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  1. I’ll delete the rear fender. Maybe replace mirrors with bar end mirrors. Pig tail for battery tender is OEM as is a USB port so no need to mess with that stuff.
  2. It’s f’ing cold here right now. I’ll try to post up a video clip this weekend.
  3. Fuel tank is under the seat so no idea how to add capacity. More would be nice but it is what it is. Only 3.4 US gallons.
  4. Biggest complaint on the early FTRs was the fuel mapping. A lot of complaints. Reviews on the 2022 indicate that’s been sorted out. Minor bits were also the foot pegs and cheap/flimsy rear turn signals. Both are changed on the 2022. I’m not thrilled with the new rear signals or the entire rear fender. Already looking for suitable tail tidy replacement.
  5. So I did a thing today. After adding a 2nd bike to the stable about 3 months ago, I added a third today. Gonna have to put some thought into re-organizing the garage. Indian FTR R Carbon.
  6. Hawkeye Driver

    84 VF1000F

  7. Question for those that are using this. When correct the speed display, does it affect the Odometer reading? In other words, does it throw the ODO off. I ask because my speedo (6th gen stock sprockets) appears 10 percent fast but the ODO seems near perfect. Thoughts?
  8. Silly question - What is that black spot/hole on the fuse cover panel? I see it on both sides. If it is a hole, what is the purpose, if any? OBTW, fabulous look!
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