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  1. Yellow may be the fastest color, and this bike is as close to the perfect motorcycle as I've found. I test drove an 8th gen and still ended up with this bike, I think that pretty much says it all. Can't improve on perfection. VFROZ, it's good to hear that you have found substantial midrange gains. Seems surprising to me that your fueling is that far off from stock though. What map are you using and how is your bike setup? Also, why the O2 sensor removal? What are people's thoughts on replacing the stock air cleaner with a better flowing one such as the Pipercross? Will it have a positive effect or will it just further necessitate adjusting the fueling? I know at least with certain bikes that creating a freer flowing system sometimes has the effect of trading low end power for top end gains, something I would like to avoid. The on/off throttle response is pretty good, better than I expected actually. Properly adjusted chain and throttle cables help, and throttle body synchronization is important. I know at least on my Aprilia, the throttle position sensor has an adjustment which effects on on/off throttle response. I suppose any number of things could lead to an issue with this.
  2. Hey Folks, Just acquired a Y2K VFR, my second since my previous '96. Wondering if there is much to be gained from fueling adjustments. The bike has a Staintune exhaust with the baffle installed and an OE air cleaner. No complaints about the amount of power or the delivery, just wondering if it could be better. I don't really care about top-end gains, only interested in low to mid range power. Seems to me like the bike doesn't pull very well below 4k and from off-idle through 2-3k RPM there's a hint of roughness. From what I have read the PCIII USB seems to be the go to option although I am curious about the Rapid Bike Evo. Interested to know if anyone has the Evo installed. At almost twice the price it ain't cheap, but if it works well it may be worth it. Also, is there still a good collection of maps for the PCIII floating about? The Power Commander website comes up blank but I noticed there were a few maps here in the downloads section, although there didn't seem to be much associated information about the specifics of the tune. Oh and of course, the bike:

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