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  1. Well I gave it a shot, I picked up a PCV from a member here on the forums. After two days fiddling with it i'm about to pull it from the bike. No matter what I try I get surging at multiple different throttle openings/RPMs. Tried three different maps for the 00-01 models off the Dynojet site with the same results. The kicker is that even the zero map, which is basically just a map with all zero's for the fuel trims, doesn't work properly. Dynojet has confirmed that with the zero map loaded the bike should be running off the factory fuel settings, but this is definitely NOT the case for some reason. I'm completely at a loss here and after multiple calls to Dynojet support i'm no closer to finding a solution. As soon as I disconnect the PCV and reconnect the factory connectors the bike goes back to running normally. Have tried with and without the O2 eliminators and have tried two different grounding locations for the PCV. I have updated the firmware and calibrated the TPS. After doing some reading here, it appears as though I am not the only one who has experienced this issue with the PCV on the fifth gen. While Dynojet claims that the 16-005 model PCV works for our bike, my experience (and others) suggests otherwise. Is anyone here successfully running a PCV and were there any hurdles you had to overcome to get it working properly?
  2. V4moto

    Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    Thanks for the great information Cimaj. When you say you used the narrow band sensors in pair mode, does this mean that the two sensors work together to generate one map, or one map per cylinder pair? Also curious if you have tried adjusting the engine braking setting. Lastly, does the Rapid Bike harness plug into each injector individually or does it tap into fuel system harness with a single connector?
  3. V4moto

    Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    I asked about upgrading to a wide band sensor without the My Tuning Bike module and the answer was NO, it is not possible. For me, it's not worth going with My Tuning Bike module because of the cost. You can get a PCV with Autotune and wide band for about half the price. Still curious to hear about anyone's experience with the Raid Bike and tuning with narrow band sensors.
  4. V4moto

    Luggage Rack Options

    Also interested in the Solo Rack. Found some good pictures here: You got PM KanadianKen.
  5. V4moto

    Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    I don't see any reason to ditch the stock O2 sensors just because of age. With less than 20k miles they should have plenty of life left. If the Rapid Bike can produce a good tune with them then that's what I'm interested in. For me part of the attraction of Rapid Bike is the ability to use the stock sensors. I realize that the wide band sensors are better at tuning for large throttle openings but I'm more interested in overall driveability and smaller throttle openings (closed loop fueling).
  6. V4moto

    Rapidbike Evo And Racing Related Questions !

    Has anyone here installed a Rapid Bike Evo on a late model 5th gen with O2 sensors? I would be curous to know how it has performed. Also I'm wondering what the limitations of the stock narrow band sensors are. I like the idea of the wide band sensor but I would want two (same as stock) and that it cost prohibitive.
  7. Have all the good luggage mounting options for these bikes dried up? I'm not too keen on the current Givi offerings, either the PL257 tubular side case rack or the 257FZ top case rack. Looks like the Givi Wingrack and the SW Motech Quick-Lock Evo are no longer available. Has anyone fabricated their own luggage rack or adapted one to fit from another bike? I have seen pictures of top cases that are mounted using just the grab handle locations. Does anything like this still exist? This is what I am talking about: http://www.speedmonkey.co.uk/2013/05/living-with-honda-vfr-800.html
  8. Probably going to go with a PCV and hopefully it will run nicely with one of the maps off the Dynojet site. I am still intrigued by the Rapid Bike Evo, I like how it uses the stock O2 sensors for on-the-fly tuning. But it's as expensive as a PCV with Autotune and the wiring harness is a lot more complicated.
  9. Very good observation! It turns out however that there is a black plastic cover over the access hatch. It popped out quite easily but to my surprise there was nothing to access underneath! There is no running light on the USA fifth gen but there is a small cavity between the reflectors where a running light would fit. On my bike there is no passage into this space, the plastic was never cut out for the access way. Also, in the picture right behind the access hatch you can see the optical sensor for the signal dynamics headlight modulator. When it gets dark, the optical sensor shuts off the modulation and returns the headlight to standard operation.
  10. Mad Scientist, What about the PCV do you think is lacking or why would you consider going with Rapid Bike instead? It's quite a price jump to get the Rapid Bike with the My Tuning Bike modue for wide band O2 support. You spoke of greater processing power, but what does that translate to? Also, the guys at Dynotune told me that in their experience the dual wide band kit is unnecessary because the front and rear cylinder banks on our bikes run very much the same.
  11. The PCV is on sale right now for $340, pretty tempting. I noticed that Dynojet has 5th gen maps listed for the PCV on their website as well: http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/product-details.aspx?mdlyrid=16-005&make=19&model=204&make-n=Honda&model-n=VFR 800&year=2000&mk=19&mdl=204&yr=795
  12. Dynojet has discontinued the PCIII and they list the PCV (model 16-005) as their current offering for the 98-01 VFR. I have read some conflicting reports on the forums here about whether this model works properly on our bikes though. I called them up and asked about it and their response was that it worked fine on their test bike. Is anyone here successfully using the PCV? or does anyone have an experience with it not working on their bike?
  13. Yellow may be the fastest color, and this bike is as close to the perfect motorcycle as I've found. I test drove an 8th gen and still ended up with this bike, I think that pretty much says it all. Can't improve on perfection. VFROZ, it's good to hear that you have found substantial midrange gains. Seems surprising to me that your fueling is that far off from stock though. What map are you using and how is your bike setup? Also, why the O2 sensor removal? What are people's thoughts on replacing the stock air cleaner with a better flowing one such as the Pipercross? Will it have a positive effect or will it just further necessitate adjusting the fueling? I know at least with certain bikes that creating a freer flowing system sometimes has the effect of trading low end power for top end gains, something I would like to avoid. The on/off throttle response is pretty good, better than I expected actually. Properly adjusted chain and throttle cables help, and throttle body synchronization is important. I know at least on my Aprilia, the throttle position sensor has an adjustment which effects on on/off throttle response. I suppose any number of things could lead to an issue with this.
  14. Hey Folks, Just acquired a Y2K VFR, my second since my previous '96. Wondering if there is much to be gained from fueling adjustments. The bike has a Staintune exhaust with the baffle installed and an OE air cleaner. No complaints about the amount of power or the delivery, just wondering if it could be better. I don't really care about top-end gains, only interested in low to mid range power. Seems to me like the bike doesn't pull very well below 4k and from off-idle through 2-3k RPM there's a hint of roughness. From what I have read the PCIII USB seems to be the go to option although I am curious about the Rapid Bike Evo. Interested to know if anyone has the Evo installed. At almost twice the price it ain't cheap, but if it works well it may be worth it. Also, is there still a good collection of maps for the PCIII floating about? The Power Commander website comes up blank but I noticed there were a few maps here in the downloads section, although there didn't seem to be much associated information about the specifics of the tune. Oh and of course, the bike:

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