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  1. Sounds like Dutchy would fit in fine here in Socal. Come on down. Probably want to avoid Texas though. 😀
  2. We went last June and there were still a few fire trucks around from the big fires. I think it was still smoldering inland in the mountains. The way this looks they will have to build a bridge. Or route a section of road inland some, if that is possible.
  3. PCH. Pacific Coast Highway. Or Perpetual Construction Highway. They should probably just give up, but it's an awesome ride and a huge tourist attraction that pulls in locals too. I'm sure they are already planning the repairs.
  4. The ride goes on forever, and the party never ends. 😀 Winter? 😝
  5. VFR4Lee

    Z Leathers Suit

    13+ years and I am still rocking this suit and boots, although they have had minor repairs, plus new sleeves due to sweat damage a couple years go. Custom and top quality stuff, well worth the money.
  6. I think it was that 1988 Laguna Seca 500 GP race that got me into racing. Saw it on over the air TV, and just had to get cable TV, and go to the races the next year. It's a great all day ride up the coast. Kevin Schwantz sticks in my mind, although I don't recall if it was because he had a good result, or crashed, picked it up and carried on, or what.
  7. I miss Laguna Seca. Have not been since i think 2013. Based on the T shirts. In 2011 Valentino and Nicky were team mates on Ducati. In the closet I have an autographed T shirt from Rainey, the year they named it Rainey curve. And 1 from Doohan another year not long after, and he was retired, iirc. Plus others. And a lot of posters I have not looked at in years.
  8. If that was me I'd be worried those girls would be laughing about that creepy old man. 😄 I don't know how you do it, but carry on.
  9. I haven't gotten there yet with the wax. But the oily stuff (PJ1 was what I used) made a horrible mess in there. Lots of grit too.
  10. Chain wax seems to attract quite a bit less grime than the oily stuff. 😉
  11. VFR4Lee


    Remove footpeg feeler. :>)
  12. Makes Frankenstein by Edgar Winter play in my head. 😁
  13. I wondered what the new owner has done with it. Hoped it's treating him well, and he's liking it as much as I did.
  14. Sounds like a good possibility. Hope you have your Doh! moment and figure it out soon.
  15. Got my garage down to 1 bike from 3 recently, but it only lasted about a week. Oh well, I have wanted a Monster for years, and it is the fast red one. Next up the 03 Tuono needs to go and I'll see if I can survive with only 1 bike. I think this Italian supermodel is a good candidate.
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