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  1. TBH, didn't think they would. Am kicking myself, as I threw out an old BB FPR, which I could have quickly and easily compared to the one from the Y2K VFR throttle body. Even looking at the two different Partzilla diagrams (for BB and VFR), I figured it was a non-starter. Shame...
  2. @MooseMoose I enjoyed reading through that. Angry octopus LOL 😂 I'm up for a fairly major refurb on my '99 later this year (although I'm also swaping in a lower km engine at the same time, hence "major" refurb.) In short, I'll be bolting in a Y2K engine, with '99 throttle bodies, and doing the following: 1) All coolant hoses/o-rings/thermostat replaced. I already have this kit (AS3 silicon hoses/clamps, and new OEM thermostat/o-rings). 2) All throttle body hoses replaced in silicon - possibly with the exception of the two "elbowed" hoses. Between the '99 and Y2K throttle bodies I have, I suspect I'll be able to source two still-pliable hoses... 3) I've previously thrown MAP sensor codes, travelling from Canberra (640M elevation), to the coast (0M elevation), so may need to replace that at the same time. 4) While I'm there, I may as well do the FPR as well, which leads me to the question I have...Will a Blackbird FPR bolt into the VFR throttle body assembly? I ask not because the BB FPR supposedly operates at higher pressure, but because they are cheaper... Happy to grab the VFR one, but if I can save a few bucks along the refurb path, I'm always happy to... Edit: And can someone tell me why the VFR MAP sensor is listed at ~3 times the price of the Blackbird one? (Or if the Blackbird one will fit the VFR wiring harness 😉 )
  3. My bike is already de-linked. Just using the OEM rear caliper (with an SP2 front-end on it, including brakes). I'll be doing a major refurb on the bike later this year, and am already gathering parts for it. As part of that, I simply want to grab a compatible, bolt-in caliper, "go to town" on the thing, clean, paint and put aside, so that when I do the rest, it can simply be bolted up. It sounds like you're saying the 6th Gen is a bolt-in proposition, which is what I was after.
  4. I'm looking to grab a spare rear caliper and refurb it, while the original is still on the bike. Can't find a resonably-priced 5th Gen one to save myself, but 6th gen ones are plentiful. Are the 6th gen ones a simple bolt-on proposition for 5th gens?
  5. EX-XX

    1999 VFR800 Clutch

    Cheers mate. Happy to leave (the clutch) as is. Only concern is making sure that I have all the rights bits and pieces to bolt the later engine straight in and go. From what you're saying, it sounds like I can order the Y2K-specific clutch plates/springs, chuck those in, and the rest of the clutch system on the '99 will work with it. Happy with that!
  6. EX-XX

    1999 VFR800 Clutch

    Hmmm... I've posted a similar question on the "other" forum, but I'll ask it here also. I have a '99 bike, in which I plan to install a 2000-model engine (as it has half the kms) after "refurbing it"). Questions: If I replace the Y2K clutch bits and pieces with the appropriate Y2K parts, is that going to work in the '99 bike? I assume the mechanics are identical (hydraulics/pushrod etc.), but the thing about the change in Master cylinder has me wondering. If it's all about lighter feel at the lever, but has no effect on the inner workings of the clutch, no issue, If not...? And yes, I'll be refurbing the '99 throttle bodies (hoses/injectors) and installing those on the Y2K engine. Are there any other gotchas I should be aware of in doing this swap (different sensor locations/part numbers, major differences in wiring looms between the 2 engines etc.)??? Or am I over-thinking it?
  7. I'm sure the "dutiable value" will be less than $1000 when shipped 😉
  8. For that kind of money, you'd be better off swimming over there to collect it. Can you get mine while you're there? Thanks. 😉
  9. Aus Post refers to a service called "ShopMate" for this purpose. I haven't used it, as I'd either have the person ship it direct, or use another service (Shipito etc.) for the purpose. Have any of the other Oz members used ShopMate for US-based purchases...?
  10. Like (many) others, I'm pretty happy to see something like this looking like eventuating. It's taken a long time to be potentially this close (not for lack of effort on behalf of a number of people!) While I've put my hand up as interested in the headers themselves, "if" there is a full system eventually available with Carbon slip-on, I'd almost certainly be interested in the whole thing. (Will need to get a handle on shipping to Oz, though). Given that the $AUD is falling against the $USD, I'd also be very keen to pay for the header/system in $USD if at all possible. (I guess the question there revolves around methods of payment available).
  11. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    You could be right about the non-linked brakes, I'll have to double check (i.e. go through pictures of the parts until I find some of the brakes etc. 😉 ) They were - apparently - produced from 2001-2008, and have a number of differences to the standard 5th Gen. "Ventilated" rear rotor (presumably for low-speed work with lots of rear braking), ABS, completely different instrument panel (all digital), and quite a few differences in plastics etc. given the intended (Police) use, plus some other stuff I've forgotten.
  12. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Coincidentally, I saw an RC49 for sale on the Japanese auctions last night. A cool $AUD24K (~$USD17500)...
  13. EX-XX

    5th Gen refurb parts list/BOM

    No worries. Problem is, actually finding one where I live (Canberra). From what I gather, there's only one business in the place (a small city of ~300,000 people) who has the machinery necessary to clean/flow test injectors...Talk about a captive market. Got in touch with a bloke in Sydney (~3 hours up the road by car). Turns out that not only can he do them, but if I post them in the next day or so, he should be able to clean/test them, and bring them down with him when he visits in-laws here in Canberra (~10 minutes from my place) on the 23rd. Bonus!
  14. EX-XX

    5th Gen refurb parts list/BOM

    TBH, it probably wouldn't make much difference in my case anyway, as I have an aftermarket mosfet style Reg/Rec. One thing that makes things interesting, is that the stator part numbers are different for the '99 and '00 bikes. 1999: 31120-MBG-003 2000: 31120-MBG-D01 I think that's where the confusion (on my part) stemmed from.
  15. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Thanks for your input. No-one (least of all me) suggested that it should be a "race header". What I (and others - not quoted, BTW) was after was some kind of empirical data on the headers when actually fitted to a motorcycle. My comments weren't directed at Lextek. They were directed at BW which, as most know (and has been photo-documented in this forum in other threads), has had issues in terms of construction quality (particularly around merge welds etc.) The current (seemingly collaboratively designed) versions "appear" to have less than optimally placed O2 bungs, which may or may not have 00/01 bikes throwing codes/requiring spacers/fitting of O2 eliminators etc. So, I'd have thought it natural to want to see how the system tests on a bike, rather than simply buying it "sight unseen", wearing freight and exchange costs, only to (potentially) wind up with a system that's no better (and potentially worse) than the one I currently have. I'm not suggesting it would be. What I am suggesting is that I don't know one way or the other. I I also take umbrage at the comment about "people whinging about the product probably wouldn't buy it anyway". What would you know about what I would/wouldn't buy? All because I (and others) wanted to see a bit more rigour around the product's sale than "here it is, buy it". Good on them for (co)designing it. No issue there. If it turns out to be a decent system, I'll be more than happy to put my hand up for a set, noting that people here in Oz will wear (significantly) higher freight, and exchange costs, than will the UK and US-based people. (And likely pay a GST on top of all that). It won't be as "dirt cheap" as you suggest, by the time its landed here. But in BW's case anyway, I'd suggest that they have some goodwill to make up from the "SandyBike Spares" days...and some empirical testing on a bike would go some way to restoring that.

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