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  1. Registered and hotel booked. Got a room with 2 beds at the Microtel. PM me if you want to split lodging costs.
  2. Question for those that are using this. When correct the speed display, does it affect the Odometer reading? In other words, does it throw the ODO off. I ask because my speedo (6th gen stock sprockets) appears 10 percent fast but the ODO seems near perfect. Thoughts?
  3. Silly question - What is that black spot/hole on the fuse cover panel? I see it on both sides. If it is a hole, what is the purpose, if any? OBTW, fabulous look!
  4. Hawkeye Driver


  5. It's stock color (R-157 I think). Photo was taken late in the day when the sun was below the ridge line.
  6. I received the payment and I will get the headers wrapped up, boxed and shipped today. Thanks, Lincoln

  7. Call this number (1-866-784-1870) and have your VIN ready. They should have on file what recalls are required and which have been done.
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    On my bike, I've gotten pulled over twice. The first time was back in college when I only had a learners permit. It was late Saturday night and I was headed home from work. I was speeding. Also, riding at night and without a helmet was illegal for learners permit types like myself. Strikes 2 and 3 for me. He quized me at length and eventually let me go. He was on drunk patrol that night and I didn't fit the bill and he didn't want to deal with the paperwork. 10 years ago I pulled over on my CBR in San Diego doing 125 on I-15. I thought I was going to get a ride in the back of his cruiser wearing handcuffs. Nope, he read me the riot act and told me the paperwork wasn't worth his time because guys like me end up dead. I am older and wiser now but that beautiful VFR makes an attractive target for cops. I have been pulled over more times than I can count in my cage. The most recent was 4 years ago as age has made me fatter but also wiser. With all that I have only gotten one ticket. I have found that being polite and honest goes a long way. When asked, I have always fessed up to my speed. I suppose no warrents helps too.
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