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  1. SOLO RACK INSTALL 5th GEN View File Wera803 created this installation document for me - SOLO RACK 5th GEN. Thanks Wera803!! Technical Instructions 5th gen SOLO RACK.pdf Submitter KanadianKen Submitted 10/12/18 Category Owners Manuals and other  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Wera803 created this installation document for me - SOLO RACK 5th GEN. Thanks Wera803!! Technical Instructions 5th gen SOLO RACK.pdf
  3. KanadianKen

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    For the record - no pressure was ever involved. I was messaged from Timmy that he was buying this bike - stealing it away from my son..... lol. Great bike - you’re gonna love it!!
  4. KanadianKen

    Luggage Rack Options

    Some guy on vfrd makes and sells Solo Racks. 😄
  5. KanadianKen

    VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    Anyone know if "Swag" is being collected for the dinner event?
  6. KanadianKen


    Trygve - my blue connector fix wasn't in regard to this - there are lots of bigger brained vfr engineers that can guide you on these repairs. I can't get into my photo bucket either. ( in regard to a pm I received)
  7. KanadianKen

    VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    For the new folks - the $35 goes toward refreshments such as beer/ice and I believe the dinner on Saturday night. https://paypal.me/pools/c/7ZEn4hID60 The t-shirts will be a separate sign up and are $15. I believe Jason is managing that portion and as he mentioned, he'll post up a sign up link for that when he's got the design done. Most people arrive Friday and depart Sunday. Quite a few arrive much earlier and ride all over the area. This event was created by Baileyrock as a memorial ride and gathering to honour a vfrd member and friend of his (Texasmac) that passed away many years ago. Because of this event, many new friends have been connected, experiences shared, and people with a love for VFR's and motorcycling have gotten together. You wont meet a nicer group of people - (and many are crazy)- anywhere!!
  8. KanadianKen

    Why a red Guzzi?

    Will this time machine present itself at Tmac? Very cool to see you diving soooo deep on this !!
  9. KanadianKen

    VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    I'm planning to be at this event with a new rider - my son, Matthew. He'll be on his Cbr300R and looking for lots of guidance from you miscreants!
  10. The event formally known as Texas Mac - and now called the VFRD Spring Ride - has some details ready for the 2018 version: Pinched from Bob Ealy Facebook page: VFRD 2018 SPRING RIDE announcement: We will be riding from the Microtel Inn, Franklin NC, May 17-20. Plan to ride Thursday -Friday -Saturday. Dinner and Door Prizes will be Sat. evening. Golden beverage and festivities will be in our private parking /event space out back?. Room rates for VFRD People are $69 Sun -Thurs and $89 Fri-Sat nights(+tax.) Please tell them u are with VFRD when booking. To be sure u have a room call sooner than later!!!! They have given us great rates....normally $99 and $129...also renovations are completed and the facility is much improved. Rates are good pre and post ride dates. So come early and stay later. Please consider contributing to door prizes- the more the merrier!!! The cost for this year's great event is $50 per rider. More info to come on making payment. More details to come, Thanks, Ben&Bob
  11. KanadianKen

    Monitor WIre Fix - 2002 and newer

    An inline fuse sis not in place on my bike - but I am responsible if something happens. I didn't want extra connections adding to potential voltage drop - so that's why I didn't use one. Others have used one so if you feel better by having it - go for it!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. KanadianKen

    Solo Rack And Oem Top Case Install?

    I do have solo racks. Lots of them. $140 USD includes shipping. Send paypal to ken.irwin@bell.net and I'll send one out. Include style required (5 or 6gen)and your address. I will refresh my ForSale ad as well.
  13. KanadianKen

    Now For Something Completely Differnt

    Dude - you building one of those ? THat would be a riot to drive!!!
  14. KanadianKen

    Solo Rack And Oem Top Case Install?

    Self Serving Bump - and potentially life saving as well - if I don't get rid of these racks my wife is going to kill me!!! 5th and 6th Gen racks available....

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