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  1. I keep my distance from other traffic as much as possible. Especially big trucks. Pass them with wfo.
  2. VFR4Lee


    Remove footpeg feeler. :>)
  3. Maybe you should budget a few bucks to farm out the dirty work to a techie, Miguel. Or maybe some members here could contribute tech support instead of cash. Rock on, man!
  4. Check the big axle nut on the other side too. Good thing you did not crash.
  5. Nice work as usual Seb. You must have put in a lot of hours on it so far.
  6. That's a good thing if you are looking to buy. I love guys that buy new, barely ride, then eat a load of depreciation for me. 😀
  7. 180 miles today to ring in the new year. I could use some heated gloves. 45F with an 80 mph wind chill is FFF cold. Great day otherwise.
  8. I may look you up next time I go to AR. But, my people are near Fayetteville. Save those bikes.
  9. I got Chinese levers for ~ $37. Much better than just fine. ☺️
  10. Very nice. Enjoy. It's amazing how little cash older but good bikes go for.
  11. Happy Anniversary to this thread. In April sold the '03 Tuono, and the Monster is my only bike since then. Less maint is great, I am happy with 1 bike, for now. Does not hurt that it is an awesome fun bike to ride, with silly power. It's a love, a passion, an addiction, a bug that bit me when I was in grade school. If heaven is the cure, I wanna stay here in Hell with you and you and you! Cue Ronnie James Dio. 😁
  12. To that I would add, get a step stool and put it behind the tailgate. When loading step up into the bed and load the bike in one push. If you can use a gutter or berm or whatever to reduce the height difference between ground and tailgate, do it. Going uphill 12" is easier than 18" or more. I prefer the ratcheting tie downs, I feel they are more secure. Just don't compress the forks all the way, maybe half way ish or a bit less. So you need a ramp and tied downs and a helper. Don't roll off the ramps edge. 😀
  13. While yer at it, check that big rear axle nut and make sure it is tight and "staked". Don't ask why I suggest this. 😪
  14. Look for used parts. Is it just those couple things broken?
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