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  1. That is one crazy 3D jig saw puzzle. Hoses, wires, yikes.
  2. May sell my '14

    Thanks to Dr Demento.
  3. May sell my '14

    They're coming to take me away ho ho, ha ha, he he! To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I'll be so happy to see those strong young men in their clean white coats.
  4. Another rear brake use question

    Get an Aprilia or Ducati, the back brake will probably be shite. You will then learn to use the front all the time.
  5. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Happy hunting. Don't let them tag you as a creepy old man.
  6. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Thousands of California bikini girls disagree. Some of them even ski in bikinis. You have roots, not hard to understand. I imagine they extend far below the frost line. Stay warm.
  7. Proof 5th gens are the best

    I see the TC and ABS as a safety net. Glad it is there, but I am not going to dive in and test it out on purpose. If I have activated either one in 1600 miles on the bike, I did not feel it or notice. But, I am not trying to do a Casey Stoner or Troy Bayliss impression. Not whacking the throttle open when leaned at all. No sudden fistful of brakes.
  8. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    And you're still in Minnesota. Doctor says a warmer climate would be good for your health.
  9. Proof 5th gens are the best

    This is where the riding modes on some newer stuff comes in. My Duck has sport, touring, and urban. So you can go to urban if it rains or your panties are otherwise in a bunch. Neuters a bunch of your ponies and changes the power delivery from wild to mild. Relatively. Oh, there is also traction control.
  10. Proof 5th gens are the best

    Nice article. From 1997!
  11. I could not ride today because ...

    LOL. Sounds like a line for Andy Capp. This is me ambition.
  12. Time to sell

    Automatic trans. Sweet.
  13. Lost the Love

    A while back Nick Ienatsch had an article in which he said if you are losing the feeling or bored, empty your garage and refill it. The '07 Tuono more or less sold itself. That go me started. The VFR was not hard to sell, gone within a couple weeks or so of going on the market. That left me with just the '03 Tuono, and now I had some cash in hand so it did not take long to bring home a '14 Monster 1200. What a great bike, best I have ever owned. Nothing against the others, all were good bikes to me. But how can you not like less weight, more power, traction control, and ABS? Try something new, variety is the spice of life, 2003 Aprilia Tuono for sale will spice you up good for $3,000. Make offer. https://ridelikeachampion.com/ienatsch-tuesday-dont-quitter-read/
  14. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    I wondered what the new owner has done with it. Hoped it's treating him well, and he's liking it as much as I did.
  15. Hello from the frigid Midwest

    Don't suppose you have had much time out of the deep freeze ZCD. But let us know how it goes when you thaw. The prior owners neglect borders on criminal, so hopefully you can do a better job. You know, put some serious miles on it come spring.

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