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  1. Or try this thing. https://www.harborfreight.com/80-watt-iron-plastic-welding-kit-60662.html
  2. VFR4Lee

    Museum Condition 5th Gen

    Mine had 82,000+ when I sold it last November. Not a garage queen. Gotta ride.
  3. VFR4Lee

    Ace of Spades Baltic Tour in pictures

    All that I want to know is, where does the time go?
  4. JB Weld is epoxy, you mix a bit of 2 different goos up good, apply, and it hardens to shape in a while. I have used some but not a lot, but this sounds like a good possibility. Clean the inside of the clamp / shift lever where the JB Weld will contact it, so it will stick.
  5. VFR4Lee

    Socal Ride to Glendora Mountain Road - Sunday 1/21/18

    Gonna be hot tamale. Gotta try to get out early and back before Noon. Maybe Rock Inn.
  6. Can you pull a chain link away from the back of the rear sprocket? How worn are the teeth? got pics?
  7. VFR4Lee

    Chain Mileage

    Unsanitary too. 😄
  8. VFR4Lee

    Help me decide.....sell the VFR

    Cash is King, but the inflation Monster is always nibbling at his toes. Or something.
  9. VFR4Lee

    Help me decide.....sell the VFR

    You would probably have a better investment if you put your money into real estate, or stocks and bonds.
  10. VFR4Lee

    Help me decide.....sell the VFR

    Motorcycles are an expense, not an investment. Unless you are Jay Leno or other rich guy that can afford museum pieces. Euro bikes are mostly even worse on holding their value. Such is life. And people wonder why Honda dropped them from the lineup. Is there any profit left at that price? Or do they lose money? Yes, I acknowledge they are great bikes, but if they don't sell.....
  11. There is never enough time. Motivation can be a problem too. One reason I went from 3 older bikes to 1 near new bike recently. I find sometimes if I just push myself to get going, kick my ass into gear and get started, that begins the battle. Sorry, it is not half the battle, only the start. But you can't finish and go ride if you never start. Guess I need a different analogy for the house projects.
  12. Especially with the things in your garage list. Shop hours are expensive and can quickly cost more than an old bike is worth on the market. Value in use is different. Something can have little market value, but still be useful and fun. /Ramble.
  13. VFR4Lee

    Why a red Guzzi?

    You should know never to drink and shop. Or at least don't go to the check out.
  14. I think they recommend replacing tires around that age. Just because they get hard. I would look it up and maybe change them even if they have tread. Also, Always look on the bright side of life! For sure youtube that song.
  15. You both have grins in those pics. Take care of the maint, and go ride, make more grins. How old are your tires?

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