinner event?
  6. KanadianKen


    Trygve - my blue connector fix wasn't in regard to this - there are lots of bigger brained vfr engineers that can guide you on these repairs. I can't get into my photo bucket either. ( in regard to a pm I received)
  7. KanadianKen


    A little follow up - both my Zumo's arrived back to me today and the results are excellent. Everything is as promised. Won't have them on the bikes for awhile but will give them a go in the Pilot and see how they work. Very fast turnaround and I'd recommend Palmdr.com !
  8. KanadianKen


    Bykemike - yes that's him. I was holding off on naming him till I got mine back and witnessed the results but it sounds like you had good success. And yes - I sent my Zumo's to him with two 8 gig sd cards so all of North America is loaded. Miguel - my buttons weren't broken - but I was told they were starting to crack from the back side - the urethane back filling solves that issue. I was was told that his Zumo expert technician is on vacation from Feb 6- 26 or something similar so he has a slight delay right now fixing them. However he will still receive shipments and has a very fast turnaround time. Nice to to find someone that is knowledgeable, fair priced and has great communication with customers.
  9. KanadianKen


    Potential public service announcement...... I found a company in Minnesota that does repair work on GPS units - and in particular - they are specialists in the ZUMO 550 repair category. SInce a lot of folks on this forum have these GPS devices - thought I'd share some findings. I will wait to receive my Zumos back - and check out the work I had done, before commenting further on the end result. Here's what I had to deal with: I sent a Zumo 550 that wouldn't boot up past the home picture screen - and they were able to fix that issue, load North America maps (all of them), back fill the rubber buttons with urethane to stop them from cracking and allowing water in and install a new backup battery that is apparently hardwired (soldered) onto the circuit board. The other Zumo I sent had a back up battery installed, buttons back filled with urethane, and all the new North American maps installed. The communication with the company was excellent, the owner was great on the phone and through emails, and the turn around time was crazy good. I think he received my parcel Friday - and they were sent back out today (Monday) in the mail. Price to do everything I mentioned above was $160.00 USD. I'm paying the shipping back to me as well. Considering these units were mucho $$$ when new - and new units are stupid expensive as well - this little reboot/ revitalization is a small cash outlay to extend the service life. Apparently the back up batteries are important to keep an eye on - as when they die - weird things happen to the units - and that likely what happened with the one unit I sent that was basically DOA. It should be about a week or so before they are delivered here - and I'll come back to follow up my findings. .
  10. KanadianKen

    Dubious Chinese Levers??

    Thanks Sweeper - found "your" seller and just ordered a set. Here's a link for anyone also interested : https://www.ebay.com/itm/132120363894
  11. KanadianKen

    VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    For the new folks - the $35 goes toward refreshments such as beer/ice and I believe the dinner on Saturday night. https://paypal.me/pools/c/7ZEn4hID60 The t-shirts will be a separate sign up and are $15. I believe Jason is managing that portion and as he mentioned, he'll post up a sign up link for that when he's got the design done. Most people arrive Friday and depart Sunday. Quite a few arrive much earlier and ride all over the area. This event was created by Baileyrock as a memorial ride and gathering to honour a vfrd member and friend of his (Texasmac) that passed away many years ago. Because of this event, many new friends have been connected, experiences shared, and people with a love for VFR's and motorcycling have gotten together. You wont meet a nicer group of people - (and many are crazy)- anywhere!!
  12. KanadianKen

    Dubious Chinese Levers??

    Thanks for the lead - just checked and most options are on back order. Hoping for more alternatives! Lol.
  13. KanadianKen

    Dubious Chinese Levers??

    Looking for a set of clutch and brake levers for my sons cbr300 - I see there are at least 21,000 manufacturers to choose from on eBay....... If you've bought a set of dubious chinese levers recently - please share your seller/manufacturer of choice if your experience was good. Thanks!
  14. KanadianKen

    Why a red Guzzi?

    Will this time machine present itself at Tmac? Very cool to see you diving soooo deep on this !!

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