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  1. SOLO RACK INSTALL 5th GEN View File Wera803 created this installation document for me - SOLO RACK 5th GEN. Thanks Wera803!! Technical Instructions 5th gen SOLO RACK.pdf Submitter KanadianKen Submitted 10/12/18 Category Owners Manuals and other
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Wera803 created this installation document for me - SOLO RACK 5th GEN. Thanks Wera803!! Technical Instructions 5th gen SOLO RACK.pdf
  3. Trygve - my blue connector fix wasn't in regard to this - there are lots of bigger brained vfr engineers that can guide you on these repairs. I can't get into my photo bucket either. ( in regard to a pm I received)
  4. An inline fuse sis not in place on my bike - but I am responsible if something happens. I didn't want extra connections adding to potential voltage drop - so that's why I didn't use one. Others have used one so if you feel better by having it - go for it!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I do have solo racks. Lots of them. $140 USD includes shipping. Send paypal to ken.irwin@bell.net and I'll send one out. Include style required (5 or 6gen)and your address. I will refresh my ForSale ad as well.
  6. Dude - you building one of those ? THat would be a riot to drive!!!
  7. Self Serving Bump - and potentially life saving as well - if I don't get rid of these racks my wife is going to kill me!!! 5th and 6th Gen racks available....
  8. Looking good Randy!!
  9. KanadianKen

    TMAC 2014 KanadianKen

  10. Bike is cool looking Seb - congrats. Is it the same blue as the one that Apex ANdy has on the front page of the forum? Similar look.
  11. IF the dealer is messing with your wiring harness under a warranty / recall situation - have them do the repair to the low beams. Installing the switch set shouldn't take long - even if you have to pay the half hour of labour.
  12. Talk about a delayed response (on my behalf!) - NO - no inline fuse required.
  13. This knob? Yeah - it's CornerCarver Moto GP'ing in my garage..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. ***** Quick update - I have 6th Gen Solo Racks ready to go - and am still waiting for my powdercoater to let me know when I can get my order slotted in. Hope to have a more firm date for the 5th GEn folks real soon. PM me for ordering info - and thanks for the nice comments about the useage of my racks - you guys can be ruthless when something fails - so it means even more when you give a glowing report! Must be the time of year - two members ordered 6th gen racks in the last day or two - come on Spring!!!!
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