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  1. V4moto

    Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    Thanks for the great information Cimaj. When you say you used the narrow band sensors in pair mode, does this mean that the two sensors work together to generate one map, or one map per cylinder pair? Also curious if you have tried adjusting the engine braking setting. Lastly, does the Rapid Bike harness plug into each injector individually or does it tap into fuel system harness with a single connector?
  2. V4moto

    Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    I asked about upgrading to a wide band sensor without the My Tuning Bike module and the answer was NO, it is not possible. For me, it's not worth going with My Tuning Bike module because of the cost. You can get a PCV with Autotune and wide band for about half the price. Still curious to hear about anyone's experience with the Raid Bike and tuning with narrow band sensors.
  3. V4moto

    Luggage Rack Options

    Also interested in the Solo Rack. Found some good pictures here: You got PM KanadianKen.
  4. V4moto

    Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    I don't see any reason to ditch the stock O2 sensors just because of age. With less than 20k miles they should have plenty of life left. If the Rapid Bike can produce a good tune with them then that's what I'm interested in. For me part of the attraction of Rapid Bike is the ability to use the stock sensors. I realize that the wide band sensors are better at tuning for large throttle openings but I'm more interested in overall driveability and smaller throttle openings (closed loop fueling).
  5. V4moto

    Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    Has anyone here installed a Rapid Bike Evo on a late model 5th gen with O2 sensors? I would be curous to know how it has performed. Also I'm wondering what the limitations of the stock narrow band sensors are. I like the idea of the wide band sensor but I would want two (same as stock) and that it cost prohibitive.
  6. Have all the good luggage mounting options for these bikes dried up? I'm not too keen on the current Givi offerings, either the PL257 tubular side case rack or the 257FZ top case rack. Looks like the Givi Wingrack and the SW Motech Quick-Lock Evo are no longer available. Has anyone fabricated their own luggage rack or adapted one to fit from another bike? I have seen pictures of top cases that are mounted using just the grab handle locations. Does anything like this still exist? This is what I am talking about: http://www.speedmonkey.co.uk/2013/05/living-with-honda-vfr-800.html

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