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  1. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I won't dispute that out of hand ('cos I don't know), but I'd be very interested to see back-to-back dynos of a '98/'99 and an '00/'01 with the same exhaust setup (whether the 98/99 headers or these new "you beaut" ones). And yes, I'm happy enough to keep my '99 headers if nothing better presents itself.
  2. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    It's probably god enough for most people's purposes. Same bike, same day, same dyno, and same filtration (only difference being headers), should give a good enough guide as to real-world gains from the aftermarket header. Oh, and if we can get the measured weights for the standard and aftermarket header, that too would be handy...
  3. EX-XX

    Hypothetical Question

    Bit late to this, but if that had been me, I would not have wanted even to test ride it in that condition. That is not "in excellent condition, needing nothing". I sold my previous 5th Gen in 2015, with ~73,000kms on the clock, and I can guarantee it was in WAY better condition than you've described this one. My current one (AB's old bike) with a raft of "mods" etc. is also in way better nick than you describe...and has ~136,000kms on the clock. Something fishy going on with that seller, for mine. BTW, echoing VFROZ' post/s, I've bought and sold plenty of bikes here. Aside from my first 5th Gen, which I flew to another State, paid cash for and left to ride home on it (no test ride), I generally take any bike I'm considering for a ride. Similarly, I allow people to ride a bike I'm selling, as long as I have licence and cash in hand, and conditions (i.e. rain etc.) don't markedly increase the chances of the buyer having an off...
  4. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    No doubt with attendant one-off production costs...
  5. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Pity this bloke isn't here in Oz... I'd have been pretty keen to see how these headers would compare to the ones on my bike. Mine is a "stock" '99 (well, internally at least ;)) but has ceramic-coated headers ('99s, as you'd expect), and a PCII, existing through a custom semi-oval hi-mount slip-on. I reckon that in terms of exhaust, that's about as good as a VFR gets, aside from rocking horse poo TBRs or rec-crafted RC45 gear...Would have been a pretty worthwhile comparo. Buckleys chance of getting an exhaust place here interested in doing that kind of fab work for 20 year-old bikes, though. Or at least in anything like mass production. So kudos to Jeff for putting his hand up. I'm actually quite keen to see how this system compares to the stock catless headers...
  6. EX-XX

    5th Gen refurb parts list/BOM

    Fantastic replies guys! Much appreciated. I'll pick through that and grab a pile of bits and pieces. Great note on the bulk 3.5mm ID for the throttle body tubing. ISTR the post about a couple of the tubes having really tight bends, so if they are OK, I'll leave those and replace the rest. I think I got the brand of rad hoses I bought wrong (they're still in the pack). But they are the "cheaper" silicon ones, so they should be OK for a while. The O rings will be interesting. Where did you guys pick those up? Or are they just generic things of a certain size. I'll prob. send the stator off for preemptive re-winding. Reg/Rec was replaced (mosfet) last year, along with a VFRNess and active cooling ('cos I could...Just 'cos I'm paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get me! 😉 ). Along with the spare engine, I also have spare rads, and two replacement oil coolers (3-row from the Jap-spec RC49 Police bike, and a 4-row from an SP2). Reckon I'll be good to go when I get the rest of the stuff together. Again, really appreciate the help. This is why I hang around forums like this!
  7. I have a spare 5th Gen engine, which I want to progressively refresh with most/all of the outside/peripheral components, including: 1) All coolant hoses* 2) Thermostat 3) Throttle body hoses 4) Throttle body boots 5) Water pump 6) Stator 7) Clutch plate/springs 8 Plugs* 9) COP conversion (maybe) Bearing in mind that the engine (supposedly) has ~67,000kms on it. I intend to get compression and leakdown tests done to get a better handle on bottom end condition, and "refresh" from there. It may not need all of the above bits and pieces; the thinking is to do them all while the engine is sitting on the floor (including doing valve clearances). Parts are getting fewer and further between for these, so I wouldn't mind getting as many as I can, while I can. So, can anyone point me in the direction of reasonably priced parts (whether OEM or aftermarket), or alternatives (from latter-gen VFRs or other bikes) which will substitute? Preferably with live links to where the part is being sold? * Already have the bulk of the radiator and other hoses (SMC 13-piece kit), but would still need any hoses that kit doesn't come with, including the throttle body hoses for a '99. Also have Iridium plugs ready to go into it. Appreciate any help people can give.
  8. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Great post! My thanks also for actually following up. Seems like there are a few choices: 1) Pay middling prices for a poorly designed thing (this, of course, depends on what BW come up on their system, and it's cost) 2) Pay relatively big $ for a well-designed system (if enough people can be encouraged to stump up deposits), and noting a reasonably long lead time to get things organised. 3) Stick with what you have, noting that it isn't ideal, but that the alternatives will either deliver small gains (2), or potentially run worse (1). On the Lextek thing; If I received answers like "I don't know, I just sell them", I, too, would walk away!
  9. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I genuinely don't doubt it. But there is a point at which the $ outweigh the gains by enough to make you think twice. As I said, if I were actually there (so didn't have to worry about shipping and possibly Tax added on top), I'd be looking at it a lot more seriously, assuming of course that there were measurable gains etc. But where the total cost to me starts to look somewhere in the order of $3K, for a possible gain of around 5hp...? I'd likely have to draw a line under it. That said, I hope it does get built, and people are able to take advantage of it. The overall value proposition is pretty subjective and a very much individual thing...some will jump at it, others (depending on circumstance) perhaps not.
  10. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I may well be in the same boat, unfortunately...Notwithstanding that I'll be storing my bike for ~3 years from next June, I already have '99 headers on my '99 5th Gen, which are ceramic coated and backed by a less restrictive Hi-mount slip on. Not at the level these headers would be at, but a reasonable low-cost compromise nonetheless For the few HP gains I might get, I'm not sure I could justify somewhere in the order of $AUD1750-2600 before shipping (which wouldn't be cheap either). Will likely be a viable option for the UK contingent, and well-monied enthusiasts from elsewhere, but I'd struggle to justify it. 😞
  11. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    @LouisWhiteCSK Yes, probably best you get hold of a 5th Gen to measure up etc. One of the considerations in designing headers for these - and any other "Sports Touring" motorcycle which has a centre stand - is the need to route the exhaust so it allows the centre stand to be used and stored through the full range of motion.
  12. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I'll put my hand up and say that - if the headers are produced, AND make measurable gains (HP), and losses) weight), I'll stump up a deposit for a set. As you'd imagine, it would only be a deposit (I wouldn't be handing over big $ in advance of something which may never materialise, and would only hand over any $ with the understanding that the deposit is fully refundable if the headers don't every actually get produced. Can't lend my bike, given exorbitant shipping costs between Oz and the other side of the world. Naturally, there's a lot of water to go under the bridge before anything happens on this front. As a start, can one of the experts on exhaust flow pipe up with some indicative specs (I think some primary ID and OD sizes have been posted elsewhere in one of the header threads). I'm guessing that most - like me - would prefer to retain the centre stand (or at least have the ability to have it there if required)?
  13. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Good news. Make sure you dyno your existing one first, so we can all see back-to-back figures.
  14. EX-XX

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Yep, this. I would hope their "R&D" has included back-to-back dyno runs against the (hopefully) 98-99 catless header, so there is empirical evidence of any claimed power/torque increases. "If" there are reasonable gains, and "if" the header is demonstrably lighter than OEM, I could be talked into a set.
  15. EX-XX

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    Not unless the 954 axle is 22mm, as that is what the SP1/2 items are. (I suspect that the 954 uses a 25(?)mm axle, but might be wrong...)

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